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Nut and Bolt, Robots from Outer Space.


Hi all! Things are getting a bit hectic here in the run up to Christmas but I have managed to tidy up the ends of my robot pattern at last. I’ve done quite a few festive patterns in the last month or so and just fancied to do something different. So here they are, Nut and Bolt, my two lovable, squeezable intergalactic robots. Robot softies don’t come much softer than these two!


Nut is the big one and Bolt is his little side-kick. Nut drives the spaceship and Bolt goes roving over new terrain, reporting all his findings back to HQ.

Of course in advanced civilizations there are equal opportunities for everyone, so you won’t be surprised to see female members of the expedition too.  Nut and Bolt are posing here with the equally intrepid Nutella and Boltina.


They come in peace to spread the love and wisdom of advanced civilizations from beyond the stars and are on a mission to replicate all over the known universe via the medium of yarn and hook.

Now I think you can tell from these photos that these are 100% genuine moon landing pictures, which means their next stop must be Earth, so watch out for them arriving soon at an online pattern store near you!

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6 thoughts on “Nut and Bolt, Robots from Outer Space.

  1. Adorable! What a creative designing mind you have!! I shared with FB Sanderellas The ladies will love them!

  2. los robots son preciosos. felicidades y feliz navidad

  3. These are absolutely adorable! My son loves robots and joined the Lego robotics club at school this year.

  4. Another great one. I just love all your work. My girls are getting too old for the sweet things – though I’m going through a second childhood and love them for myself. Nut and Bolt are more characters my grandson and I would love. Again is their a pattern available. Thank you from Meme

  5. Que de belles choses !

    Dommage que les explications ne soient pas disponibles.

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