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Rainbow Love


I’m not sure what the weather is up to where you are but here in Worcester we’re getting well and truly tired of grey skies throwing down bucketloads of soggy misery onto our poor heads. As an antidote to all the rain and distinct lack of sunshine I fancied doing something fun with oodles of bright cheery yarns. A little bit of color therapy can go a long way on a day like today! So for a bit of  rest and relaxation I decided to have a look through my stash and find the very cheeriest of colors. If nature won’t provide the odd rainbow or two to get us through the winter months then I’m just going to go ahead and make my own.

Winding the big balls of yarn into these palm sized yarn cakes makes the project much more portable and is a lovely brain coaster of a job too. Already feeling happier when I see these little nuggets of bright wooliness stacking up.

So, what to do with these glorious pocket sized pops of color?  I’ve already made Rainbow Owls, and Rainbow Snowmen. As it’s Valentine’s day soon I thought it only right that I make a set of Rainbow Hearts to cheer up this dullest and wettest of days! So that’s what I did and here they are ready to be stuffed. Now I have a collection of rainbow heart balloons floating in a drizzly sky under a Fiberfill cloud 🙂


Stuffing small pieces like these is made so much easier if you use tweezers (disguised above as a cute Kokeshi girl). They’re an essential part of my kit now and if you don’t already use a pair for stuffing your dinky bits of crochet I highly recommend you give it a go! … So, 20 minutes later… Here are the finished hearts all plumptious and squidgy and arranged in the harmonious order that nature intended!

🙂 Now that puts a smile on my face 🙂

And my cat Minnie liked the rainbow hearts so much she had to brave the somewhat uncomfortable and spiky looking wire basket to hunker down on them and take a nap!


Not so much ‘rain stops play’ as ‘cat stops play’, but then that’s nothing new in our house! That’s the end of today’s photo shoot then. Goodnight!

Author: mojimojidesign

Hello! I'm an amigurumi enthusiast, pattern writer, craft addict and cat fanatic, writing and musing about all those things and more from time to time.

8 thoughts on “Rainbow Love

  1. Lovely ! Have a good day !

  2. An adorable idea, and I love your cat picture too!

  3. We have a cat called Minnie too. I think cats have a different definition of comfort to us, don’t you?
    Love the hearts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your colours. What yarn are you using?

    • Hi Sharon, thanks! I love rainbow colors so much! The yarns are all Patons and Robin acrylics I’ve collected over the years. It took me a while to pick just the right tones, but I’ve certainly got plenty to choose from. If I see a new color I have to buy it!

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