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Lazy Daisy Days


Well, that’s half term over and out. It completely flew by again at lightening speed, like it always does! I didn’t get much amigurumi done as it’s just nice to be with the boys sometimes and not have a head full of stitch counts and row numbers for a change. Even hubby was at home all week too, so some proper family time was definitely a priority. Of course I still did quite a lot of crochet (obviously!) I’ve been enjoying lovely, lazy, hazy, daisy making sessions on car journeys and day trips, at stately homes, on buses, in cafes, at picnics, during barbecues and even in the pub! My travel box of daisy delights can accompany me anywhere and keeps everything nice and clean and oh-so organized! A little box of woolly heaven. Daisy1

These nosy snails seem to approve! Or maybe they’re thinking what a tasty snack a box of daisies would make. Though I’m pretty relaxed about what they eat in my garden, I’m not quite so relaxed about my crochet. These daisies are definitely not up for grabs. Better shut the lid, quick!

Daisy2 Here are a few of my completed squares. So far I’ve been sticking to a much more limited colour palette than my last Granny Square project.  I’ve just used a light and dark shade of blue and pink. Daisy7 I’m liking the fact that I’m being rather restrained in my colour choices this time. Sometimes I have to remind myself that less can be more! Daisy4 My final daisy square count to date is 42. I think I’m about a third of the way there if I decide to make another blanket. Either that or I’ve got four cushions and two thirds good to go which is quite tempting actually. I’m in need of some snuggly cushion covers for the lounge. These could fit the bill rather well. Oh decisions, decisions!

A Blanket?


Or cushions?

Daisy6 Or maybe cushions and a blanket, if my patience and my wool stash can both hold out for long enough that is!

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7 thoughts on “Lazy Daisy Days

  1. Love it 🙂

  2. Well, if your wool stash doesn’t hold enough for both, how about the cushions, and a lovely warm lapghan, to keep you cosy and warm when winter comes 🙂

  3. Love, Love, Love your crochet. I’ve just discovered your blog while looking for amigurumi patterns. It’s wonderful.
    Love your colour choices for your daisy squares

    • Hi there, I’m glad you found me! Did you see my free patterns page? There might be something you like on there. I’m planning on adding more soon, so keep checking back 🙂

  4. Hi Janine, is there a pattern for your lovely daisy squares? I can’t find it in the shop. Love your Moji Moji blog and looking forward for new posts each time!

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