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Curlicue the Unicorn


Hurrah! I finished my unicorn pattern last week. This one is very special because she has wings. I’ve heard people say that Pegasus is the only winged, odd toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae – but that’s just not true as you can see from my photographs of this elusive and magical creature.



I think the misinformation of a unicorn never having wings has come about simply because the wingless species is seen much more frequently roaming around in its twilight forest habitat than the winged type – who tends to prefer flitting about from cloud to cloud, mainly hidden from people’s everyday line of sight.


In honour of her ringletted mane and tail this unicorn is named Curlicue.

I made her up in a sparkly silver grey yarn first of all before experimenting with a sparkly magenta.


Everyone knows that a unicorn has to be white but it’s wholly acceptable to make yours in a multitude of different mane colours. There’s a lot of unicorn diversity out there. Once you’ve learnt to spot these shy and skittish creatures you’ll be noticing a whole rainbow of them. Inspired by such a thought I tried out a couple of pretty variegated yarns as well.


All the usual stages of pattern designing have been diligently worked through. From the original sketches and yarn sourcing…


…to the working out of stitch counts, special techniques and embellishment details.


Then the pattern testing stage, which is where I always enjoy mixing up the colours a bit to make sure the repetition of making several of the same thing doesn’t get too boring.


Now I have a small herd in different colours all for myself.


I have to admit to loving them all and if I had more spare time I’d like to make a unicorn in every kind of speciality yarn I could find. It is, however, time to move on to some other work for now. Four unicorns in enough to be going on with.

After the unicorn pattern was finished I got busy tidying up my desk in readiness for other work commitments that are due to be starting over the next few days. See, I have my surfaces back!


Tidying as I go along – give or take a day or two – is my new cast iron rule. Though it is very tempting to just rush headlong into the next project and the next ball of yarn, it’s ultimately much more satisfying to do it in a clean and clutter free environment. A neat start every time I’m on the cusp of a new venture ensures I don’t get into too much of a yarn-tangly pickle!


Among upcoming new ventures is is the preparation of my single purchase alpaca pattern ready for listing in my online shops.  (If you don’t want to wait you can get her pattern in the Zoomigurumi 5 book right now).

Just like with the unicorns, I had a great time making these up in a whole host of different colours. However, I think I got a bit carried away with these, even by my own definition, and went overboard with the re-makes. Two others have gone off to new homes as well, taking the grand total of alpacas up to ten! They are very quick to make though, and I adore working with that super soft, fluffy yarn. It gives such great results.


This pink one is a favorite of mine. She’s become a favorite of Charlie Chick’s too.


Over the next week or so I’ll be getting involved in more pattern testing for a new circus themed book from I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I’ve got two different designs going into this one, both of which I’ve sent off to the publisher already so it’s only a case of making whatever tweaks are necessary after the other testers have run through the patterns.

The trapeze mice have had their second incarnation.


And so have Diggory and Dave, the lively little dancing dogs.


This could be the most colourful book to date. I think you’re going to love all the circus accessories and fancy outfit details that accompany each character.

Here’s a sneak peak at the front cover flanked by my two contributions to give you a feel of all that Big Top Magic coming your way. I’m very excited about this one and can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s all put together!


My spare time project – the Spring Circles blanket is making progress too. I have an audience of fascinated quadrupeds who are all very interested in what’s going on.


I sure have plenty of things to keep me busy right now. There’s never a dull moment around here so long as there’s a hook and some yarn to hand!


It’s lunch time for the unicorns, looks like they’re having a meal of golden hay and daisies. Sounds delicious, but I’m off for a more mundane cheese and pickle sandwich myself.

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30 thoughts on “Curlicue the Unicorn

  1. Hi, where can we find the pattern for the unicorn? It is beautiful

  2. Loving the unicorns. So pretty.

  3. I love your little unicorns. I’l head on over to etsy and pick up a pattern.
    Thank you!

  4. Love love LOVE your winged unicorns!

  5. OMG these unicorns have become my favourite creation of yours! They’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Do you by any chance sell your creations to those less fortunate who don’t know how to crochet?

    • I’m sorry but I don’t sell the finished products. I really like to concentrate on the designing instead. However my patterns all come with permission to sell so you may be able to find someone (probably on Etsy) who would undertake a commission for you. I’ll ask around myself and see if I can find anyone 🙂

  6. Another gorgeous post and I love the unicorns. I made one last year for my 7 year old as she is pony mad and having shown her these new ones I think I will have to make some more. She also informs me that a winged unicorn is an alacorn (don’t know about the spelling). Great to see more lovely images and makes. x

    • I wondered about the name Pegacorn as a cross between a unicorn and Pegasus but it sounded a bit wierd! Alacorn is much more elegant. Glad to know there’s an official name for Curlicue’s family ☺

  7. I’m right in the middle of making up my first Unicorn as I write this – I’ve got 2 to make for two gorgeous little girls 🙂
    I really love the idea of a winged Unicorn, and I agree with you – Idon’t see why the Pegasus should have all the fun in the air 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing the circus book!

    • Sweet! Every little girl should have her own unicorn, especially one with wings for soaring off on all those magical adventures!

