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Awash With Washi

letters-lineMy ongoing love affair with Washi tape is still in the throes of early passion. Now I’ve noticed the presence of this amazingly versatile sticky stuff I keep on seeing it everywhere. Stationers and department stores, homeware and craft shops alike. And of course there are miles of it for sale on the internet. At around a pound a roll it’s very tempting to get one in every colour and every pattern I come across… In fact that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing!

There’s no point having rolls of gorgeous tape just sitting in the drawer though, so I began to put it to good use anywhere and everywhere I could think of. I started with a set of craft shop cardboard letters that hubby had bought me a while back.Washi-lettersI had entertained the thought of decoupaging them with some fancy craft papers, but the thought of a gallon of PVA glue being splashed around with sticky paint brushes, the cutting and snipping of papers to the right size and all that drying time was putting me off. As a result of my aversion to the possibility of ending up in a big mess, the project had been on hold for way too long. After all, the last thing you want is a cat permanently glued to your desk or a mat of moggie hairs embedded in your finished pieces.

Using paper tape was ridiculously easy, quick and pain free, despite the predictable feline interventions.washi-letters-2After cleaning up my dusty top shelf a while ago, and taking down the miscellany of mismatched jars and plastic tubs full of odds and ends of craft materials my Moji Moji letters have been transformed from this…letters…to this. The shelf is no longer a junked up area for forgotten things but a rather fancy focal point.washi-letters4One useful tip – I found it was necessary to use a good solid masking tape to go over all the edges at the back. The type you find in DIY stores. I’ve relied on the light tack adhesive qualities of my Washi to bond to the cardboard on the face and sides but the small overlaps at the back kept lifting up.Taping-the-backsProblem sorted. Those overlaps are staying stuck now. Sorry letters, I feel like I’ve shown the world your underwear! Here’s a picture of their more glamorous side again to make up for that minor think that’s definitely cheered up my wonderwall of wool, especially with the addition of my new sheep friend. I’m a little on the short side so using that shelf for storage has never been the most convenient thing. Since all my jars and pots of beads, buttons and general gewgaws have been hidden away neatly in my chest of drawers there’s no need to keep climbing on the desk to reach anything. This shelf is now purely decorative and, for once, dust free. I do feel much better not being crowded in by the jumble of a million knick knacks.letters-lineOn a recent trip to town I found skinny tape…skinny-washi..and Easter tape.easter-tapeLittle frog was very pleased with my shopping and we soon cooked up an idea for how to use them.Easter-WashiAs it so happened I’d just finished up two pots of Day and Night cream and had peeled off the original labels, ready for a bit of re-purposing. The Easter theme paper tapes were going to be perfect for a seasonal revamp.Washi-potsAnd with the very minimum amount of time and effort they were soon transformed.tape-potNow I have two little gift tubs to fill with a few trinkets or sweets.washi-pots-2They’re the perfect size for one of my Ten Minute Chicks and a couple of mini chocolate eggs – in fact they’re the perfect size for anything that fits in them 🙂chick-potTime for an Easter gathering with duck and rabbit from my Minimals collection.easter-funThat’s my mini Easter gift ideas sorted out then, just need to use up a few more jars of face cream, I’ll have to see what’s lurking in the back of the bathroom cupboards. They need a jolly good clear out anyway.letters-lineAfter that I turned my attention to some plain old wooden clothes pegs and got busy decorating them with a selection of rainbow colours. Just stick on the tape and trim with a craft knife. It couldn’t be easier.pegsThese would be great as memo holders for the fridge if you stuck a magnet on the back. I’ll be using mine for holding monthly bunches of receipts together next time I get around to doing my accounts. They look pretty enough to have on display all the time so I’ve pegged them to my letter rack for now.Diggory-deskI can use the pegs to keep my pencils upright too, instead of them falling to the bottom.pegs-and-pencilsI think you’ll agree these guys are far too good-looking to be hidden away in a pencil case.letters-lineI love anything that’s really small so had some seriously itty bitty fun making teeny tiny bunting next.washi-buntingAnd here’s how to do it. You’ll need a piece of thin string (I used crochet thread in a size 6), your chosen tapes, a pair of small pointed scissors, a sheet of white paper, a pen and a ruler. (I Washi taped my ruler too). washi-bunting2Cut a strip of paper to the same width as your tape then cut that strip into squares.washi-bunting3Stick your tape to one of the sides of a paper square. Leave the same amount of tape unstuck and place the string over the tape where the top of the flag will be.washi-bunting4Fold the tape over the string and stick to the other side of the paper square.washi-bunting5Snip away the excess from the centre of the lower edge to the top of the flag.washi-bunting6You now have a string of baby bunting!washi-bunting7Just right for a tiny Easter you’re not planning a tiny Easter party this year, and let’s face it, not everybody will be, then you can also use your bunting for card making or scrapbooking. It would look great in a doll’s house too.letters-lineLast but not least on my mission to Washi tape the world I gave my computer monitor a makeover. washi-monitorIsn’t that just so much fun?! It makes me smile every morning when I shuffle, bleary eyed, into the studio, cup of something hot and revivifying in hand, ready to check emails and orders. A pretty little kick start to another day filled with crochet, crafts and exactly this sort of silly nonsense that puts an extra twist of lemon-zingy happiness into the teacup of my life!


