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Bright Beginnings


In order to well and truly kick 2016 into action I’ve been giving my studio a thorough clean out. New year, new beginnings and all that, so what better way than to start as I mean to go on with a tidy and efficient workspace?button-rainbowI sorted out my buttons and made a rainbow… now they fit neatly into my chest of drawers along with my other treasures.buttons-and-beadsDon’t congratulate me just yet though. I should have said that I’ve sorted out some of my buttons. I’ve still got a rather sizeable jar to go…button-jarBut I’m saving that for another day. There’s only so many buttons a girl can handle at any one time.

I’ve got enough colour coded pots of buttons to turn a search and sew situation into a grab and sew situation. You see it’s all about not spending ages looking for the things I need when I’m in the full flow of creativity. These days, the longer I take to find something the more chances I have of getting completely distracted by something else and forgetting what I was after in the first place. Organization is definitely the key to success here.

The thing I spend the most time looking for is yarn, so that’s what received my full attention next. This gave me another excuse to play with rainbows, this time by making a bunch of labels to pin to my yarn baskets. I found some plain brown swing tags hiding in a drawer, and raided my newly sorted pots of buttons.Button-tags2Then I indulged in some glue gun fun.glue-gunningThat was the easy bit over with – the real challenge was yet to begin… the sorting of the yarn itself. After all, fancy new labels for the baskets are no good to anybody if they don’t represent the contents.

So the beginning part of this week and quite a lot of last weekend was spent going through my jumble of yarn and colour coding that too. Not a task to be undertaken lightly, but one that is hopefully going to make me much more time rich over the coming find that the best way to get tidy is to get really, really untidy first. If you tip everything out onto the floor in a grandly dramatic gesture, then you’ve just got to get on with it! There’s no leaving a mess like this to fester, although I think the cats would be delighted with such a yarnglorious playground to frolic in.  Bad luck cats… it’s all going back.

Ta-dahhhh ! Now hows this for organization?!rainbow-yarnrainbow-yarn-2rainbow-yarn-3Impressive huh?

There are also baskets of white, black, grey, beige, natural undyed and multicoloured yarns, all snuggly nestled away in their own shelf spots.yarn-basketsThat jumbled old top shelf needs my attention next, but I’m all done with yarn sorting for now. Just like the button sorting, I’m leaving the rest for another day.

I can also tell you that the wonderwall of yarn next to my computer has stood the test of staying neat in over a month of use. I really am getting into some good habits these days!rainbow-wallNo excuses for yarny chaos now, not with everything ready to find at a glance.buttons2buttons1buttons3I’ve also got me a rainbow of washi tapes to play with and a bucketful of rainbow pompoms to turn into a cushion cover. There’s a definite theme going on here in the studio this January!rainbow-washiMy set of clover crochet hooks might be up for a splash of colour treatment next. I love these hooks for the way they glide so smoothly through the yarn and their ergonomic handles are essential when you spend as many hours crocheting as I do, but they’re not the prettiest tools in the box. I’ve covered one with washi tape already and I’m liking the result.washi-hooksA coat of varnish or two and they should hold up to many zillions of miles of crocheting. The different colours will make it more difficult for me to grab hold of the wrong size too, as has been known to happen when I’m in full crochet swing. That little project is definitely going on the to do list.

As for the pompoms, I’ve made as many as I’m going to need for the cushion cover, and a quite a few extra as well.Minnie-in-the-basketI think the finished cover is going to be highly popular with the cats – especially Minnie, she can’t seem to keep away.pompom-minnieMojo wants to know if it’s his turn next. Not that he usually bothers asking!mojo-pompomsAt the end of all the frenzied yarn and button organising, pompom making and washi tape buying I even managed to clean up my desk area. Now I’m ready to start testing my patterns for the circus book. Everything is so much easier when things are tidy. I hope it lasts!tidy-deskbutton-rainbow

*A very heartfelt thanks to all who voted in the circus competition for my trapeze mice and dancing dogs. Both designs got picked for the new book so I’m a very happy bunny!*bunny-button

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16 thoughts on “Bright Beginnings

  1. This puts me in such a refreshed, fun, and playful mood today – thank you for the inspiration! I love all the colors!

  2. Your room is amazing! And Minnie is just to cute for words…..I have but one question…..How do you get such perfect pom-poms? Do tell. *smile*

    • Ahh, the secrets to good pompom… firstly I use a dedicated pompom maker (made by Clover) then I choose a fine yarn such as a light worsted weight (DK) or a 4 ply, wind the yarn tightly until there is no curve left in the center space of the pompom maker, tie the center as tightly as you can without breaking the yarn and spend a little extra time on a good trim. That’s about it really. Hope that works out for you!

  3. You have inspired me!

  4. Your pictures (and cat) are gorgeous!

  5. I wish I was so organised! I have yarn everywhere these days 🙂 and congrats for both your designs!! How exciting!

  6. I LOVE how you store your buttons! Mine are in mason jars on top of my yarn shelf. And the washi tape around the hook, pure genius! I have one of those hooks too and I may just do that to give it some color. 🙂

  7. Lovely, what an inspiration to creativity! Guess I better get my hook out and get some crocheting done tonight.
    I’m so excited your mice and dogs were chosen for the circus book. A must purchase for me now!
    Happy creating!

  8. I love this! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creative world with us, I always looks forward to your newsletters! Mister Popo says hi to mojo xx

  9. That all looks wonderful. your little helpers even managed to get into it-not that that is usually a problem for cats who are so helpful. Many great ideas.

  10. Wow-I envy you the space,your sense of colors and order and also to have time to do everyhing

  11. I did the same thing with all my buttons and yarns a few months back, and it really has made a difference to how I use my work space now 🙂
    I’m also looking forward to the release of the circus friends book – I really love your patterns, and can’t wait to give them a go 🙂
    I’ll love whatever you come up with pattern-wise for your pom-poms, too 🙂

  12. OMG everything looks amazing! Congrats on all the hard work, it definitely paid off! 🙂

  13. What a lovely bright and inspiring post, I really must get round to sorting out my craft space. I try very hard to, but then run out of storage space so it just gets shoved back! Well done on getting your two patterns intot he new circus book too.

    Happy 2016! x

  14. Lovely organizing!
    Did you make your shelves? Or, where did you find them?
    Enjoy your knitting.

    • It’s all from Ikea actually. That’s kind of like making it yourself because of all the flat packs. Luckily my other half is a bit of a whizz with an allen key and a screwdriver! I’m only good with knitting needles and crochet hooks 🙂

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