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Original Amigurumi Crochet Patterns


Grannies Rock!

As you’ve probably guessed by now, my favorite type of crochet is amigurumi. In fact it was, until recently, the only type of crochet that I was really interested in at all. Then a few weekends ago I decided to branch out of my comfort zone a bit and after browsing around for ideas to make a blanket, I decided to have a go at the classic granny square. And Oh! what Joy! As soon as the first square was finished I knew I was hooked. And like the contents of a fine box of chocolates, one led to another which led to another, which, inevitably, led to yet another. At 3 am (!) I finally laid down my hook and yarn, having made a grand total of 38 squares in my first Granny Session.

Not quite a blanket yet but I think this proves I’ve got it in me to go the distance! Having got this far with the super-colorful blanket I then started wondering what it would be like to work with self striping yarns. So I had a good dig around in my ‘novelty’ stash baskets and came up with a ball of this most gloriously shaded ‘Patons Colour Works Aran’. I worked these squares up in no time at all with a 6 mm hook and the Winter Olympics on the TV. A perfect way to spend a Sunday.

What I really liked about doing these is the fact that, unlike amigurumi where there can be lots of counting and variation in the pattern, these simple squares were a doddle to memorize and the stitches go through large chain spaces which could easily be felt, meaning more Olympics watching and less yarn watching.

These bigger looser squares were a bit more yarn greedy than I anticipated and I soon ran out. I’ve ordered more, but in the mean time…

Having not yet quenched my thirst for Granny Squares I had another rummage through my stash and came up with several balls of this lovely stuff. There was enough yarn this time to make a scarf. So that was my plan.

And here it is, my lovely, snuggly, lacy granny square scarf. I love the way the colours come out in random blocks and the scalloped edging makes it extra pretty too. With three sons and a hubby in the house I’ve got to counteract all the boy stuff with a bit of girly glamour whenever I can! Hmm, should have made a pink one….Oh well, off to the yarn shop it is then!


Now I’m going to think of some other ways to use up these granny squares because I don’t think I’ll be getting tired of making them for a long time yet and with the Paralympics coming up in March I’m going to be needing a bit more TV friendly crochet to see me through.

Do you have any favorite things you like to make with granny squares? I’d love to hear about them!


Zoomigurumi 3

 A quick update on Zoomigurumi 3 to let you know it will be available for pre-sale on March 1st. You can find out more and see the previous Zoomigurumi books here:

Exciting news…Look who made the front cover…My very own Hedley the Hedgehog!


If you’re an amigurumi enthusiast then you’ll really love these books. There’s such a mix of different styles from a variety of experienced designers. The patterns have different skill levels so there’s  something for everyone within the covers of one of these books. I think you’ll be spoiled for choice! Here are the other contenders for the front cover to give you a tantalizing peek at two of the other designs that will be in the new book.

(Photography and graphics by Joke Vermeiren at )


Even if you’re a beginner, or totally uninitiated to amigurumi, these books have a great explanation guide at the beginning, telling you everything you need to know in both words and diagrams. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Zoomigurumi 3. When I’m not designing my own amigurumi I just love following other peoples patterns instead. It’s my relaxing spare time go-to activity (along with sock knitting and granny squares). A bit of a busmans holiday I know, but I just can’t get enough of all that yarny happiness!


And the winner is…

Remember the design competition I wrote about in which Cyril the Squirrel insisted on taking part? Well Cyril actually came 2nd in the end! I’m very proud of him and with over 260 entries and 4500 people casting their votes (thanks to all who took the time!) I think that makes the competition a resounding all round success!

Here’s Cyril on the podium with the other winners, Zorg the Paleontologist by Sandy O’Brien, and Monsieur Le Lobster Chef, by Joyce Overheul.

Animals at Work Design Competition

Now I’m very happy to announce he’s going to be in an amigurumi pattern book published by Joke Vermeiren and, of course, it’s all about animals and the marvelous jobs they do. Who’d have thought that so many animals would be good at so many different occupations!

