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Cats, Crochet and How Moji-Moji Design got it’s name

Yep, I love cats and I love crochet. A perfect day will always have a bit, or even better, a lot of both. So with that in mind I thought I would introduce you to my fur family and share with you some pictures of mine that combine cats and crochet as it seems one is rarely present in my life without the other.

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First of all, if anyone was wondering how I came up with the name for my crochet business, this little fella with the black splodge on his nose was the inspiration. His official name is Mojo. Official in the way that it’s on the paperwork from the RSPCA that says we adopted him into our home, somewhere back in 2008. However he  soon came to be more informally known as Moji or even more informally as Mojikins. So, ‘Moji-Moji Design’ is a small tribute to my little companion. Very fitting really, as he is pretty much ever present and keen to get in on the act if there is so much as a whiff of yarn to maul or a pattern to sit on! And here’s the proof… If it fits, I sits. And if it don’t fits, well…I sits anyway.


It’s much more comfy than it looks apparently, because Moji spent the next several hours snoozing in there, thus forcing me to go work on another project. Good job I have so many other things to be getting on with.


One thing I’ve certainly noticed about cats – mortal enemies can become comrades in arms if they have a common goal. This is Minnie and Moji, who normally can barely be in the same room as each other without some sort of chase, pounce and squeal scenario. They seem to be perfectly capable of teaming up when it comes to covering maximum amount of usable worktop space in the area I currently need to access though. It’s all Peace and love now man.


Here’s Pogo who thinks he’s a bit of a toughie but is soft as mushy peas really. (Don’t tell him I told you that). I guess surviving for months as an abandoned cat with only three legs takes a bit of grit. Now we’re glad to offer him a home where he can indulge his three main loves in life – eating, sleeping and sitting on crochet. (Preferably the work in progress type of course).


Lastly there is Tigger, who came to live with us when adopting the other three cats necessitated the installation of a cat flap, through which he used to stealthily creep in the dead of night. This is the only cat I know who can routinely purr and growl at the same time. Initially a troubled and confused little soul who has slowly and insistently wheedled his way into our lives until he became a permanent fixture. These days his purr to growl ratio is around 10:1 respectively. A massive improvement on when he first started visiting when that ratio was reversed.


I’m not sure he’s too pleased with his new little crochet friend though :-/ Oh, and I think I really need to get out into the garden and do some weeding soon.

As for photo shoots of my crochet creations, well…. Moji is attracted by the bright photography lights so has do do a bit of indoor ‘sunbathing’ whenever he spies an opportunity.FBmoji

Take my photo or I shall eat a snowman…

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo(ji)…

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Free Teeny Tiny Snowbaby Pattern

Is anybody dreaming of a White Christmas yet, or is it still just me and Bing?


How about making up a bunch of these cute little guys while you’re waiting. These are the perfect size for Christmas decorations at around 3 ” tall when made with light worsted weight (DK) yarn and a Size C (2.75mm) hook. They only take about a half hour or less per snowman. If you start now you could have a whole tree full by Christmas!

Teeny tiny snowmen love to do synchronized skating on the ice.


Even when they all fall down they make pretty synchronized circle shapes!




Here are two teeny tiny snowmen with their even smaller teeny tiny teeny weeny friend. To make him just use sport weight (4 ply) yarn and a 2 mm hook. He measures about 2″. Perfect for a seasonal bag charm or a maybe a lovely one of a kind cracker gift.




The Great Marvello and Little Marvin

These two certainly have a few tricks to show you. They have been busy perfecting their act and are now touring the country, performing in all the oldest and spookiest Victorian theatres they can find.


All manner of wonders and heart’s desires can be conjured up for you out of the Mystical Top Hat. But you know the saying…’Be careful what you wish for’. So think long and hard before you ask The Great Marvello for a dream come true. Once the magic is performed there’s no going back! Marvello wished for a little companion that looked just like him and now they are the best of friends and go everywhere together!


Today is the last day to enter the ‘Animals at Work’ themed competition. There are lots and lots of lovely entries.

Pop on over and have a look here:

You can get involved by voting for your favorite design! Voting takes place from November 25th-30th 2013.


Abracadabra, Alakazam, I wish for…


Christmas is coming, but Stir Up Sunday is even closer!

In fact Stir up Sunday is next weekend, November 24th. This is the day, five Sundays before Christmas, when tradition requires that you make your plum pudding. It is deemed a very auspicious day to make the pudding as the opening words of the collect for that particular Sunday in the Common Book of Prayer, 1549, are these;

“Stir up, we beseech thee O Lord; that they, plenteously bringing forth the fruits of good works, may by thee be plenteously rewarded”

Eating a pudding made on Stir up Sunday is said to imbue the eater with oodles of good luck and lots of plenteous rewarding going on in the coming year. Also a Christmas pudding takes at least five weeks to mature in time for the big day, so making it any later would be daft! To get us all in the mood for the coming festivities I thought I would make a little pattern for Christmas Pudding People. Cute, huh?!


Christmas Pudding Paul and Christmas Pudding Penny love their job so much. They work for Santa at the North Pole and are in charge of making the yummiest Christmas puddings. As a big part of their job is having to taste everything they make  they have both grown quite big tummies and just like owners are said to get to look like their pets, workers at Santa’s grotto get to look like their creations! They don’t mind though, in a land where everybody is surrounded by candy canes and sugar plums they’re not the only ones to have put on a bit of weight over the years. And having a tubby tummy never seems to do Santa any harm.  Anyway they’re not too rotund that they can’t get up to some acrobatics either. Here they are, pulling some shapes, with their little Christmas friends, the snowman and the fir tree. (That’s one of their finest handmade puddings in the middle).


