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Save the Hedgehogs!


Fresh out of hibernation, lovable Hedley the Hedgehog is wide awake and ready to start exploring the neighborhood. It’s a bit early in the year for most hedgehogs to be out and about, but Hedley knows how to dress for the cold weather and always wears his signature scarf when he’s taking a stroll through the hedgerows and fields. There’s no chance of getting spiked by Hedley, he’s a very hug-friendly kind of guy and one of the cuddliest hedgehogs you’re ever going to meet.


Recently, voters in a poll ran by BBC Wildlife Magazine named the hedgehog as Britain’s National Species. Badgers, otters and oak trees were among other popular choices but with 42% of the votes going to our prickly native, hedgehogs won, hands paws down! Hedley was delighted when I told him and decided to do a victory parade. Here he is raising the flag for Great Britain.


Hedley would like you all to know that although hedgehogs are not considered to be endangered as such, their numbers are declining because of natural habitat loss. So he’s put together his top 5 tips on how to show him and his kin some love by making your garden more hedgehog friendly.

1. Be scruffy (Hooray! I don’t need too much encouragement there!) – Have a few untidy areas in your garden where leaves and woodpiles are undisturbed so hedgehogs can find shelter and forage for food. You could also help a hedgehog take up residence by leaning a piece of wood against a wall or try building (or buying) a hibernation box. A compost heap will also provide warmth, security and food. Here’s Hedley about to try out a couple of new homes to see which he likes best.

Building a hedgehog house

2. Don’t use pesticides  – These aggressive chemicals eliminate natural hedgehog prey and even hedgehogs themselves as they can be killed by eating poisoned slugs.

3. Be vigilant – Watch out for nesting hedgehogs when using lawnmowers and strimmers and please only build your bonfires on the day you plan to light them. Bonfire stacks will encourage hedgehogs to take up residence, with obvious disastrous consequences when they’re lit.

4. Invite hedgehogs into your garden – Not with little gilt edged cards ‘requesting the pleasure of’ of course, but by cutting a hedgehog sized hole in your fence if you are not lucky enough to have a hedge surrounding your garden. You could get together with your neighbours to make hedgehog runways if you live in an area with lots of gardens adjoining each other. Hedgehogs love a suburban landscape as there is often plenty of shelter and food to be found there. They also love to go wandering and can cover several kilometers each night.

5. Leave food out for them – Hedgehogs like tinned cat or dog food (chicken flavors, not fish), cat biscuits, raisins, sultanas, fruit, mild cheddar cheese, and unsalted chopped peanuts to name a few. There’s more info on their ideal diet here.

Now I’ve taken Hedley’s advice and done all I can to provide a hedgehog friendly environment in my garden , but if that fails to attract any hedgehogs I have a back up plan to help the problem of their declining numbers. Can anyone guess what it is? Well, it’s to crochet an army of them instead of course! Here goes…!


If you want to help boost the numbers of crocheted hedgehogs in the world, as well as real ones, then Hedley’s pattern is now available hereDSCN2342

For more information on hedgehogs in general this is a great site:

British Hedgehog Preservation Society

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11 thoughts on “Save the Hedgehogs!

  1. Oh, please please please tell me you have written patterns for: Hedley, Cyril, Wesley, Bradley, Harvey and Harriet, Marvello and Little Marvin and the Christmas Pudding People. I have just started crocheting using patterns. I have been crocheting for over 30 years and have always just crocheted blankets and scarves and hats, etc, not needing a pattern. These little creatures are adorable. Please help me out with this. I’ll pay for the patterns if you just tell me where to find them. You are a wonderfully creative crocheter.

  2. I fell in love with Hedley and am making him for Christmas for my grandson. I am having some trouble with the toes. Could you maybe clarify forming the first toe? If I get that, I think I’ve got the rest. Love your patterns.

    • Hi Sandy, the beginning round for the first toe requires that you crochet in the first six stitches only. After you’ve done that you then insert your hook into the first of those six stitches which will join them into a ring. Then sc in all six stitches for two rounds (12 stitches made in total) then stuff, fasten off and thread the yarn tail onto a tapestry needle, thread through the six stitches at the end of the toe and gather up close the top of the toe. The second and third toes are made by working on two more groups of six stitches to form little tube in the same way. Let me know if that explanation doesn’t work for you and I will email you a diagram.

  3. Hi. I was just wondering if it says on the Etsy pattern what yarn you use. I have yet to buy the pattern (but will hopefully be doing so shortly) and since I don’t have very good judgement when it comes to different yarns I was wondering if it came with set yarn requirements.

    • HI Reece, the pattern states Wendy Tweed effect Chunky, shade 2768 as the yarn for the prickles. The rest of the hedgehog is made from standard Double Knit weight yarns. I’ll have a look through my yarn stash and send you some photos and info on the exact yarns via email.

  4. I made Headly for my great nephew. I would love to share my creation from your pattern with you and others – how can I do that?

  5. I’ve purchased Zoomigurumi 3 and want to make Hedley – I’m just not loving any of the yarns I’m seeing to purchase. I know what yarn you used for the prickles – any idea what you used for the rest? Thanks for your help! I love this hedgehog!!

  6. I’ve reached the part where I’m making the spines with a loop stitch but I’m having trouble using such a small crochet hook on this chunky thread. I will try a little bigger hook, but just wondering if there is any trick to it?

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