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Spring Circle Squares


I’m still merrily hooking away at my latest project during every spare moment, car journey, bus ride, movie night, and phone call (don’t you just love speakerphone!). In fact I can’t seem to get my hands to stop at all. My mania is partly inspired by my absolute love of these colour combinations. Everytime I pick up my hook and start working these rounds I’m totally enthralled and now I really just want to get to the end and see it all come together.


All that frenetic activity is beginning to pay off and I have amassed a mini mountain of the most delightful Spring Circle motifs.


There’s still a long way to go to make the blanket of my dreams but I’m getting there, one stitch at a time. I’ve decided to work simultaneously on a blanket and some cushion covers so it’s a good job I’m not getting bored of working on these yet. I’m going to need quite a few more to cover my entire bed in co-ordinated yarny heavenliness.


Our local pub down at Diglis Basin has seen the birth of a fair few squares over the past couple of weeks.


I love to crochet in the beer garden there and daydream about owning my own narrowboat. Think of all the crochet furnishing I could make for it! (Better finish off the bed set before I go making stuff for my imaginary boaty bottom drawer though).


I do like the idea of chugging past these glorious sights on my way down to the River Severn.



At the moment though, I’m happy to make do with walking the route instead. There’s another pub not far away where I also like to sit and crochet while sipping on a pint of something cold and fizzy and amber coloured, and who could say no to such a pleasant pastime on an evening as beautiful as this?


A sinking spring sun makes a golden glow of our refreshments.


Even on such a sunny day there is still a slight chill in the air near the river around this time of year, as evening starts thinking about turning into night. Thankfully, my super snug fingerless gloves keep my hands warm enough to edge a few more circles.


The river is as pretty as ever. I can easily envision my little boat of the future gliding by here, hubby at the helm and me at the hook!


Of course it’s an equally lovely walk back the way we came and now I can look forward to putting on some comfy old pyjamas and snugging up at home again.


It’s great to spread out the squares and see the progress made. The cats all seem to like my colours too, or maybe it’s the soft textures or just the notion that something’s going on and could do with a bit of mischief thrown in for good measure.


Whatever the attraction it’s getting very difficult to see my crochet whenever I try to lay out the squares to get an idea of how to set out the finished piece.


You can see what I’m up against here! Though at this point I have managed to join together a few of the squares for the first of the cushion covers.


Over the next few days the blanket continues to grow and the cats continue to seek it out at nap time.


Or playtime, in fact any time it’s on the floor at least one of the cats is checking it out.


Mojo is king of all he surveys from the comfort of a stack of crochet I was hoping to work on.


A cuter than cute look says ‘please do not attempt to remove me’!


Ok, I can finish the cushion covers another time. Mojo makes the most of my inability to move any cat just to get at my crochet and settles in.


I have plenty more squares left to make and the task was never made any less enjoyable for having a cat purring contentedly nearby. Just as you should let sleeping dogs lie the same should be true of cats too. It’s only fair!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the cat photos. Don’t they all aim right for whatever we’re doing? 😉

  2. Your squares are really looking lovely, and I really love the matching cushion covers – and attending purrsons 🙂

  3. I love your blanket in progress, but I can’t help myself liking even more your furry helpers! <3

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