A Hectic Half Term

Gosh, I’ve been so busy with mostly unplanned interruptions this half term that I had hardly any time to spend in my beloved studio. I’m not complaining, because it was rather fun, but I unexpectedly ended up decorating a study room for my dad as he has been a bit poorly recently and I hoped it would cheer him up. (It did!). Hubby helped too as he had a few days off but the timing of it meant that we weren’t able to indulge in our Champagne breakfast on Valentine’s day after all because we were elbow deep in DIY. Still, anything can be romantic with the right person, even painting walls, and the Champagne tasted just as good when we got home that evening!20160214_154740_001Of course a quick room makeover is never just that and an awful lot of the week went by before it was finished. We did take Wednesday off for a quick trip to Cardiff to pay a visit to my oldest son who’s at Uni there – studying computer animation and motion graphics (or something along those lines, I always forget the exact course title!).

Oh the relief to exchange a paint brush and a tub of emulsion for a hook and some yarn. I certainly made the most of all the quiet and peace that a car ride has to offer. Diggory and Dave (my new dancing circus dogs) have a book deadline coming up soon so I spent the outward journey double checking their pattern, which, for me, means making everything from scratch again.DiggoryA boiled egg breakfast gave me all the energy I needed to keep my hook hooking nineteen to the dozen.brunchThat’s Diggory above,  and below you’ll find the beginnings of Dave…glove-compartmentThe glove compartment is so handy for keeping all my crochet essentials and the odd project or two in. My strange hubby seems to think that it’s meant for the log book, sat nav and tool kit, so I do have to keep turfing out all those annoying ‘man things’ that just get in the way. Surely crochet is far more useful if we break down. At least I’ll be happily occupied however long it takes the mechanic to find us!

One quiet evening at the beginning of last week I crocheted myself a handy little roll up case. I didn’t use a pattern, just free wheeled it, but I love how it turned out, and it was so quick to make. As improvised as it was I did force myself to jot down some rudimentary notes as I went along so I should be able to reproduce it if I feel I need another or want to make one for a friend. I’m thinking they’d make perfect birthday presents for fellow knit and crocheters, especially when filled with all these eternally useful crafty treasures.needles-and-hooksI’ve managed to squeeze in two sets of double pointed sock/glove knitting pins, a cable needle, crochet hooks, stitch markers, a pin cushion and a pair of scissors. The important stuff literally all rolled into one.  That’s pretty much everything I need so I won’t get caught short without recourse to a satisfying project or two as long as I have this with me. Just add yarn!