Follow me on Facebook to be sure of updates about this exciting new book or check in with for more details and you’ll be able to make you very own set of industrious animals soon!


Luckily I wrote the pattern as I went along so it’s just a matter of reformatting it to suit the style of the book. With the deadline for copy fast approaching I’d better make like Cyril with his nut stash and get cracking!


Save the Hedgehogs!

Fresh out of hibernation, lovable Hedley the Hedgehog is wide awake and ready to start exploring the neighborhood. It’s a bit early in the year for most hedgehogs to be out and about, but Hedley knows how to dress for the cold weather and always wears his signature scarf when he’s taking a stroll through the hedgerows and fields. There’s no chance of getting spiked by Hedley, he’s a very hug-friendly kind of guy and one of the cuddliest hedgehogs you’re ever going to meet.


Recently, voters in a poll ran by BBC Wildlife Magazine named the hedgehog as Britain’s National Species. Badgers, otters and oak trees were among other popular choices but with 42% of the votes going to our prickly native, hedgehogs won, hands paws down! Hedley was delighted when I told him and decided to do a victory parade. Here he is raising the flag for Great Britain.


Hedley would like you all to know that although hedgehogs are not considered to be endangered as such, their numbers are declining because of natural habitat loss. So he’s put together his top 5 tips on how to show him and his kin some love by making your garden more hedgehog friendly.

1. Be scruffy (Hooray! I don’t need too much encouragement there!) – Have a few untidy areas in your garden where leaves and woodpiles are undisturbed so hedgehogs can find shelter and forage for food. You could also help a hedgehog take up residence by leaning a piece of wood against a wall or try building (or buying) a hibernation box. A compost heap will also provide warmth, security and food. Here’s Hedley about to try out a couple of new homes to see which he likes best.

Building a hedgehog house

2. Don’t use pesticides  – These aggressive chemicals eliminate natural hedgehog prey and even hedgehogs themselves as they can be killed by eating poisoned slugs.

3. Be vigilant – Watch out for nesting hedgehogs when using lawnmowers and strimmers and please only build your bonfires on the day you plan to light them. Bonfire stacks will encourage hedgehogs to take up residence, with obvious disastrous consequences when they’re lit.

4. Invite hedgehogs into your garden – Not with little gilt edged cards ‘requesting the pleasure of’ of course, but by cutting a hedgehog sized hole in your fence if you are not lucky enough to have a hedge surrounding your garden. You could get together with your neighbours to make hedgehog runways if you live in an area with lots of gardens adjoining each other. Hedgehogs love a suburban landscape as there is often plenty of shelter and food to be found there. They also love to go wandering and can cover several kilometers each night.

5. Leave food out for them – Hedgehogs like tinned cat or dog food (chicken flavors, not fish), cat biscuits, raisins, sultanas, fruit, mild cheddar cheese, and unsalted chopped peanuts to name a few. There’s more info on their ideal diet here.

Now I’ve taken Hedley’s advice and done all I can to provide a hedgehog friendly environment in my garden , but if that fails to attract any hedgehogs I have a back up plan to help the problem of their declining numbers. Can anyone guess what it is? Well, it’s to crochet an army of them instead of course! Here goes…!


If you want to help boost the numbers of crocheted hedgehogs in the world, as well as real ones, then Hedley’s pattern is now available hereDSCN2342

For more information on hedgehogs in general this is a great site:

British Hedgehog Preservation Society


Rainbow Love

I’m not sure what the weather is up to where you are but here in Worcester we’re getting well and truly tired of grey skies throwing down bucketloads of soggy misery onto our poor heads. As an antidote to all the rain and distinct lack of sunshine I fancied doing something fun with oodles of bright cheery yarns. A little bit of color therapy can go a long way on a day like today! So for a bit of  rest and relaxation I decided to have a look through my stash and find the very cheeriest of colors. If nature won’t provide the odd rainbow or two to get us through the winter months then I’m just going to go ahead and make my own.

Winding the big balls of yarn into these palm sized yarn cakes makes the project much more portable and is a lovely brain coaster of a job too. Already feeling happier when I see these little nuggets of bright wooliness stacking up.

