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Cyril the Squirrel – Head Gardener and Nut Gatherer


I absolutely love this time of year, the reds and russets of the trees, the cozy dark evenings, the thin, fresh autumn sunshine (if we’re lucky!). So, in honor of all things autumnal, I have created this design for a squirrel named Cyril. This bushy tailed fellow loves  gardening. You could say it’s his passion. So he was thrilled to bits when he was offered the job of Head Gardener at Nutsford Manor, just down the lane from his mossy tree trunk home. He is, of course, naturally well equipped for the job with his huge bushy tail, which he puts to use to sweep the garden clean.  So now, every autumn, he gathers all the fallen leaves and twigs in his wheelbarrow, ready to make bonfires to warm the chilly evenings. One of the perks of the job is being able to gather up enough acorns and horse chestnuts for his supper too, plus a few to stash away in his pantry ready for the winter!


And then after I  made him and he told me his story, I decided to enter him in a competition with the theme ‘Animals at Work’ as he fits the bill pretty well!


And the great thing is that this competition is open to everyone, wherever you live, amateur or professional, pattern writer or free-wheeling yarn doodler! It’s totally free to enter (yay!) and there are some great prizes too. If you want to be a part of the fun then head on over to  and have a look at what you could win and how you can take part. You’ve got until November 24th 2013 to get your entries in. Don’t worry if you’ve never made a written pattern before, you only need a photograph of your amigurumi to be eligible. So get out your hooks, rummage through your yarn stash and get creative!

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18 thoughts on “Cyril the Squirrel – Head Gardener and Nut Gatherer

  1. I love this guy…he is perfect and exactly like my squirrels with their acorns. 😉 I may need to make them their own wheelbarrow, though. lol. Fabulous!!! Very well done!!!!!!!!

  2. I love him!!! Where can I find the pattern? I looked on Ravelry & Etsy didn’t find it there.

    • Hi Margaret, Cyril is a pattern in progress at the moment. He is going to be published in a book next year but his pattern will also be available separately in my Ravelry and Etsy stores. I’ll let you know when!

  3. I love autumn too! The warm colors and the sun, if we are lucky of course! And this little fellow… adorable. I’ll be waiting for the pattern to come out.

  4. Hi Janine, I couldn’t resist letting you know just how much I love this little guy 🙂

    The rest of your patterns are amazing, too, and I’ve already started to collect them 🙂

    I would love this Cyril the Squirrel pattern, though, as it would be the perfect present for my gardening-mad hubby – so, whenever you release the pattern, could you please, please, please let me know? 🙂

    I really hope you’re going to add the wheelbarrow and veg in with the pattern? 🙂

    • Hi and thanks for your lovely positive comments! I am working on finalizing Cyril’s pattern for a book with the theme ‘Animals at Work’ compiled by Joke Vermeiren over at ,so he will definitely have his wheelbarrow and veggies with him. The book will be a compilation of designs from different people but I will also be releasing the pattern for individual sale in my Etsy/Ravelry/Crafsty shops. I will be sure to let you know when!

      • Thank you, Janine – I’ll probably buy your pattern directly from you, as you deserve the money for such an amazing design 🙂

        I will be interested in seeing the book, though, as I’m hoping it will give me even more future presents to make my hubby 🙂

        I can’t wait to have a go at making my own ‘Cyril’ for him, though 🙂

        Best wishes for the book, Hun – I hope it gets you even more custom, as you deserve it with your gorgeous patterns! 🙂

      • Thanks, that’s sweet of you! 🙂

  5. I love him! Is my hero!!

  6. When is the book out?

  7. This little guy is amazing! I just started crocheting, so I don’t know if I am ready yet, but I am definitely in love with this fellow and his wheelbarrow of goods!

    • Thanks Lori 🙂 I’m sure your confidence will build quickly the more you crochet. Cyril looks quite complicated but he is only made of basic amigurumi shapes. The loop stitch is a doddle once you get used to it. Have you seen my free patterns page on here? there might be something you like on their to practice your new skills with. Enjoy your new hobby!

  8. Love,all tour projects . How in the world do you get.All this wonderful work done. Plan to get your book once it is published . Hug for all you do

  9. I knew he looked familiar, lol.. Love that squirrel. I will be buying that book soon.. 🙂

  10. really wanted this recipe, I’m in love with this amigurumi

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