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Cloudy With a Chance of Crochet

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I’m taking a break from pattern designing this weekend, I need to take a short breather while I garner inspiration for my next project. But loathe as I am to have no crochet in my life for a full 48 hours I have decided to cross another thing off my everlasting ‘to do’ list and get a head start on pattern testing a cute little duckling by Sarah from Sarselgurumi for the up-coming Zoomigurumi 3 book. (You can keep up to date with the Zoomigurumi series at

Ok, got a head start on the head start: Pattern, yarn, hook, stuffing, scissors, stitch counter, stitch markers, needles and pins, all present and correct. Oh and my own little duckling from the Minimals in the Garden pattern. I think he must be a tiny bit jealous, so he’s come to keep an eye on things. I’d better humor the wee creature as he’s a bit sensitive, and like the ‘ugly duckling’ in the song, if I tell him to get out of here he’ll go with a quack and a waddle and a quack and a very unhappy tear. The comparison stops there though. There’s certainly nothing ugly about either of these two fellas!


So the next step was to organize the necessaries into one of my baskets, like a little crochet hamper full of everything  I’ll need to see me through. Hmm, could maybe do with some chocolate in their too, I’ll have to nip out and get my sugar high supplies before I start!


I’ve bought lots of these round, raffia carriers from Ikea on my last visit. If I really like something I always buy more things than my husband thinks is truly sensible. The fact that I have to travel an hour to get there set’s off my bulk buying urge, a panic response in case I can’t get back for a while! They’re so useful though, and I love the handles for portability, and the fact they stack so they can take up a small amount of space when not in use, and best of all they’re smooth and snag free, ideal for yarn. Now I’ve said all that I think I might need to get some more! These are some of the other projects I’ve been working on this week, all snug and neat in their respective raffia and wicker receptacles.


I reckon that was a pretty productive week, all in all. Going clockwise starting from the top we’ve got Huggy bears – finished, pattern testing – scheduled for attention sometime this weekend, a new mouse pattern – awaiting assembly for a photo shoot, and Easter baskets – just picked out the yarn so far, but mulling ideas over in my head…all organized and ready for any eventuality. This will be especially useful if I need to quickly pick up a project and stow it in the car should hubby and I decide to have a little weekend adventure with the boys. It was pretty rainy all day yesterday, and looks like it could go either way today, so a day trip out is in the meteorological balance.

If I was a weather forecaster I would have to say that it’s going to be cloudy with a 100% chance of crochet this weekend…Suits me very well! I hope you all have a good weekend with just as high a chance of doing something you really love. x

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