Did you notice my toadstool markers looped onto the end of the stitch holder? Aren’t they gorgeous?! I bought them recently from Tinkaboo Crafts for You on Etsy. The set included every colour of the rainbow, so I kind of just had to have them. Toadstools and rainbows, count me in!DSCN1319After stashing a couple away in my roll up case, some of the others have gone to live with the magical mushroom pincushion that grows out of the top of my lug-around super sized project basket.DSCN1320I mainly use this basket for carrying things up and down to the end of the garden when it’s sunny and I want to work outdoors as it has space for everything I could need including a flask of tea and a packet of custard creams or a bottle of prosecco and a jar of olives, depending on the time of day. Here’s a snap taken last summer of my carry-all basket  to remind us all of more clement times to come.FtoadstoolYou see there’s even room to take along the odd cat too.MojoRugAnyway, I digress from tales of  Half Term week… We arrived in Cardiff with Dave the dog nearly ready to sew together. A few hours were whiled away hanging around the city centre – mainly perusing the local Tiger store where I bought a bit more storage and stationery for my ongoing studio revamp. I particularly liked their wire shower baskets and treated myself to three of them. They now have pride of place hanging under the window next to my chair and are proving useful for storing all sorts of bits and pieces in, including a whole load of polyester toy stuffing. Now I have my own cloud in a basket, though Mojo prefers to look out of the window at the real thing.windowThey’re also good for storing cat’s tails in. I love how the alpaca and the chihuahua seem to be in agreement to look the other way and pretend it’s not there. It appears that the sun may actually be shining out of Tigger’s behind but these two are far too polite to look!tigger-tailAnd here’s a glimpse of what was under the window before my shopping spree. How sweet that the cats form an orderly queue for the sunny window spot!  I may often lack human company working from home all on my own but I’m never lonely. It’s often difficult to twitch an elbow when I’m at my desk for fear of jabbing a cat!cat-windowAfter our trip to Tiger we stopped for some light refreshment at Wahaca. Fantastic food as always, and the Margaritas are pretty damn good too. That must be at least 100% of today’s vitamin C requirement sorted out, and what a way to do it!margaritaIf you do find yourself paying a visit be sure to check out my son’s artwork too, he has a part time job there and, among other duties, gets to draw on the chalk boards in the upstairs bar area. Here’s his latest masterpiece…Rojito BarEventually it was time to say goodbye to my lovely boy and get back in the car for the trip home to Worcester. Of course that means a little more time for getting creative and so I started my very first pair ever of crocheted mitts.crochet-mittsI’m really comfortable with the whole amigurumi thing by now but this is taking crochet to a whole new level for me. So far, so good as I’m still working the cuff but I’ll let you know how I get on when things get a little more complicated. It will be interesting to see whether I end up with a pair of mitts to be proud of or a misshapen rag of a washcloth made from expensive bamboo yarn. I have to say that looking at the chart for the shell pattern has given me palpitations. I guess I’m just not a charty type of person. All those symbols are prone to swim about before my eyes in a highly nonsensical manner. There is a written version of the shell pattern though so I’ll be sticking to that and hoping that if I just tackle the mitts round by round something as beautiful as the photo in the book will result. If not I’ll be reverting to knitting something similar. I’ve certainly had plenty of practice at that in recent months.

These are some of my newest handmade hand warmers.mitts in a basketI’ve been practicing my cabling to spice things up a bit.cable-mittsMy latest pair of knitted mitts turned out gorgeous. I used some pretty variegated yarn and embellished the top rib with a simple crocheted flower.mittensI made a handful of these easy flowers with the yarn that was leftover after the mittens were finished. I loved how they kept turning out differently depending on where in the yarn dye repeat each one began. They were the perfect portable and pocket sized project for all the micro journeys I was making over to mum and dad’s to finish off my dad’s fancy new study, both before and after our Cardiff trip.

As well as adding a touch of fun to my mitts, my cache of woolly flowers were perfect for embellishing the top of my roll up case and I also crocheted a chain onto one of them to make a little tapestry needle holder to attach to my snippy scissors.hook-wrapThat’s what I call co-ordinated heaven!mitts-and-flowersI’ve got a few mitten gifts in mind that I need to make over the next week. It’s going to be a bit of a rush but at least I won’t be wasting any time searching for the necessary equipment!

It’s lovely to be back in the studio full time again this week. There’s been lots of sunshine pouring in the window over the past few days. Spring feels tangibly close now and all the promise of bright energetic days, light evenings and brand new projects are hanging deliciously in the air.Dusty-catMy pot is full of daffodils, my windowsill is full of cats and my head is full of exciting new designs. Half term is pretty darn good but I’m always more than happy to get back to work in earnest!


My Sweet Valentine

hearline2With just a few days to go I’m sure that those of you who like to celebrate the day of love and cherishing will be totally organised by now. Champagne and chocolates stashed in the fridge, red and pink cards bought, inscribed and sealed with a kiss. But if you’re more like me and too busy crocheting, knitting, and generally crafting to even know what day it is sometimes, then it may have caught you unawares! Never fear, you can always craft yourself out of such a scrape!

To prove the point I made bouquet of crocheted hearts on washi taped bamboo barbeque skewers in just a couple of hours today.DSCN1364What’s more romantic than that? OK, no need to give me a list, but, this makes a sweet gesture to give as a bouquet, or just as a pretty focal point for a kitchen dresser or a bedside table.

