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Mexican Blanket, a Journey in Pictures


As the title says really, a journey from the beginning to the end of my Mexican Blanket adventure, from my initial inspiration to fighting the cats for ownership of the finished article! Five months of spare time hooking and one bobby dazzler of a blanket to show for it…




And finally, the entire border is finished, every last yarn end is darned in and I’m chuffed to bits with the end result.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my retrospective. Looking at those bright colours has certainly cheered me up and reminded me of more exotic places. This is the wet and soggy view from my studio window right now, so you can see why I needed a pinch of Fiesta sunshine. If you can’t get it from the sky you can always make your own!


Today I’m finishing up working on this tiny little patchwork cushion cover made out of the blanket leftovers.


The deluge continues unabated outside, and it looks set to stay that way for a while. I don’t think me and Minnie will be sitting out on the garden bed anytime today. Funny to think this photo was taken only two days ago and it was hot enough to imagine you were in Mexico itself. With all the warm weather and the rainfall It’s no wonder my garden is a jungle but that reminds me it’s a blessing to have such abundant greenery too – hopefully another bumper grape crop will be gathered form my mini backyard vineyard this year – and I know I’ve got our (mostly) temperate climate to thank for that.


In my ideal world it would rain at night and be sunny all day. Never mind, the world is far from ideal as I’m sure all us realists realize. It’s time to get my crochet and tuck up in the lounge with a good film, a cup of tea and some toasted teacakes dripping with butter. Got to keep the spirits up somehow!

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9 thoughts on “Mexican Blanket, a Journey in Pictures

  1. gosh! your mexican blanket is amazing!!!!
    I really must learn to crochet ^^

  2. Your blanket is absolutely beautiful. Love all the gorgeous colours & designs in it.

  3. Hello! I am so very happy to have discovered your blog. It’s so inspiring and filled with joy. I am starting at the very beginning post, but I wanted to take a moment to let you know my next project will be your Mexican blanket. Beautiful! Elizabeth

  4. I love the cacti! Are you selling the pattern for them?

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