      • Too true 🙂
        I was desperately trying to complete them both before Monday, as I’ll be seeing their Mum, but I decided that I’m not going to rush it, as I don’t want to mess it up 🙂
        I’see their Mum every 4 weeks or so, so I guess they can wait for a few weeks more (not that they know they’re getting them, mind) 🙂
        I actually finished one of the manes yesterday, and it took me hours! Lol
        (Mind you, I’m not a fast crocheter, due to arthritic hands)

      • Those curls do take quite a few stitches so don’t go causing yourself a mischief by rushing! Such a nice thing to do for the girls. I’m sure they’re going to really appreciate it ☺

      • Oh, I’ve decided to slow down with them anyway 🙂
        I want to make sure they’re the best they can be for my little friends, and rushing won’t do that 🙂

  8. I’ve just come back onto your blog and realised, when I looked at the pics again, that I’ve sewn the ears on too far forward! I also made the extra bit for the mane, but I’m not happy with it, as it’s far too much weight and height, and length of curl, for such a sweet little unicorn! 🙂

    Looks like I’ll be starting over again – but at least I’ve had a practice run 🙂

    • Oh dear! I added the extra mane piece on to the pattern as an option only, so that way you can have either look you want as there were different preferences among the people I asked. I personally preferred the fuller look, but maybe it’s because I have a very thin and breakable type of curly hair myself and always fancied to have a mane of tumbling luscious locks! All of the finished unicorns on the blog have the extra piece attached apart from the one in the first 2 pictures. Would it not be possible to unpick the extra bit of mane and re-sew the ears where you prefer? Unless you are a super secure and thorough stitcher and you simply can’t get the bits off, then, on the bright side, you will at least have a spare unicorn to adopt for yourself 🙂

      • Unfortunately, I sewed it on to last, so I’d only ruin the whole thing if I tried it 🙁
        I might keep my little curly friend for myself – or give it to someone who can’t leave it alone 🙂
        I think the problem was that I’d used a 3mm hook, so everything was that little bit smaller, too – and I found my missing 3.25mm hook just after I finished this first Unicorn! Lol
        Ah well! At least I’ve got it to use on the next one 🙂
        Did you get my email with the pictures attached BTW? 🙂

      • Glad you found your favorite hook. It’s so frustrating when essential equipment goes missing. I haven’t received your email, so not sure what happened there! Could you try again? I’m curious to see your unicorn with the 1980’s big hair do!

      • I’ll do my best 🙂
        Your’s is the gmail addie, isn’t it, as that’s where I’ve sent it 🙂

  9. I so look forward to receiving your weekly news! Your work is so colourful and inspiring! With fabulous cat helpers, you can’t go wrong! I love the unicorns, especially their curly hair. Must buy the pattern but when will the beautiful alpaca pattern be available please?

    • Yes the cats make every task a little more interactive! I’m photographing a couple of the Alpacas today, so I will have the pattern ready before the end of the week, if all goes to plan!

  10. Great news re alpaca pattern! Thank you! I will buy the unicorn and alpaca patterns together next week! What patience making all those colourful pompoms for cushions too!

  11. Your unicorns are so amazing that I purchased the pattern :-). Your pattern is the best pattern I have ever followed thank you so much. My worry with my unicorn is that the head is now heavy and drooping down with the weight of the mane. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to rectify this? I don’t really want to unpick the head and neck as if I re stuff it, it will stretch the stitches. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Melanie,

      I haven’t had that happen myself but I think you could solve the problem by sewing a few extra stitches through the back of the neck, a few rounds up from where the neck joins the body, and into the body a little further back from where the neck joins the body. If you pull the stitches nice and tight this will give a lift to the neck, making the head more upright and your stitches can be hidden under the mane, though they won’t show up much anyway if you use the same colour as the crochet.

      It could be that you crochet to a looser gauge than I do so it may be a good idea to switch down a hook size if you make another, so you create smaller, tighter stitches which can be stuffed firmly without too much stretching.

      I hope that helps and thanks for buying my pattern!

      • Thank you so much. I have added some extra stitches as you suggested and it has helped to lift the head. I have wondered if I crochet a bit loose sometimes so I will definitely try my next one with a smaller hook.

        As I mentioned before your pattern has been the best that I have ever followed and the Unicorn has been the most enjoyable thing I have worked on since I started crocheting about 3 years ago. Thank you so much. You are very talented.

        I have bought a few more of your patterns and am really looking forward to starting my new projects 🙂

  12. Hola es hermoso dónde puedo ver el patrón

  13. Your adorable Curliecue is an Alicorn… In case anyone else wants to tell you unicorns don’t have wings. 😉 Beautiful job on your design!

  14. Hi I’ve bought the pattern but on the curly mane I’m not getting the corkscrew curls , mine are more like waves! Could it be the yarn or hook I’m using? The pattern says 2sc in each stitchvwhere as some tutorials say 3 and done say to do double crochet ?

    • Hi Suzi, it could be that your tension is a lot looser than mine or the yarn is slightly thinner and you hook slightly larger. If it works better for you to put 3 sc in each chain then that would be fine. Changing up to double crochets might make the mane a bit to bulky so I would avoid doing that for this pattern. I found that the corkscrew shape needed a bit of coaxing by winding the finished crochet tendrils around tightly. Hope that helps!

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