I already had a lot of hearts from previous projects – all updated this year as a result of my newly acquired washi tape habit.DSCN1324Taking the heart lollipops idea as a cue…rainbow-hearts…I grabbed a jug from the kitchen that was just the right size…valentines-project…and played around with some colour combinations, ably assisted by Mojo, who takes a great interest whenever there’s anything going on that means he’s really going to get in the way. Bless!

My Furry Valentine…Mojo-heartsIn the end the colour scheme was influenced solely by the jug. Keeping a simple theme of red and green met with approval from Mojo, so we were good to go.Mojo-LoveHe definitely likes the red one!

A quick root through the ribbons, buttons, washi tape and yarn baskets and I managed to find a pleasing collection of crafty bits and pieces in all the right colours. You see it would have been just toooo easy to use the hearts I already had!red-and-green-basketAs it is, one of these little hearts only takes around ten minutes from start to finish, so it seemed worth the extra effort to get my colours just perfect. I do love a quick make! If you do too you can download my free Hearts and Bees pattern here and have a go yourself. The bees are pretty cute too and are just as speedy to hook up.BeesIn just a smidgen over an hour and a quarter I had made as many as I could be bothered to needed.heartsSticking on the washi tape was such an easy way to add some colour, and a bit of pattern too. Much nicer than all the messy paint I’ve been used to using instead.washi-sticksWinding the tape at a very long angle makes for the most economical use of the precious washi. washi-sticks-greenThe finished hearts look even sweeter with the addition of a few wooden ladybirds.heart-archThen there was just enough time left to make up a matching place mat out of some leftover clarn from another project. DSCN1361If you’re not familiar with this fabulous upcycled cloth yarn and want to give it a try, instructions and tips on making clarn out of old sheets or other fabric scraps can be found here, along with a pattern for a circular cushion cover – just follow rounds 1-9 to make this mat instead.

To put it all together I poked some polyester toy stuffing lightly into the jug until it was about halfway full to give the stems of the hearts something to dig into and help them stay in place.DSCN1359Now it was just a case of arranging them neatly. The polka dot bow around the neck of the jug and a few more wooden ladybirds really pulled the look together.

Mine’s going on the dresser in the kitchen and will be accompanied by champagne and chocolates for my lovely hubby to find on Valentine’s morning (an extravagant start to the day I know, but it is a Sunday). I’m pretty confident he’d prefer to wake up and find a huge fried breakfast with all the trimmings, but where’s the romance in black puddings or baked beans?!bunnyI just hope he doesn’t read my blog in the meantime or the fact he’s not getting a gut busting greasy fry up won’t be much of a surprise!heartline

Happy Valentine’s weekend to you all!


Ning Ning, Norris and Nook

Some new creatures have come to join the Moji-Moji family, but oh my, they’re just a little bit shy. peekersThey’ve travelled over to Worcester with first class plane tickets from their respective countries of origin and are here on a cultural exchange trip.  What an epic journey they’ve had from all the far reaches of the world! First stop was…. well, let me show you their flight paths, that will be much easier.Bear-Map-2As bashful as they are, staying in the basket forever wasn’t really an option, so with a bit of coaxing and lot of promising of favorite treats – bamboo, eucalyptus and, well it’s a bit yucky really, but a good dollop of seal blubber – and they decided to brave the camera and let me show them off to you in all their tubby tummied, pompom eared, scarf toting glory.

So here they are, after a long and arduous journey, I’m pleased to introduce at last the cuddlesome and iconic trio of Ning Ning, Norris and Nook.three bears 2Once they were out of the basket they didn’t feel quite so shy anymore. Sometimes that first step is the hardest, don’t you agree?

To break the ice and get everyone settled in, we had a cup of tea and made flags together to decorate their new rooms and make them feel more at home. I soon got to learn a little about them. A spot of communal crafting always loosens the tongue up a bit. I’m sure they won’t mind if I share what I found out.

