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Original Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

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Last Few Days of Pre-Sale

Just thought I’d do a quick post to spread the word! Amigurumi Animals at Work, the new book  compiled and designed by Joke Vermeiren from is available to order at great pre-sale prices for a few more days yet. (Pre-sale deal will end on the 31st May 2014).

It’s such a lovely, fun book, packed with original designs by amigurumi artists from all around the world. I thought you might like to take a peek at the full collection. You can see that my Cyril the Squirrel has been keeping very fine company indeed!


You’ll be spoiled for choice as to which one to make first! I think I’m going to start with Mama Hen as I have a friend who loves to bake and who also happens to have a birthday coming up soon. Just perfect!


Shelley the Snail and her Family

I’ve been busy with my crochet hook and yarn again this week and find that it’s now time to introduce you all to my new friends, the Snail Family! I have a soft spot for snails, which is why my garden always fails spectacularly. With a ratio of around 50 snails to every marigold or pansy (that’s what it seems like anyway), I think it’s a battle that I’ve resigned myself to losing. They’re just too sweet to wage a campaign against, so in the age old tradition of  ‘if you can’t beat them, join crochet them’  I made this pattern as a celebration of these terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs. (Don’t they sound grand when you put it like that!).

Please put your hands together and give a warm welcome to Shelley the Snail and her babies, Sheldon and Shelby!

Snail-TrioA rainy day is a jolly good day as far as Shelley the Snail is concerned. When everywhere is nice and damp she tentatively emerges from her shell, rounds up Sheldon and Shelby, and off they all go for a lovely slow motion wallow in the shallow puddles. They’re often found racing each other to the end of the garden. Shelley could win easily but she lets the babies have a head start while she munches on a tasty radish or two from the vegetable plot.

I don’t mind losing out on a few radish. I can always get a fresh bunch from the supermarket any time I want if the snails are really intent in staging a garden takeover. It’s been such a wet year too, I think they have the numbers to do just that right now!

If your a bit of a snailophile like me, then you can get the pattern from my Etsy/Ravelry/Craftsy shops. And if you’re busy gardening this weekend, have a little compassion and remember, snails are people too! (?) And if you really feel that it’s either your prized herbaceous border or them, you can always throw them over the fence into next doors garden. I’m sure your neighbors won’t mind 🙂


Amigurumi Animals at Work

Hi everyone, I’m really pleased to be able to tell you that the new book from is finally available to order in pre-sale!

From right now until May 31st 2014 you can pre-order a copy of the book and you’ll also get a PDF version which you will be able to download immediately, so no boring waiting to get started on your first Animals at Work cutie!

My contribution to Joke Vermeiren’s  beautifully put together volume is Cyril the Squirrel, whom, as you may remember,  is the head gardener at Knutsford Manor.

This is Cyril with his assistant gardener and close friend, Errol. They made a raised bed for their prize carrot crop, but, goodness, the amount of weeding it needs… That’s where four paws are better than two!


And don’t believe all the bad press about grey squirrels! Errol is just as lovable as his red cousins. I think he’s just as beautiful too!


For more information on Amigurumi Animals at Work and to see the other thirteen gorgeous designs featured in this book take a peek here. You can order the book and the instantly downloadable PDF version here.

For those of you who just want to buy Cyril’s pattern on it’s own, I’ll be releasing it as a single pattern purchase in my Etsy/Ravelry/Craftsy shops soon.  I’ll keep you posted!


Monster Medley

I’m so excited to tell you that there’s been some new additions to the Moji-Moji family! Bubblegum, Custard and Sprout are three of the sweetest and liveliest baby monsters you could ever hope to meet. With their rosy cheeks and snazzy little romper suits they just love bouncing into all kinds of mischief. If you don’t keep them busy with games of hide and seek and sing-a-longs to monster mash you might well find these cheeky little toddlers chewing on the furniture and throwing their toys around. I know they look way too cute to cause such trouble, but you have been warned!


Can you guess who is who? the colours might give you a clue! In case there’s any doubt, I’ll introduce them one by one…

This is great pattern for beginners as it only uses the basic single crochet stitch (UK double crochet). They turn out at around 7″ (18 cm) tall and each one can be made in a matter of an hour or two. With all the endless options for colour combinations I’m having a great time making a whole monster medley just for fun. In fact, I think it’s time for a confession. I have a serious monster addiction! Here’s a few of my favorite monster creations having a get together. We’re all going to have to move to a bigger house soon. It’s getting a little crowded around here!


If you love monsters as much as I do here’s some more eye candy to keep your peepers popping!

Firstly, here are my Mini Monsters. These guys are a bit clumsy and often go bump in the night. Usually on their heads as you can see from their brightly coloured battle scars!


Scary Gary and Horrid Horace like to pretend that they’re much more fearsome than they actually are but, the truth is, they’re not scary or horrid at all. If you creep up behind them and go ‘BOO’ they’re almost guaranteed to have a panic attack and be shaking like a jelly for a week!


The Bug Eyed Monsters are always sure to win out in any staring competition. In fact, come to think of it, I’ve never actually seen them blink at all. Weird!


And finally here are the Fuzz Monsters. They’re such big softies, both literally (a whopping 15″ tall) and in temperament (they love cuddles and who could resist a hug from these fine looking fluffballs!)


 If you get the urge to hook up a Moji-Moji beastie or two you can find the patterns in my Etsy store by clicking on the photos.

Have a MonsTERRIFIC weekend everybody!


Wesley the Wise Owl

It’s time to introduce you all to the latest addition to the Moji-Moji family. The talented and studious Wesley the Wise Owl.


I think you’ll agree he’s a very clever looking sort of creature, but as we know, you should never judge a book by it’s cover so let’s check out his credentials and see if you’re correct!

Being an owl, Wesley knows the importance of good eyesight so has been studying for an ophthalmology degree for several years. He’s been top of the class all the way, often studying through the night (it helps that he’s naturally nocturnal). Now all that hard work has paid off and I’m pleased to announce he has just graduated with honors and is now a Bachelor of Science. Every bit the dedicated student, Wesley had an absolute hoot mixing with all the other high flyers on his course. Yes, it was a very proud moment indeed when he received his certificate from Owlston University. He does look rather pleased with himself, don’t you think? And so he should be!

We’re off to celebrate his success with a slap up meal. Wesley’s having his favorite black rat salad, but I think I’ll just stick with a baked potato!

Wesley’s pattern is now available in my Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy shops.