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Monday Blues (and Pinks and Oranges and Greens….)


How lovely to have a little bit of extra time this Bank Holiday weekend, with family around, intermittent sunshine (a bit more wouldn’t go amiss though!) and some itsy ditsy little crochet projects that I’ve dipped in and out of over the last few days. All just purely for fun. The last Granny Stripe rounds of the Mexican blanket are all done. I really want to finish this once and for all and as I only have an edging border to do now it looks like my many months long WIP will be a WIP no more, maybe even by the end of today! I love this blankets rainbow of colours a bit more each time I pick it up.


Designed with cheering up the winter months in mind, it’s looking even more gorgeous in the bright late spring / early summer days.

The only problem remains to choose a design to finish it off with. There are so many lovely borders in this book that I’m spoiled for choice, which will probably hold me up a bit as I agonize over which one I like the look of the best!

I also need to decide what to do with all my leftover bits. Looks like I got a bit carried away with those granny square centres.



I’ve spent some time joining a few together and now I’m thinking of a cushion to match the blanket… This is looking sweet so far.


It reminds me of Elmer the Elephant. Even the colours are pretty much spot on. It must be an omen! An Elmer inspired cushion it is then….


We set up a day bed at the top of the garden on Friday evening, initially expecting lots of lazy, loungy and luxurious lolling around in the sun – ever the optimists. Ok, so it hasn’t quite turned out to be the Ibiza type climate I’d hoped for but it’s been quite warm, if a little cloudy, with only one rain shower so far. The new bed area makes for a pleasant spot to sit and think and I hope I’m going to get much more use out of it over the coming months.

Minnie loves it, though I’m a bit concerned for the air mattress with her sharp claws, especially when she’s doing her kneading thing! Lots of layers of blankets are the answer, I think. Good job the new one is nearly finished so I can add it to the pile.


Minnie appears to be quite interested in the beginning of an improvised crochet project designed to be both useful and pretty.

As you can probably guess, it’s a toadstool inspired piece and it’s turning out just how I wanted, though I’m not following a pattern. I’m not even writing it down as I go along, which is pretty rebellious for me! Sometimes it’s good to freestyle for a while, forgetting about stitch counts and row numbers and just seeing how things turn out. I’ll come back and post more pictures when it’s finished, but for now, it’s Bank Holiday Monday afternoon and the sun is breaking through the clouds and shining through my window…


I’m off outside again to tidy up the loose ends of the toadstool project and make a start on the final lap of the blanket,

Now to decide whether to settle in at the table…


Or on the bed… I think the bed wins this time – It does look rather comfy.


Bank Holiday or otherwise, I hope you’re having fun in your part of the world! See you soon x

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3 thoughts on “Monday Blues (and Pinks and Oranges and Greens….)

  1. Hello Janine
    A beautiful crochet work but also a long process of sewing for the cushions. What patience! It’s original, I had never seen that.
    Here, time is also a little rain.
    Great the fungus on the chair for needles.
    Good week and good hook


  2. Both of your blankets are beautiful! Nice colors

  3. Your Mexican blanket is just so different, I love it! The bed looks great, we have been spoilt with the weather this weekend. 🙂

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