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Granny Blanket, Nearly There!


Well, I’d be a lot closer to finishing this blanket if it wasn’t such a cat magnet. Mojo’s loves a little wooly tent. Perhaps I should make him one of his own!


A rare photo of my crochet covered lap without a cat on it. Here I am, opportunistically steaming ahead to finish joining all the motifs together.


A later crochet session was halted yet again by the usual problem of feline infiltration!  That’s the sort of face that says ‘move me at your peril’.


I do have nearly four rounds of border finished now though, so I’m not doing too badly, and there’s no hurry anyway. It’s good for me to stop rushing at everything sometimes. That’s certainly one of the main lessons my cat’s have taught me. Slow down and smell the catnip roses! They’re so good at relaxing for hours on end, as if relaxing itself was one of the higher art forms, which I suppose that for us humans in today’s hectic and distracting world, it really is. So no stressing, this blanket will quite simply be finished when it’s finished – and on a more practical but less philosophical note – will also need a good wash to get rid of all the cat hairs!

We’re off to Cardiff next weekend to pick up my oldest son from Uni, ready for the Easter holidays so I’m thinking with another 3-4 hours of car crochet time this blanket will surely be finished then, if not before.There’s a big bonus for working blankets in the car as it is, by necessity, a cat free zone. Consequently progress should be more than satisfactory for a change. Whizzing up and down the Motorway with my ever expanding blanket has it’s own challenges however. The main one being not to encroach on the drivers seat and all those boring things like handbrakes and accelerators and control panels that apparently shouldn’t be covered or obscured from view by anything, not even crochet!


Here it is with the last bit of the fourth row of border completed. Now it’s definitely being put away until the weekend. I really should be getting on with my new amigurumi patterns, after all.


Now that I’ve got the basic Granny Square under my belt and the finishing line for this project is within sight, I’m starting to think about my next blanket design. Maybe something floral or circle based this time. I can’t wait to have a houseful of these colorful snugglies. Next to being able to yarn bomb everything in the house that doesn’t move, (hubby is strangely against this idea, but then there’s no accounting for taste), this is the next best thing. Yarn bombs that can move around from room to room invading and spreading their crochet loveliness by stealth!

I’m also planning on making  some crochet bunting to liven up my bike basket now that the weather is milder and the River Severn has finally spit my favorite cycle route back out again. As I’ve just treated myself to this new book I’m in no immediate danger of being stuck for ideas. There’s even a whole chapter on triangles in here – total bunting heaven.


Looks like Mojo’s made his mind up and given this one the Cat’s Paw Seal of Approval. Good choice Mojo, I’m on it!


Slow down and smell the roses? I can do that while I crochet in the garden, cat’s permitting!

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5 thoughts on “Granny Blanket, Nearly There!

  1. I love the blanket and Mojo!

  2. Your cats are so CUTE! I love your blanket, I’ve never had enough patience to finish a whole blanket.

  3. fun fun fun, I love mojo. In my case it’s my 2 dogs Cjay and Harry who share my lap blankets and they are big dogs lol

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