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Hippopotamus Pyjama Party.


At last I’ve managed to finish a new pattern. It’s been a while this time due to book commitments, family life, a granny blanket obsession and getting out and about a bit more at weekends thanks to all the lovely spring weather we’ve been having. So I’m very pleased to finally introduce you to Harriet and Harvey, the baby Hippos who love bedtime, snuggly blankets, soft pillows and fancy pyjamas!


Sleepover parties are one of their most favorite things, snuggled up in their blankets, chatting with friends into the small hours. There’s usually a secret midnight feast too, with cheese and crackers and chocolate biscuits, but only after they’ve crept around the house to make sure all the grown-ups have gone to sleep!  Harvey and Harriet also like a quiet night in. When it’s just the two of them they happily toddle off to bed for an early night with hot chocolate (marshmallows on top of course) and a good book. After all, little hippos don’t get to be this good looking without getting lots of beauty sleep!


 The pattern has all the instructions you’ll need for Harvey and Harriet Hippo as well as their pretty matching bedding.

 Good night little hippopotami. Sweet dreams!

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12 thoughts on “Hippopotamus Pyjama Party.

  1. Love your Hippo’s, I hope someday they will be available to make for the public. I just really enjoy your blog!

    • HI Roxie,the pattern is available in my Etsy/Ravelry/Craftsy shops and all my patterns come with permission to sell the finished article too. I hope to see baby hippos in pyjamas spreading all over the world soon!

  2. I only recently found your patterns and wanted to tell you I love them all! Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow. I would love to write patterns some day and I think yours give me something to aspire to. Thank you and see you again soon.

    • I’m pleased you like my patterns 🙂 I have tried to make sure people can enjoy the patterns and make them as easily as possible. Good luck for when you start writing your own! I just saw your Shelley snail, she turned out fabulous!

  3. I love your designs and recently bought a hippo patern. I find it prfectly easy to follow but I have one question about it and I’ m not sure how and where to reach you. The comment here are year old. Maybe its better to try on facebook?

    • Hi Luba, it’s fine to post on here or facebook. I regularly check both and would be very happy to answer any questions. I hope I will be able to help you.

      • Thank you! I have finished the hippos bodies already. The thing that I wanted to ask doesn’t effect the end result but I am curios to know if I’am doing something wrong. In the description of the hippo’s nose it says ” rnd 10 : sc in next st only and fasten off” so it makes 31 stich total because the previous round ended with 30 st. And tnen when I attach the nose to the body it says ” rnd 28: line up finishing st of neck and nose and sc through both st and then sc through each of the next 14 st ” which makes altogether 15 st at the bottom. Then when I eventually move to the upper part of the nose I end up with 16 stiches on the top of the nose instead of 15 as indicated in the pattern. Because it was 31 st at the end of the nose due to the one extra st in round 10. I eventually decreased and for the next time I can just skip round 10 for the nose, but I have a feeling that I just missing something because your instructions are too good and clear to be wrong. I’ ll appreciate your help.

      • Hi Luba, I will look into that tomorrow when I can sit at my desk and sort out the pattern. I know it’s been tested and tried out by many but there may still be an anomaly. I’ll let you know soon! Glad it turned out OK in the end though! x

  4. It turned out great! Thank you!

  5. The directions say to place the ears between rows 28 and 29 (same as the eyes???). This can’t be right…. Need to update or add an errata to pattern.

    • Hi there,
      I’ve checked my copy of the pattern and it says to place the ears between Rnds 35 and 36. Now it could be that you have a very early version of the pattern before I corrected the mistake (although as I made this pattern around four years ago I don’t remember correcting it or there ever being a mistake but I’m sure you are right!)

      I would love to know a rough date and off which website you purchased this from so I can just double check there are no rogue patterns out there still! I will then send you the updated version if you like.

      Thanks for letting me know.

      • Hi,   I purchased the pattern from on Jan 22, 2018.  They sent me the page for the download. Your patterns are really wonderful by the way.  The Hippos turned out great and your instructions were very clear.  The ear placement was the only mistake I saw.

        Thanks! mojimojidesign commented: “Hi there,I’ve checked my copy of the pattern and it says to place the ears between Rnds 35 and 36. Now it could be that you have a very early version of the pattern before I corrected the mistake (although as I made this pattern around four years ago I d” | |

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