So, what to do with these glorious pocket sized pops of color?  I’ve already made Rainbow Owls, and Rainbow Snowmen. As it’s Valentine’s day soon I thought it only right that I make a set of Rainbow Hearts to cheer up this dullest and wettest of days! So that’s what I did and here they are ready to be stuffed. Now I have a collection of rainbow heart balloons floating in a drizzly sky under a Fiberfill cloud 🙂


Stuffing small pieces like these is made so much easier if you use tweezers (disguised above as a cute Kokeshi girl). They’re an essential part of my kit now and if you don’t already use a pair for stuffing your dinky bits of crochet I highly recommend you give it a go! … So, 20 minutes later… Here are the finished hearts all plumptious and squidgy and arranged in the harmonious order that nature intended!

🙂 Now that puts a smile on my face 🙂

And my cat Minnie liked the rainbow hearts so much she had to brave the somewhat uncomfortable and spiky looking wire basket to hunker down on them and take a nap!


Not so much ‘rain stops play’ as ‘cat stops play’, but then that’s nothing new in our house! That’s the end of today’s photo shoot then. Goodnight!


Mermaid spotted on Floodplain!

It feels like it’s been raining forever, and the River Severn just keeps getting higher and higher. The swans are happy though, and there has been a rare inland sighting of Meredith the Mermaid. Though technically a saltwater inhabitant this little mermaid is having no trouble adapting to a freshwater environment. We think she must have arrived here from our nearest seaside resort of Weston-Super-Mare, having negotiated the weirs and managed to swim upstream, splashing along the floodplains with her faithful friend Stella the Starfish!


Here’s Meredith and her pals in sunnier times, relaxing on the beach.


They won’t be on land for long though, too much sunshine can be very drying for their delicate skin. Too much water, however, is never a problem for a mermaid. Shame that can’t be said for the rest of us! Now the main bridge is closed, due to rising water levels, traffic chaos is all that’s left for those of us born without fins or webbed feet! This is my cycle route around the river. It’s been out of action for weeks now. If this goes on much longer I might just sell my bike and buy a pedalo instead!

At least my house is out of the danger zone, being halfway up a big hill. I have to admit that over the years I’ve often cursed the steepness of the gradient while carrying shopping or pushing toddlers in buggies up it, but I’m pretty grateful right now!


Hearts and Bees and Honey Teas

Having been laid low with another bout of tonsillitis I thought I’d use my recuperation time to whip up a quick free pattern to share with you all. I made this while snuggling in bed drinking honeyed tea to soothe my throat. It’s a little homage to the bee for it’s lovely, medicinal honey and a nod to love in general, which kind of makes everything more bearable, even tonsillitis! I know it’s not long until Valentines day now, so if you’re stuck for a last minute present that has all the hallmarks of someone who cares enough to go that extra stitch or two then you could hook up this Honey Bee, Bumble bee and Love Heart in no time at all!


Click on the button below for the free pattern.


I’ve also included some labels to print out and decorate plus tips on making up the stick decorations to cheer up the odd plant pot or two. I’m planning on putting some bees on sticks in my herb pots on the kitchen windowsill to give my basil and parsley a fun pop of color before nature does the honors and furnishes me with the first daffodils of the year!

I made 14 hearts in shades of pink, red and grey yesterday, a fitting number, as Valentine’s Day is on the 14th. Although that’s just co-incidence – I ran out of time and energy or there would have been a lot more.  They’re very addictive and now, of course, I want to make them in rainbow colors too. It would be an appropriate project for a convalescing weekend, as once the pattern is memorized they just fly off the hook with out having to concentrate too much or for too long.


I’m already thinking of other uses for the little hearts, a garland or a wreath would be fun. Or they could be stuffed with pot pourri for a pretty sweet smelling addition to a clothes drawer. Or how about a heart and bee mobile? Key fobs, bag charms… I could go on, but I’m sure you’ve got plenty of ideas of your own. Whatever you make with the pattern I hope you have fun with it!