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Halloween (already…)


Hi everyone, I hope your Halloween preparations are going to plan! It’s my one year blog anniversary today, and I can’t believe how fast its gone. A whole year already. Really??!! I guess the blog feed never lies so it must be true. It’s been lovely to look back over this years journey and remind myself of all that’s happened. Ooops! That’s taken up most of my morning, but I can’t help but think of it as time well spent. Mainly because I enjoyed it, and not every minute has to be actively productive. (I must keep reminding myself that it’s OK to chill out sometimes!) Heres my first ever blog picture. I might as well recycle it today, as there couldn’t be a more relevant time… It seems it’s been a pretty good year, all in all. I just find it difficult to think it has actually been a whole year. So now I’d like to share my newly asssembled Halloween 2014 display with you. I twiddled with this this last night, before settling down to three hours of The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug. A suitably Halloweeny kind of film which has set the mood nicely for today. Here’s some fun I had trying to get spooky, atmospheric shots of my little fireplace ensemble.820Halloween2820Holoween142820Halloween820Halloween3Now we’re off to town to buy a few pumpkins for the purposes of carving (and soup making). Then this years decorations will be complete. Have a great Halloween everbody! Happy Tick or Treating/Fancy Dress Partying/Pumpkin Soup Gobbling/Red Wine Drinking/Candy Munching/Spooky Film Watching, or a combination of all, some or none of the aforementioned however the fancy takes you!Happy-Halloween

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  1. Happy Halloween! Cute post!

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