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Snow Party and Family Fun

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It’s that time of year for trailing around the country visiting relatives and friends, delivering presents, drinking sherry and eggnog, and really just catching up with each other. The Snowpeople obviously have the same idea too. The Snowladies have finally arrived in town for the festive season. Flurry, Florrie and Flora have come to eat, drink and be merry and, of course, to get their Christmas shopping done.

Love is in the air too, along with a few snowflakes. The Snowmen and Snowladies will have the coziest and most companionable Christmas ever. There have been whirlwind romances and white weddings already, and even the pitter-patter of tiny snowballs as they built their own Snowbabies from a fresh fall of snow! Here’s one of the happy families posing for their first portrait.


🙂 When they all get together there are very merry times to be had indeed 🙂


Check out my free pattern for the Teeny Tiny snowmen if you want to make a few of the babies for yourself. You can also find the patterns for the grown-ups in my Etsy or Ravelry stores.

I’m definitely looking forward to a few weekends of car journeys. Hubby does all the driving and I do all the crocheting, which seems a fair division of labour to me! And since I have taken up this all absorbing hobby, car journeys have been much more relaxing for everyone as I now prefer to keep my eyes on my hook instead of the road and my terrible habit of ‘back seat driving’ has finally been curbed. Now everyone, especially the driver, can enjoy the journey in relative peace!

Whatever you have planned for these last few weeks before Christmas, I hope your holidays are filled with family, friends, fun and frolics, just like the snow-peoples!

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