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A Weekend at Home


Chanting the mantra ‘Rain, rain, go away, come back another day’ has had no effect whatsoever around here so it’s been a weekend tucked up indoors, catching up with much of my crochet works in progress. Well, it needs to be done and there are worse ways to spend rainy afternoons. In fact it’s rather nice to have some cosy time in the house. Mojo has found his new favorite spot. Staring wistfully out into the drizzle from the comfort of one of my new kitchen seat pads. There is an excellent view of the garden from there and Moji is making the most of it.


Minnie has nabbed herself a spot in a spotty, polka dotty, plastic picnic salad bowl!


It’s barely big enough but she’s whiled away many hours snoozing in there, so it must be comfier than it looks.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time over the past few days designing a new alpaca pattern and then creating them in lots of colours. Here’s the production line in full swing. It’s my own personal alpaca farm. Six colours so far… well, I really enjoy working with the soft and fluffy textured yarns, and I just couldn’t seem to stop myself!


They’ve got their eyes on those tasty strawberries by the looks of it.


I was busy making these last week, on a somewhat sunnier day.


A little snack for me too. Alpacas aren’t the only ones who love strawberries!


Pogo often watches me crochet, sitting side by side on our squashy sofa. He’s just waiting for a yarn end to pounce on. Usually straight into my lap, huge claws and all!


There’s plenty of yarny entertainment for him as I finish up this latest batch.


Lovely home days with all the cats for company make me very happy. Just time for a break to bake a loaf of bread ready for lunch. Oh yum. This butternut squash and parmesan bread filled the house with delicious smells that cheered us all up. It tasted amazing too! Chopped black olives and rosemary made it extra special and it’s great therapy for crunched up crochet hands as all the mixing and kneading gets the circulation flowing around my fingers again.


Bas’s  ( Butterfly Bree and Baby Calin were finished up just in time for the proofreading deadline for the new Parent and Baby Animals book. I love the way the sparkly blues have worked out. This pattern would look fabulous in so many different colour combinations. One to let your imagination go wild with!



Here she is next to Bas’s original colourway. It sure was a lovely pattern to follow.

I found out a few days ago that Papa and Pierre have made it on to the front cover of the book. I’m so thrilled, it’s like the icing on the cake and I can’t wait to see the whole book layout. Joke always does such a fantastic job of compiling all the cute designs. Not long to wait now, as pre-sale will be starting in early September over at

Amigurumi Parent and Baby Animals Book

Thanks to all who voted for Papa and Pierre.

Come rain or shine, have a great week folks!

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12 thoughts on “A Weekend at Home

  1. I love the Alpacas! Are you going to release a pattern for them, or are they going in a collection? 🙂

    The Butterfly Mum looks gorgeous – the original colourway looks good, but your choice of sparkly yarn makes her wings look like they’re going to take off any minute now – I can see a whole rainbow of butterflies being created all over the world 🙂

    Your bread looks totally yummy, too 🙂

    • Yes I’m planning to release the pattern for the alpacas when I’m sure all the glitches are ironed out, and I want some different variations in their collars, all in the one pattern. Love working with speciality yarns – either furry or sparkly 🙂 Bread looks extra yummy to me know as it’s way past teatime. Off to see what’s cooking!

  2. Sounds like a fun day! Love all your furbabies. I keep my hooks in a jar, too, they’re so pretty all together. The alpacas are too cute!

    • I can’t complain! Furbabies and crochet >bliss< And I've got way too many crochet hooks (and knitting needles too) so they all get stored in pretty mugs and jars. I think they're the best kind of decoration for my shelves!

  3. Wow, where do I start, so many gorgeous things! Congrats on getting the penguins on the front cover, they look great. Your cats are adorable but as you say, salad bowls must be comfier than they look because Minnie really doesn’t look comfortable! They butterfly is gorgeous too, just a shame my girl is too big for one 🙂 Oh, and the Alpacas and strawberries are great too. You have been so busy and even found time for some homemade bread! Have a great week. x

    • Busy as a bee! In fact I have a busy bee on my crochet to do list, but to be honest, I have most things on there! Minnie’s back in the salad bowl again tonight. Love how she prefers that to her specially purchased paw print beanbag! Have a great week too x

  4. I’m in love with these alpacas!!! The cats are lovely too 🙂
    Congratulation for the front cover, the little penguin in the buggy is really sweet!

    • Hi Ilaria, they are having their new collars made tonight (the alpacas, not the cats!), though I really just want to make some more alpacas in all the other fluffy yarn colours I’ve got stashed. Thanks for the congratulations on the front cover. I helped Joke proofread your Winter Wonderland book. Such lovely designs and so much work to produce that whole collection, it must have taken you ages!

      • Your stash is full of fluffy yarn with perfect colours. Great! Joke told me about your help, I was (and I am) so glad about this. I took a lot of months in spring and summer season with christmas stuff. But was funny to see the face of my family and friends when in june I worked on Santa Claus!

      • I love Christmas! I know, I am sometimes working on designs out of season too and it always feels weird! I just finished a Christmas owl commission, on one of the hottest summer days this year! x

  5. Minnie looks so comfortable in her polkie dot bowl. What a lovely way to spend a rainy day…making home baked goods and then eating them.Love your Alpacas, they do like strawberries!!!! Such beautiful pictures, I really love this blog.

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