So now if you don’t want the hassle of all the stirring and broiling, all the mess and sticky wooden spoons, if, like me, you would rather be crocheting than cooking, you can still get into the spirit of Stir up Sunday and crochet your puddings instead. I’m sure these little guys will be just as lucky for you as the real thing!


Health and Safety note: Do not douse with brandy and set on fire!


Karl and Karla Koala

Well it’s been a busy few days trying to tie up the loose ends of three new patterns. I keep saying that once I clear the backlog of half finished projects I am going to make myself concentrate on just one design at a time. But I can’t seem to stick to that so, I guess I’ll just have to manage ducking and diving, flexing the multi-tasking part of my brain until it aches!

It’s always immensely satisfying to finish a pattern completely, list it in my various shops and strike it off my ever growing ‘to do’ list. So I’m feeling happy today that, despite a few color disasters (how can you go wrong with grey, you ask? Well, OK, since you asked – first time too dark, the eyes and nose didn’t show up well enough, second time too mottled, the flecked yarn I chose seemed fine in real life but when photographed the poor koala ended up looking like it  had a nasty rash. Third time lucky you say? Oh no, I ran out of matching yarn on that attempt!   But all that’s behind me now, and I’m finally happy to introduce them to you. So at last, and without further ado, (drum roll, please)…….Karl and Karla Koala!


These two baby Koalas are quite alike as peas in a pod. It’s one pattern from which you can make a girl or a boy just by changing the color and position of the bow.
As Koalas are famous for being such picky eaters I thought it would be wise to make sure the pattern includes instructions to make their all time favorite eucalyptus leaves.


Mmmm, yummy eucalyptus leaves, wouldn’t be the same without a lovely pot of tea to wash them down with!


Just remember not to get your Koala wet, they turn from cute to terrifying in seconds!



Alan the Alien spotted, irrefutable UFO proof

Have you been lucky enough (?!) to have a close encounter of the third kind? I found this funny guy running around acting a bit shifty near a corn field in Wiltshire this summer. Having got to know him quite well now, I can tell you that the thing about Alan is that he’s rather shy. More commonly found hiding in his snug little spaceship than scaring the living daylights out of people. Anyone who got to know Alan properly would surely find out what an adorable little thing he really is. Win Alan’s trust and you may find him popping out of his spaceship all the time. He loves to watch Star Wars films when he has a spare minute, but his main hobby is making crop circles, (Shh, you won’t tell anyone, will you? He swore me to secrecy!)

Allen and his flying Saucer 6 Array

And if you’re thinking these photos may be a hoax, I’ve got some more evidence for you here, captured on video this time. Very rare footage of Alan the Alien landing near Glastonbury Tor, taken by renowned ufologist Louis Holmes, aged 13.

The truth is out there…


Cyril the Squirrel – Head Gardener and Nut Gatherer

I absolutely love this time of year, the reds and russets of the trees, the cozy dark evenings, the thin, fresh autumn sunshine (if we’re lucky!). So, in honor of all things autumnal, I have created this design for a squirrel named Cyril. This bushy tailed fellow loves  gardening. You could say it’s his passion. So he was thrilled to bits when he was offered the job of Head Gardener at Nutsford Manor, just down the lane from his mossy tree trunk home. He is, of course, naturally well equipped for the job with his huge bushy tail, which he puts to use to sweep the garden clean.  So now, every autumn, he gathers all the fallen leaves and twigs in his wheelbarrow, ready to make bonfires to warm the chilly evenings. One of the perks of the job is being able to gather up enough acorns and horse chestnuts for his supper too, plus a few to stash away in his pantry ready for the winter!


And then after I  made him and he told me his story, I decided to enter him in a competition with the theme ‘Animals at Work’ as he fits the bill pretty well!


And the great thing is that this competition is open to everyone, wherever you live, amateur or professional, pattern writer or free-wheeling yarn doodler! It’s totally free to enter (yay!) and there are some great prizes too. If you want to be a part of the fun then head on over to  and have a look at what you could win and how you can take part. You’ve got until November 24th 2013 to get your entries in. Don’t worry if you’ve never made a written pattern before, you only need a photograph of your amigurumi to be eligible. So get out your hooks, rummage through your yarn stash and get creative!


Frosty, Freezy and Fred.

Now that Halloween is over and done with I’ve started  thinking about my next big favorite occasion… Christmas! The only pattern that I designed specifically for Christmas  last year was Beau and Belle. Here they are, daydreaming about the joys of Christmas morning already.


This year I plan to do a whole collection of Christmas themed amigurumis.

So here is my first pattern – Frosty, Freezy and Fred.  They each have their own matching sets of stylish winter woollies. I thought they might help herald in an early flutter of snow. We don’t get much of the white stuff here in Worcester so I always get ridiculously excited about it when it does happen!

But even if it rarely, or never, snows where you live there’s no need to miss out on all the fun, you can still make your very own set of smiley snowmen with a hook and a few oddments of yarn. No frostbite to worry about and no chance of them melting into a depressing sludgy puddle either! At just over 7″ tall  a whole bunch of these little fellas can be made in double quick time. I plan to do a few more yet so I can experiment with some different color combinations. I hope you like them.

front cover 1