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Very Berry


Another week has shot past and I’m still enamoured with the circular granny motif I was working on last week. Trying out a softer look for them this time with soft and dreamy ice creamy berry colours in romantic pinks and purples. Raspberry ripple or blueberry burst springs to mind and makes me want to head straight for the freezer for a scoop or two!


A rather pretty match to the Sweet Williams that are currently gracing my window ledge here in the studio.


I’ve so much work to get through at the moment but I’m refusing to panic and instead just thanking my lucky stars that my job involves such an abundance of crochet. It’s been four years now since I first picked up a hook and  painstakingly followed a couple of Youtube videos. I can remember struggling to hold the yarn correctly – a lifetime of prior knitting experience can confuse your fine motor skills like that when you suddenly try to switch to a brand new technique.  It was a serious case of knotted up fingers and thumbs and terrible tension and it was just a teeny bit frustrating!  So, so glad I didn’t give up though – I’m still showing no signs whatsoever of getting bored of my ‘new’ favorite craft.


The busier the better is my motto and there’ll be no slacking around here with Mojo keeping a stern eye on me to make sure I’m moving forward at a steady pace, working through my to-do list.


Many of my deadlines are self imposed but I do get very tenacious about sticking to them once I’ve made my mind up. I decided I’ve got to get some sort of grip on works in progress this week so have been spending some of my spare time completing the crocheted seat pads for my newly decorated kitchen. I love them! They’re comfy and practical and were cheap as chips to make. I found an ingenious way of avoiding having to use a zip too – thereby elevating their thrift status up another notch or two. The only thing I had to buy was the cushion pads to go inside them.


I really like how they’ve all turned out unique and not quite matching. I’m only using fabric I already have for this project which adds to their upcycled charm!


These raggy ends are an integral part of the zipless finish . They’re easy to undo if I need to wash the cushion covers and they also form the ties that attach the cushions to the chairs. There’s nothing more annoying than slip sliding about and losing your cushion mid meal… Well, there probably are much more annoying things than that but the fewer minor irritations in life, the better! And I like the little bows when the cushions are in place.


The little bows are quick and easy to untie if I want to make my wire bench into a somewhat comfier affair. Dappled shade in the shelter of the ever expanding grape vine is a little piece of summer heaven.


Just the spot for making a few strawberry accessories for a new amigurumi design I’m working on. Hopefully to be revealed in the next week or two.


I’ve also been working on re-making the caterpillar, testing the pattern and tweaking the overall shape as I go. I think I have it spot on now…


But I’ll only know for sure when I’ve assembled all the bits. And goodness, what a lot of bits…


…mainly in the form of legs, which is only to be expected when you’re making a caterpillar I suppose.

Plenty more to get on with and the sun is still shining so I’m heading off out to the garden again to attach those limbs where they rightly belong, then a few more crocheted strawberries, maybe a bit more rag crochet (table mats and coasters this time) and whatever other projects that jumble into my head demanding attention! That’s the rest of my weekend sorted. I hope your’s will be just as much fun!


Bye Bye for now from myself and the lepidopteran larvae! x

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11 thoughts on “Very Berry

  1. another inspiring lovely post, thanks. Please tell us more about the bowl your caterpillar legs are sitting in. It looks interesting!

    • Sure! It’s made of recycled crisp packets by a women’s Fair Trade collective in Nepal. I bought a set of three about 10 years ago and can’t remember the details but they are lovely and I still use them a lot. I recall there were two options, the elegant silver – made of the other side of the packets – or the multi coloured. Of course I had to go for the most colourful option!

  2. So much pretty all in one post! Thanks for sharing <3

  3. I love the way you made you Motifs look and reflect the colors of your flowers. And your caterpillars are just delightful! Love your blog and the pictures and stories you share.

  4. A really colourful post. I love the ice cream colours in the blanket and the caterpillars are gorgeous but the cushions have to be my favourite as I am currently mulling over ideas to make some new cushions for our dining chairs. x

    • Thanks! I highly recommend these raggy cushion covers. The thickness of the cloth yarn gives them that extra comfort factor. I’m working on a set of table mats and then a long rug for my hallway using the same stuff. All looking good so far! Can’t wait to share a post about that too 🙂

      • They looked really comfy, but is the fabric yarn quite stiff and hard on your hands?

      • Yes it can be a bit stiff to crochet with if your hook is too small or if the fabric is quite new, so use well worn fabric if you can. A 10-12 mm hook size works well for me. I also switch from using the pencil hold for my hook to the the knife hold (like you were cutting off a crust of bread). One last tip is use a good quality hook in aluminium or a really shiny plastic so it glides better. With those tips in mind it’s all quite a pleasant process!

      • Thanks very much, great tips 🙂

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