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Trixie, Trudy and Tricia, the Trapeze Triplets.



Roll up, Roll up! There’s a new competition in town organised by those lovely people over at

Do you remember the one last year with the theme of Parent and Baby Animals? Or the year before, calling for Animals at Work? Well this time it’s all about acrobats and clowns, strongmen and tightrope walkers, flame eaters, death defying stunts, sawdust, popcorn and candyfloss… Yes, you’ve guessed it, this year’s theme is the ‘The Circus’!

If you’re interested in taking part just click on the image below and it will take you to the page with all the details you’ll need to know on how to enter, what you could win, and how and when to vote for your favorites.


As usual the competition is open to anyone, whether you’re a pattern writer or free wheeler, beginner or experienced, full time crochet addict or part time dabbler. As well as the fun of taking part there are some great prizes up for grabs too. So pick up your hook and see where the inspiration takes you!

I love any excuse to get creative with a couple of miles of yarn and a bunch of single, double and treble crochets so after a bit of tinkering, a little unraveling, and a whole heap of the aforementioned stitches, I managed to get the idea floating around in my head translated into reality without too much hassle.


So now it’s time to announce my own competition entry and the arrival in town of the Travelling Mouse Circus, showcasing for the first time ever (…Drum roll please….)

The World Renowned Rodent Trio – Trixie, Trudy and Tricia, the Tremendously Talented and Terrifyingly Tricky Trapeze Triplets!


Three of the lightest and most nimble limbed creatures performing mind blowingly astonishing aerial maneuvers for your delight and amusement.


Personally speaking, I’m not great with heights but these three mice don’t bat an eyelid. They were born to the circus, quite literally, as their mom made a nest in the hay cart that carries the food for the dancing ponies. They have the circus in their blood and have been watching their parents performing remarkable feats on the tightrope and the trapeze since they were tiny babies. As soon as they were old enough to squeak they pestered mommy mouse to make them pretty little tutus and leotards of their own. From that day on Trixie, Trudy and Tricia could always be found practising their balancing tricks whenever they had a spare moment, until they were finally accomplished enough to transcend to the heady heights of the Big Top itself.

Now it wasn’t long until they had a couple of little sisters (twins, no less), who look up to their triplet siblings with wonder and awe and who hope to be just as elegant and accomplished as them when they grow up.


The twins – Tilly and Tara, watch their older sisters during rehearsals and help out however they can, highering and lowering the trapezes or tidying up the props after the performance.


When the younger ones are old enough this ensemble of squeaking siblings are hoping to perform together as a quintet. You can imagine how proud of their acrobatic offspring their mom and dad must be!


However, there is one of these five who is slightly more timid than the rest. Tilly worries that one of her sisters may fall and so she always sits underneath during rehearsals, anxiously waiting to catch them if they do. Maybe Tilly will feel braver as she grows up or maybe this family will have to settle for an act that’s a quartet instead. Only time will tell!


Tilly has many other talents to compensate for her lack of daring. She happens to be particularly good at sewing and is already pestering me to teach her to crochet, often preferring to be amongst the yarn or sorting through the buttons than in the spotlight with the greasepaint and the cheering crowds.


She’s a wonder with a needle and thread and dreams of designing and making outfits for the whole circus one day. In the meantime she loves to practice her skills stitching together the bunting that covers the inside of the Big Top during the shows. As any self respecting sewing fanatic knows, you can never have too much bunting!


All of the sisters have a say when it comes to making their trapeze rigs, and goodness, they have so many suggestions I had a hard time keeping up with their ideas. Such a lot of chatter going on.



Poor Carlos the Cactus isn’t used to having so much company, being more comfortable sitting and thinking, all alone in the desert. He just watches the goings on quietly from behind a big ball of yarn and offers up the pins every now and again when we have to secure a flag or a bauble in place. He’s such a sweety, I think you can see from his blushing cheeks and his cheeky little smile that he secretly loves the lively company.


Thankfully the mice approve of how the work has progressed on their latest piece of equipment.



They’ve inspected the ropes very thoroughly. No self respecting trapeze artist would leave something so important to someone else. They’re nice and strong, with no frayed ends or loose knots, so I’m glad to say they passed the test.


All the buttons were carefully matched up to complement this season’s outfits.


Even the ends of the trapeze bars have been made to match.

I sure hooked up a lot of crocheted baubles during this project. I’m looking forward to teaching Tilly how to make some so she can help out with these when she finally gets her crochet skills to match up with her sewing skills.


It’s a relief to have finished this project to the satisfaction of all the mice. They were very demanding taskmasters, but perfectionists always are. And I’m glad of their perfectionism, after all you wouldn’t want anything less from performers of such dangerous and daring stunts.

Now you know a little bit more about them be sure to book your tickets the next time the circus is in town. You won’t be disappointed!


Each light as a feather mouse will surely thrill and delight you with their agility and courage as they fly through the air with the greatest of ease, gliding with skill from trapeze to trapeze. They’ve even promised me they’ll sign your programmes and give you a tour behind the scenes. Just tell them Janine sent you 🙂


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  1. Beautiful designs and gorgeous colours. Janice xxx

  2. Oh my goodness the are truly gorgeous!! Xx

  3. I’m in love with your mice, they are great!

  4. It’s impossible to feel sad looking at these little beauties!

  5. This is so adorable and looks like so much fun!

  6. My…… words fail me. These are absolutely adorable! I might just enter the competition…right after i finish working in my pieces for upcoming exhibitions.

  7. This is ARTISTRY! Your characters are perfect and the whole concept just brilliant. I am in awe. Love your blog posts. Keep it up. Huge SMILE.

  8. These are just amazing, I love the story that you weave around them too! x

  9. So cute and very creative.

  10. Really lovely, good luck in the competition x

  11. Stunning! Absolutely stunning. The delightful pictures and stories made my day. I can go off to bed with a chuckle in my heart.

    Funny – I’ve written a children’s book about some mice turning a Pumpkin into a Hotel. One of the characters is a circus performer named Tilly.

    Thank you for your joy!

  12. Your design is wonderful, as usual, and I really hope it’s part of the new book 🙂
    When I first saw this competition, I envisioned a young lioness as a trapeze artiste (this is one of the skills my daughter ( a bit of a lioness herself) has 🙂
    If I’d had the skills, I would have designed it, but, alas, I’m more of a follower, than a designer, and so look forward to trying out your design once it’s published 🙂

  13. Oh my, your trapeze mice are so amazing, my granddaughter would love this, are you selling a pattern of this….please!

  14. Hello, I so enjoy your blog as you cleverly tell stories with your delightful characters. This post truly makes me smile as it recalls a moment from my own time blogging about circus characters. I hope you will enjoy a peak and experience the same joy I feel each time I visit here. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Elizabeth Circus characters link:

    • Thanks for pointing me towards your beautiful blog. I have had a quick scout around and love what I’ve seen so far. I’ve bookmarked it and will definitely be revisiting, probably with a cup of tea for a good old read through 🙂 It’s so nice to hear you like mine too.

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