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Weird Weather


What a funny day it’s been here in Worcester! All week long I’ve been crocheting in the garden in a desperate attempt to get away from the oven roasting experience of sitting in my usual space in the studio. My desk is right next to a south facing window in a terraced house that is firmly insulated on both sides by the adjoining properties. It’s been so lovely outside, with glorious sunshine and sweltering summer temperatures made bearable by fluttering breezes and the shade of a blanket that I’ve strung up as a makeshift canopy. But, just as I’m getting used to floaty clothes and strappy sandals, we have a weird and disconcerting weather wobble. Here’s the view from my studio window at the start of the storm. My poor little canopy is stretched to snapping point by the sudden heavy rain and the crazy hail that followed! (You can see my Grape vine has been enjoying the warm weather, it could be a bumper red wine crop this year!)Hail5Then the hailstones got bigger and bigger, battering our clematis into confetti and making the hot spot I’ve occupied in my new deck chair for a lot of the last ten days or so into a definite cold spot that resembles something you might find in an arctic landscape rather than in an English garden at the end of June!

As I wrote about in my last post, Pendleton and Penelope Penguin were complaining about all the heat, so of course they couldn’t resist a little frolic in the somewhat unseasonable, but rather pretty, tapioca-like ice. After all, it’s the perfect opportunity to acclimatise before their intrepid journey to the South Pole commences! If you were a penguin would you be able to resist?HailPenguinsOh they look so at home don’t they?! It must be bliss to cool those flippers down a bit!

Well, I wonder what tomorrow will bring? We did have a big day out scheduled visiting Painswick Rococo Garden in the Cotswolds. Picnic, ginger beer and a bottle of Prosecco are chilling in the fridge, (I might as well have chilled them in the garden!). Sun cream, straw hat and foldaway chairs are packed up in the car – but I’m not so sure I want to go now. Back to Plan B, except I didn’t make one, so certain was I of our summer heatwave! Ah well, it’s the weekend anyway, if the summer scores another epic fail tomorrow I’m sure I’ll think of somewhere else that’s fun to take the family. We might even be going tobogganing at this rate!

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6 thoughts on “Weird Weather

  1. Moiji, hello. I know that is not your name or at least the 1st one but I confess I didn’t look very hard. I was so caught up in your tale of weird weather and smiling as I read it. Trying to see all of it in my mind and I felt as if I needed to go help you in your chilly distress but it was so funny and pleasant I decided to just enjoy the moment. Now I wanted to send you a line and thank you for my giggles. So thank you. I needed that fun. Coming to send you this comment I was so taken with your critters. I adore crocheting toys. Do you sell your patterns. I will check on my way out. Have a lovely evening and I look forward to reading more of your creative post soon. Alisa

  2. So glad you took the opportunity to photo your penguins on the ice. That did make me smile. They look great against the fabric of the deck chair fabric. Have you ever printed your amigurumi photos on to cards? They would make great birthday cards.

    • Thanks! The penguins and I had fun with our surprise hail storm! I might add some photocards to my to do list soon. I think my photography is improving and they’d be great for selling at craft fairs 🙂

  3. ohhhh I so fell in love with these peng
    uins, will have to get pattern to make them…

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