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Let There Be Light


It’s been an unusual and somewhat unsettling run up to Christmas this year. The EU VAT uncertainty is still ongoing, but I’ll be making some changes to the way I sell over the next few days/weeks to avoid running foul of any new EU laws while this whole situation goes through its ‘transitional phase’ – preferably culminating with the re-introduction of a VAT threshold for small digital businesses. Heaven only knows what 2015 will bring, but I’m getting as prepared as possible. There will be a new selling venue over at LoveKnitting especially for my EU customers, so I won’t have to suspend sales completely as I had initially feared. (Hat’s off – crocheted, knitted, or otherwise – to Casey and the team at for helping us sort this in time for midnight tonight!) There will be other positive changes too, such as having my very own proper shop here on my website, but I’ll go into that more in the new year.
It’s been a busy but lovely Christmas this year. An Earlier highlight being a trip out to Westonbirt Arboretum with a few friends to see these magical light-scapes, whilst munching on roasted chestnuts washed down with hot mulled wine. A perfect Christmas combination!WestonbirtArboretumorbs shapeslight-treeAnd now we’re suddenly on the other side of Christmas. So much planning, so little time to enjoy it all! I really want to say thanks for all the support and encouragement,comments, questions and feedback, and for all the sharing of your gorgeous crochet makes on my Facebook page during 2014, it’s been great to chat and share the journey as Moji-Moji Design has grown a little bigger, and a little bit more confident over the last year! 2015 is going to be ‘interesting’, full of unexpected, and unforeseen challenges, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stranger stronger right?! And it appears I’m still here, so it must be onwards and upwards then! I wanted to share a few pictures of my Christmas lights display, I’m heading off down to the lounge in a moment to enjoy their full, soothing glory…

Christmas-Tree…and to watch some New Years Eve fireworks from my window…Christmas-WindowLove and Light to all!DSCN6150And a Happy New Year too! Or as my Scottish Sister-in-Law says:

“Lang may yer Lum Reek!”

I’m assured by said Sister-in-Law that it’s a most auspicious Scottish greeting for New Year’s Eve, and not nearly as rude as it sounds 😉EmilyParty15As you can see I’ve had to recycle last years New Year’s Eve photo due to my unexpectedly busy schedule…Sorry about that!

I’ll see you in the New year for a proper catch up when things should hopefully have settled down a bit!


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  1. Magnifique , Janine .
    Happy New Year .
    Kiss Mimi

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