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Grannies Rock!


As you’ve probably guessed by now, my favorite type of crochet is amigurumi. In fact it was, until recently, the only type of crochet that I was really interested in at all. Then a few weekends ago I decided to branch out of my comfort zone a bit and after browsing around for ideas to make a blanket, I decided to have a go at the classic granny square. And Oh! what Joy! As soon as the first square was finished I knew I was hooked. And like the contents of a fine box of chocolates, one led to another which led to another, which, inevitably, led to yet another. At 3 am (!) I finally laid down my hook and yarn, having made a grand total of 38 squares in my first Granny Session.

Not quite a blanket yet but I think this proves I’ve got it in me to go the distance! Having got this far with the super-colorful blanket I then started wondering what it would be like to work with self striping yarns. So I had a good dig around in my ‘novelty’ stash baskets and came up with a ball of this most gloriously shaded ‘Patons Colour Works Aran’. I worked these squares up in no time at all with a 6 mm hook and the Winter Olympics on the TV. A perfect way to spend a Sunday.

What I really liked about doing these is the fact that, unlike amigurumi where there can be lots of counting and variation in the pattern, these simple squares were a doddle to memorize and the stitches go through large chain spaces which could easily be felt, meaning more Olympics watching and less yarn watching.

These bigger looser squares were a bit more yarn greedy than I anticipated and I soon ran out. I’ve ordered more, but in the mean time…

Having not yet quenched my thirst for Granny Squares I had another rummage through my stash and came up with several balls of this lovely stuff. There was enough yarn this time to make a scarf. So that was my plan.

And here it is, my lovely, snuggly, lacy granny square scarf. I love the way the colours come out in random blocks and the scalloped edging makes it extra pretty too. With three sons and a hubby in the house I’ve got to counteract all the boy stuff with a bit of girly glamour whenever I can! Hmm, should have made a pink one….Oh well, off to the yarn shop it is then!


Now I’m going to think of some other ways to use up these granny squares because I don’t think I’ll be getting tired of making them for a long time yet and with the Paralympics coming up in March I’m going to be needing a bit more TV friendly crochet to see me through.

Do you have any favorite things you like to make with granny squares? I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. Love those bright grannies , such wonderful colours

  2. Bravo Janine , voici un que je trouve joli . .

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