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Dante and Carlos


I’m very happy to be able to say I’ve finally finished my Dante the Donkey and Carlos the Cactus pattern. These little guys were originally inspired by my Mexican blanket project *all those pretty colours*  and were just the most fun characters to make.


They’ve also turned out to be the best and most devoted amigos ever!


They first met in the Mexican desert after Dante got lost straying too far from his family’s rancho. Carlos the Cactus chatted away enthusiastically and shook his maracas to cheer the little donkey up as he rested his weary legs through the long, dark night. By the time the sun rose and the morning shone its welcoming light, they were firm friends. Bored of being mostly alone in the desert with only the other cacti for company, Carlos persuaded Dante to dig up his roots and put him in a terracotta pot so he could travel around with his new found soul mate wherever he roamed.

With Carlos along for the ride and offering some much needed moral support, you’ll doubtless be relieved to know that Dante eventually managed to find his way back home. Now the two of them spend sunny days and starry nights planning their next daring adventure together. Carlos has said he’ll travel to the ends of the earth just to be with his new friend. Dante’s a little more cautious about wandering too far again after his recent incident, but whatever they do they’ve agreed that they’ll do it together. Here’s proof that best friends can come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes make the most unlikely alliances!


Happy as he is with his new life, Carlos still likes to meet up with his old succulent chums from time to time. Since he started wearing his jazzy pot he appears to have sparked a new fashion.  Now all the best dressed cacti are sporting one! Well, it certainly makes them more mobile – as long as they can get a friendly donkey to carry them about that is. Here they are getting ready for the local Fiesta.


Dante sets up a food stall to sell some of his homegrown carrots and specialty basil flavored hay to the other hungry donkeys…


…While Carlos and his friends make a bit of pocket money supplying firecrackers to liven up the crowds, and homemade sombreros to keep them cool. Very enterprising!


Have a happy weekend!



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17 thoughts on “Dante and Carlos

  1. i love these the donkey is so adorable when pattern gonna be out sitting on pins and needles

  2. What a lovely story- you should write children’s books and illustrate them with your beautiful crochet characters – thank you for making me smile 🙂
    I love Carlos & Dante 🙂 xx

  3. Love them. You are so creative. Love the colors and your designs.

  4. Simply adorable!! I shared and I tweeted! My goodness, your very creative and they couldn’t be made any nicer…just darling!

  5. What lovely characters to add to your amigurumi family – I’ll soon have them joining mine, too 🙂

  6. I just wanted to let you know I have made 6 Dantes to give to our local Donkey sanctuary as a fund raiser in their gift shop.( Turtle Valley Donkey Sanctuary in B.C.)
    This little donkey is a huge hit in our family and I hope others as well
    Thank you for a great pattern. Well written and straight forward. My first stuffy critter
    Lynn Schieman
    Kamloops, B.C.

    • Thats wonderful to hear Lynn! I hope they raise a good bit of money for the donkeys thanks to all your hard work. I would love to see a photo of your crocheted Dantes in the sanctuary shop if you ever get the time. (You can always post on my mojimojidesign facebook page if you like). Keep up the good work, and long live the happy donkeys 😀 x

  7. address below

  8. Will you be putting more of this pattern(s) in your store, it shows as “sold”. Thanks, Sue C

  9. I went to the Etsy link and saw that, will you ever consider selling it again?

  10. Love these and the story that goes with them much more interesting than some blogs

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