Ning-Ning-FlagsNing Ning comes from Shaanxi province and is very proud of his country’s long history. He can trace his family tree back thousands of years and boasts one of the oldest names in China, said to have originated in the Zhou Dynasty.Panda-KiteNing means ‘peaceful, tranquil, calm’ in Chinese. His favorite food is bamboo and his favorite colours are red and yellow. He likes to fly kites in his spare time, especially if they’re dragon shaped.Chinese-flag-line

koala-flagsThis is Norris. He’s a tough little fella when he needs to be but inside he’s as soft as butter left out on an Australian veranda in 110 degrees. He’s got a lot of love to give – just don’t call him a bear unless you want to make him grumpy, he’s fiercely proud of his marsupial status and holds his wombat cousins very close to his heart.Koala-bedtimeThe epic plane journey from Australia was very easy for Norris as his normal routine is to sleep 20 hours a day. Because of his napping habits he never goes anywhere without his comfort blanket and a book of bedtime stories and so managed to doze through most of the flight. He can only remember boarding the plane at Brisbane, saying hello to Ning Ning when they stopped at Chengdu Airport and then finally arriving at Heathrow. That’s the way to do long haul!Aussie-Flag-Line

Polar-FlagsLast, but not least, is Nook the Polar bear, shortened from his Inuit name of Nanook. He has travelled from the Far North and the arctic tundras he loves so much. Nook thinks the bleak mid-winter is the best season of them all and his favorite food is whale bone soup. Polar-Bear-MintsAs a special treat he likes bag of Fox’s Glacier Mints but his teeth are the key to his survival in the wild so he knows he shouldn’t eat too many. Dentists are hard to come by in the frozen wastes, let alone one who’s brave enough to put his hand inside a polar bear’s tooth-achey mouth.


Now that they are conquering their shyness and have had an enticing taste of the globe trotting life, Ning Ning, Norris and Nook are looking forward to being ambassadors for their native countries. Flag-BearersThey’ll be getting together every now and again at World Summit meetings to raise their respective flags in the name of peace and international friendship. What a wonderful example to set.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far and get to know them. You’ve boosted their confidence up another notch just by caring!

If you feel the need for a trio of friendly, peace loving internationally recognised mascots you can find their pattern here.


Zoomigurumi 5

Well, here we are again with another new book launch from had great fun being involved in Zoomigurumi 5. My fluffy alpaca, also known as Alicia, has gone off to Belgium to join her fellow bookmates. If you feel inspired to have a go at any, or all, of these crocheted characters you can get hold of a copy of the book here.Z5banner_LARGE-v3

As you can see, Alicia is in very good company with 14 other cuties just waiting to jump off your crochet hook.

I’ve already made a Kaan the Crocodile by Carolina Guzman (One and Two Company), during the initial proofreading phase.kaan-crocHe was a pleasure to make, of course, and now I have another character to keep me company at my desk.KaanCroc-and-PompomsHe soon became best friends with Alicia’s grey fleeced cousin, Althea, and they’re now inseparable. They were both very good at helping me spot any last minute tweaks to the patterns and text. Alicia has been blessed with patience and is very calm and focused while Kaan’s beady eyes never miss a thing. A dream team!Alicia-and-KaanThough I’ve never heard of a crocodile and an alpaca hitting it off before, there’s always a first time…alpaca crocHe is a fine looking fellow, I’m sure everyone would want to be best buddies with him if they met him!Kaan-2And in case Alicia should get jealous here’s a little triptych of her own, taken by Joost De Wolf, the book’s official photographer.AliciaI hope that’s whet your whistle and got you all excited about the brand new characters! Alicia has had a couple of new reincarnations already, again, from the pattern testing phase. There’s this chubby, cuddly looking fella made by Bregje Zeijen.BregjeZeijenAnd this cute pink version made by Natalie Van Dalen. I love how Natalie changed the look with furry eyelash yarn. She’s like a big ball of gorgeous candy floss!NatalieVanDalenOne of the things I love about amigurumi patterns is that it’s so easy to put your own spin on things by changing a colour, or a yarn type. You can upsize or downsize by experimenting with different hook sizes and yarn weights. It’s always exciting to see other peoples interpretations. Thanks to all who send me photos or post them on my Moji-Moji Facebook page. I’m always thrilled to see them.Z4banner_medium-v2

Don’t forget you can always post your Zoomigurumi makes to amigurumipatterns Facebook page too.characterszoomi5I can’t wait to find out what you’ll be making once you get your copy. Do tell, I’m all ears!


Keeping Tidy and Knittin’ Mittens

Yes, the miraculous has happened – after over a week of constant use since my tidying spree my studio has remained at least 90% organized, with the odd 10% of chaos being caused by the general creative flurry of a busy life with more yarn and ideas in it than time. As you can see, we’re still pretty ship shape around here!

