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Evie and Elvis


Ooooh, it’s nearly Christmas and the elves are busy making and wrapping presents at the North Pole. So busy in fact that Santa himself asked me if I could possibly come to his rescue and conjure up another couple of these eternally helpful little creatures to fill a vacancy at the Stocking-Stuffing Gingerbread Hut. Apparently there are just soooo many girls and boys who are on the nice list this year that it’s getting difficult to keep up with getting all the toys ready. Santa’s been so incredibly kind to me over the years and brought me lots of treats and toys when I was a little girl that I could hardly refuse his request. So I set to with my trusty crochet hook and before you could say ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ (several hundred thousand times) I managed to create a pattern for these two little pointy eared cuties.


Evie and Elvis are their names and they’re just bouncing off the walls with excitement at the prospect of meeting Santa and the other elves, not to mention all the cuddly reindeers.

They’re already practicing stuffing stockings with these miniature versions that are just the right size for their little arms to reach to the bottom of.



I have a sweet tooth so at this time of year there are always candy canes and chocolate coins galore around here. These mini stockings are going to make very handy gift bags and their small size makes them perfect for hanging on the tree. In our house these will be given out to any little people, elves or otherwise, who come visiting over the Christmas holidays.


It’s been oh so cosy tucked up in the lounge with balls of red, green and white yarn, the tree installed and all lit up, sitting in front of a Yule log burning away brightly on the TV to the sounds of traditional Christmas Carols.


If you can’t have a real fire, then this has to be the next best thing. Unfortunately for us our Victorian chimneys are full of building rubble from upper storey renovations that happened well before we moved in. The previous occupants must have decided it was cheaper than using a skip. As a result it’s all round easier to have this Netflix version. There are other added bonuses to this approach of course, such as not having to clear out the ashes, not spending a fortune on Yule logs and not having to send for the fire brigade when things get out of control.

When I can bring myself to leave such comfort and joy it’s back up to my studio where the computer is put to good use laying out and writing up a final version of the pattern.


A little bit of picture formatting in photoshop goes a long way towards making the finished document neat and easy to follow.


After the finer details of the elves are added the final stage is to get some good shots of the finished dolls. Luckily, all my amigurumi love posing for their portraits – they’re not nearly as shy as I am. All the photography for the pattern takes place at the far end of the desk. (When Mojo is ready to vacate the set of course).


I don’t think he’s moving on until he finds that bit of broken candy cane. Who knew cats had sweet teeth too?

Just before Evie and Elvis head off on their winter adventure there’s just enough time to put their elvish talents to good use. They’re more than happy to lend a hand helping me wrap some presents for under our own tree.


The more embellishments the better!


Time to tidy up the gift wrap and start sweet talking those reindeer into giving the elves a ride up north to see Santa. Seems like the reindeer won’t need too much persuading. They look to be pretty enamoured with their new friends already.


A quick hop back up to the studio for one last pose in front of the camera. Much easier now Mojo has gone on his afternoon walkabout…


Goodbye Evie and Elvis, I hope you enjoy your seasonal work experience. See you after Christmas when the rush is over and we can all relax again!

As for the next few days, I’ve got a few more pompoms to make to finish off the decorating… one bowl is never enough…


…but other than that I think I’m all ready for Christmas. I hope you are too. Let the festivities commence!

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  1. Merry Christmas. What a wonderful post.

  2. Awesome, can hardly wait to see the pattern! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May you be blessed everyday!

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