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Billy and Betty Bunny


Hello everyone!  It’s been another busy holiday week with lots of distractions but I’ve managed to finish up a new pattern that I’d love to share with you all 🙂 So let me tell you a little bit about these two rabbits…

Billy and Betty Bunny are the proud owners of Warren Farm where they take great delight in growing the best carrots and berries in the county. You can tell from their rosy cheeks and sparkly eyes that they get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Riding around in the tractor is one of their favorite things to do and every week they visit the local market where they open a stall to sell their cakes and eggs and swap spare carrots for lettuce and radish and bottles of freshly pressed celery juice. Working and playing outdoors all day, along with eating a barrow full of vegetables, means they’re very healthy bunnies – although they do look forward to a good old fashioned tea party every now and again, like this one they had at Easter where chocolate and cake were on the menu in abundance!Bunny-Easter-Party

Carrot cake is their very favorite of course, and no-one bakes a better one than Billy. He also makes a legendary strawberry cake and often makes a batch of both to sell at the market.

Billy is in charge of the carrot fields and fruit crop, and as you can see, he makes a very good job of it. He’s got carrots, strawberries and blueberries galore to pack up and take in to town this week.


Betty’s speciality is looking after the chickens and talking to them sweetly so that they lay lots of eggs. Some of the eggs were hatched into baby chicks this spring and cheeped and chirped and flapped around poor Betty until she promised to take them to market for a day out.


In all honesty, the journey was a little bit too much for them and Betty ended up shouting that if she had a penny for every time they asked ‘are we there yet?’ she wouldn’t need to work on the stall at all because they would be millionaires by now. Of course she immediately felt bad for losing her temper and promised that she would buy them a whole bucket of corn when they did eventually arrive, but only if they would please just keep a little bit quieter.

The little chicks were as good as gold after that and even helped Betty and Billy set up the stall ready for the customers.


Better get that bucket of corn. A promise is a promise after all. Farmer Snow owns the corn fields around here so off they go to find him. Before he can even finish shoveling out Betty Bunny’s order the chicks have jumped straight in and made a terrible mess. You can’t take them anywhere!


Billy and Betty are used to their high spirits though, and console themselves with the fact that the chicks should sleep well on the journey back home.


They do indeed nod off almost as soon as the tractor engine starts up. There’s not a peep out of them for the entire journey. At home at last, and they cant wait to jump into bed and snuggle down in the hay with their bellies full of the finest corn Farmer Snow had to offer.

I expect you can guess from looking at the empty market stall behind Billy that today was a great success. Now this pair of hardworking rabbits can put their feet up for a pleasant hour or two, chatting about the day, nibbling radish and sipping a nice big glass of celery juice. They sure are living the good life!

Well, it’s Friday, so I hope you all have a glass of your favorite tipple and a tasty treat waiting for you after your busy week too.

(Billy and Betty Bunny pattern is available here and the patterns for the baby chicks and the cupcakes are both available for free here)

Enjoy your weekend folks!

See you next time x

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  1. Love the cup cakes. Will give them a go when I get the time!!

  2. Les lapins sont très beaux . Voilà encore des amigurumis pour m’amuser . Bravo Janine . Bisous de Mimi de Belgique

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