My-Tidy-DeskNew Washi tape arrived last week to swell the collection. I now have all these!Washi-collection

Washi-tape-drawerCraft hoarder that I am, I do actually use some of my stuff some of the time. This week I put some of the Washis to good use sprucing up a set of folders that had been used by my middle son for storing his A-level coursework in. These folders weren’t the prettiest of things with their big black and white branded labels on the spines, but because I actually went with him to choose them a couple of years ago, they are a rather pleasing collection of rainbow colours (he was overruled on the ‘let’s just go for black ones, it’s easier’ line of thought) so there was definitely some salvage potential there.

I rifled through my collection of coloured papers and found a match for each file then I paired them up with their closest complimentary washi tape partners.WashiCo-ordinated heaven!

After a little bit of measuring, cutting and sticking, the slightly tatty, bog standard A4 lever arch files were transformed into something bright and neat and pretty.folders2Makeover complete and here they all are, harmoniously nestled into their new home.foldersNow if I’m going to be really fussy here, and I am pretty fussy generally, I’d probably say that the pink Washi tape isn’t really a close enough match. Oh well, it’ll do for now. In the meantime, deep pink Washi tape goes onto the shopping list.

I’ve begun to fill the folders already. I’m cataloguing my vast yarn collection to keep a track of which colours I’ve used for each amigurumi design, complete with brand and shade numbers. The idea is to make it much easier to re-stock a particular colour, or at least track down its nearest equivalent when I run out. Sometimes guess work just isn’t good enough. It’s a big job and is still ongoing but so far, so good. A stack of plastic sleeves meant for storing business cards in are the perfect solution for identifying all those yarn shades at a glance.yarn-cataloguingMy recent mass yarn sort out has been useful for reminding me of all those glorious oddments and single balls of variegated yarns. They were mostly found buried in the bottom of boxes under mounds of all the solid colours that tend to get much more regular use in my normal line of work, but now they have a box all to themselves.multi-yarnWith an urge to put some of this rediscovered kaleidoscopic yarn to good use I focused my attention on making a few pairs of fingerless mitts. I have to say that working crochet in the round with just a single hook is a doddle by comparison, but I do love the look of knitted gloves and socks so much better than crocheted ones and the four needle juggling act is becoming much less clumsy the more I practice.mitts-galoreMulticoloured yarn is my new favorite thing. All the pleasure of pretty patterning without the pain of constantly swapping out balls of wool. I even managed to create two pairs of mitts containing every colour of the rainbow with just two balls of yarn.reds-and-bluesI do enjoy working up these little projects – I can get a single mitt made in the course of an evening – the almost instant gratification is, well… gratifying! I always find myself fascinated by how each yarn orders itself. Some yarn stripes its way along in more or less single rows as with the first pair I made in this lovely mix of second pair of the week were a little more random in their patterning. Love these tutti frutti colours. A wearable tonic for the dullest of wet winter days. I made these a few rounds shorter to mix things up a bit.tutti-frutti-mittI also finished off a dark blue pair of mitts which had been languishing since last spring, thereby removing another project from the work-in-progress pile. Yippee!mittThe patterning on this one reminds me of ripples on the sea.teal-mittOr even the canal. No wild and untamed sea around here but plenty of gently choppy canals.ripplesAfter two and a bit pairs of plain stocking stitch mitts my brain started craving something a bit more challenging so the final finished pair of the week has a chunky cable detail.cable-mittsThey were going to have a pompom flourish but my youngest son has decided he’d really like to be their owner and has vetoed the pompom idea as silly, so I’ll save that for the next pair I make for myself. I’m not at all afraid of a bit of silly!

So with that plan in mind I started another pair today, on a short Sunday car run over to visit my parents. This time they’re in softly striping shades of pinks, lavenders and taupes. Too girly to be appropriated by any of my three boys, or hubby either, so I can be quite confident I won’t get hoodwinked into parting with my latest mitts. I’ll be adding a bit of pompom magic to these’ve certainly got enough pompoms going spare at the moment.minnieIf Minnie ever lets me near them!

I haven’t only been organising my craft stuff and knitting mittens though. I also have a new pattern on the way. So before I go, here’s a sneak peek at my newest Moji-Moji family members.peekersI couldn’t resist adding some pompoms to these either!