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Creepy Crawlies, Butterflies and Flowers


It’s been a week of creepy crawlies! With my Katy the Caterpiller pattern so very nearly completed I’ve also been sent a pattern to test for the new ‘Parent and Baby’ book. I volunteered to proofread a random pattern and quite by chance have ended up with another caterpillar to crochet – this time complete with his butterfly mommy. This beautiful design by Bas den Braver is going to be a fun little project to keep me busy over the next few days.

Zabbez Bree and Calin

Awww – cute!!

Check out all of Bas’s other patterns on his Zabbez website. They’ll be sure to put a smile on your face! They certainly put one on mine with their floral themes and hot zingy colours. Don’t these little characters just make you want to get out in the garden and make it bloom?!


I’d love to have a go at growing more and varied types of flowers in my tubs and pots (pansies and geraniums have been my best successes so far) but I’ve got a problem with slugs and snails – I can’t bring myself to ‘dispatch’ them in any way – so most of my green fingered efforts end up looking like this… An unholy holy mess for sure!


Chilli plants are apparently delicious for lunch (if you’re a snail that is, I prefer a bit of iceberg lettuce myself). At least I know exactly who the culprits are this time. Sheldon and Shelby look rather pleased with themselves for finding such a tasty morsel but at least they had the manners to blush when I caught them red handed – or rather, green footed. But as cute as this pair is there’s a whole army of the more brown and slimy kind coming out every night to wreak havoc. Luckily I had the foresight to keep a few chilli plants inside on the kitchen windowsill, so if my outdoor ones don’t survive they’ll be my back up plan. If you have similar gardening disasters to mine you might take comfort in crocheting some of these flower people instead, secure in the knowledge that Bas’s tribute to the garden folks are totally snail proof!


It’s not just the chilli plants that have suffered in my garden. I planted 20 marigolds and a sunflower seedling out in the border just over two weeks ago. Sad to say they’ve all vanished before they even got a proper root hold! Ah well, I never learn. I’m actually quite happy to resort to shop bought flowers to cheer the place up anyway. Hubby bought me these last weekend because they matched my Katy the Caterpillar project that I was working on at the time. How thoughtful 🙂 And what excellent rationale for choosing the colour scheme of my little gift. He knows the kind of details that make me happy!


Not a bad match at all!


And though the petals are starting to drop there’s still a lot of life left in my lovely bunch of summer sun.Sunflower2

Back to testing out the Butterfly Bree and Caterpillar Calin pattern – I thought I would change the colours slightly as I work through it, mainly because I bought some beautiful sparkly yarn recently with some Christmas makes in mind and I’m itching to try it out. I’m making my version of Bree look more like one of these Blue Morpho specimens. I love the depth of colour in these amazing creatures – I could just stare at that dreamy blue all day.


But I don’t have time for too much staring at it, so even better than that I’ll crochet with it instead.

A quick rummage around the stash baskets and all materials are gathered together. Yarns at the ready…


…pattern printed, essential kit located… and we’re off!


Papa Penguin and Baby Pierre are fascinated to meet two of their fellow stars from the new book. Pierre has already made plans to take Calin to the park to play on the swings and Papa is going to introduce Bree to the other parents at Pierre’s pre-school.


Hopefully I’ll have finished making them in time for my next post so you can see how they turned out. Papa and Pierre can’t wait – parent and toddler group is going to be so much more fun with new friends to take along!

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13 thoughts on “Creepy Crawlies, Butterflies and Flowers

  1. Sorry to hear of the sad decline of the sunflowers For the first time ever mine or should i say my grand daughter .s Ive grown are taller than my garage .I grew them in a very big pot the slugs and snails cant get them .Watered every day with washing up water .Trouble is they are now starting to flower and she needs them for brownies in september for the town in bloom ronnie

    • Taller than your garage! I’m impressed…OK, I’ll try planting mine in a massive pot next year. I should probably start them a lot earlier too. I think putting it straight into the border at ground level was asking for problems! Hope you can keep the flowering going til September, but being no expert I’ve got no idea if that’s a possibility or not!

  2. I’m really looking forward to the new book coming out now – just for your pattern and the Butterfly one, let alone whatever other scrumtious patterns I know will be there, too 🙂
    I really love the colours you chose for Butterfly Mum – they’re gorgeous, aren’t they?
    I also love the zingy colours you chose for Katy the Caterpillar – do you know when the pattern for her is going to be released, as I really want to make her – just for me! 🙂

    • I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak preview of the other book patterns and I can tell you they are all as sweet as can be!! I’ll have new on the caterpillar by next week… promise! And yes, those blues in the Morpho butterfly are just luscious. Such a pleasure to work with.

  3. So many beautiful projects and photos.

  4. Love your designs. I too design but I don’t write out my patterns. I would love to see your books. Where are they available?

    • I must admit that writing out the actual patterns is the most tedious bit. Especially when the yarn and hook take on a life of their own and I get all caught up in the thrill of just creating! I’ve developed a shorthand pattern writing style now so I can make minimal notes as I go along and then turn them into something more legible at a later date.

      All the books I am featured in are compilations and include work from other designers. They can all found at:

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