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The End is Nigh!


No, not the end of the world or anything apocalyptic like that. I’m referring to my blanket of course, and with shouts of ‘Hip, Hip Hooray!’ because I have officially finished crocheting the very last square of my Spring Circles project. Every loose end has been darned in and trimmed off…


…and a general layout decided upon…


Ten squares by fifteen should make the perfect size for draping over the end of my bed, especially once the border is added.


Now the fun of joining them all together is about to begin! But before I get stuck into that part of the journey I thought I’d share a few of the more recent photos from the Spring Circles blanket archives.

I’ve made the most of the nice weather, what little we’ve had lately, by crocheting outside whenever possible.


And by nice weather I mean anything but rain, of which we have had literally bucketfuls over the past couple of weeks. A rare patch of sunshine lights up the corner of the yard as Mojo and I vie to be the first to enjoy it.


As a result of the almost relentless downpours, most of my spare time has been spent indoors which, as we were also in the middle of decorating the lounge, meant cosy evenings and a few early mornings sitting comfortably on the bed, away from all the step ladders, wallpaper paste and tins of paint, making up the last few motifs.


The cats were very kind to share the bed with me during the evenings.


In fact I think they enjoyed the company. I didn’t seem to disturb them much anyway, as I quietly crocheted through hours of their nap time.




Even Tigger and Mojo decided to get along a little and share the space away from all the chaos going on downstairs…


…albeit quite begrudgingly. No need to have to look at each other anyway.


There’s nothing quite like having the end of the bed all to yourself for a game of ‘snatch the crochet hook’ though.


If the cats are so crazy about the bed right now I can imagine even more trouble vying for space once my soft and squishy blanket has pride of place.


I’m still mad keen on the colours and have loved making random combinations from my yarn basket.


To my eyes, each variation of colours is as beautiful as the last!


Being camped out together, taking refuge in the bedroom, didn’t last forever and once we finally got use of the freshly refurbished lounge I made the most of it to finish off the last few squares by hogging the new sofa.


The cats are a bit nervous of the alien furniture with it’s straight from the factory smell and completely different look and feel. They spent the first few days creeping around looking worried which meant I had a bit more space than usual to crochet in but I’m sure that won’t last long!


I had an energetic trio of mice for company instead, Scurrying about in between the crochet squares, causing havoc. You know what they say… While the cats away the mice will play 🙂

I edged the last few circles just hours ago and am really excited to see the end in sight.


Especially as my new purchase from Amazon arrived last week, bringing with it the desire to finish off this WIP and begin another one. I have a yearning to make a whole bunch of these realistic looking animal heads from Vanessa Mooncie’s book for the back wall of the lounge. Nothing like a new project in mind to spur you onwards.


But before I get carried away with vegetarian friendly hunting trophies it’s a case of hook at the ready to get this blanket joined together. Mojo is pretty keen on it already and braved the unfamiliar layout and plethora of paint and paste odours mingling with brand new foam and fabric smells to sneak into the lounge to try it out.


We’re all going to be in seventh heaven come nap time once this blanket makes it onto the bed!

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15 thoughts on “The End is Nigh!

  1. I loved reading this and being able to see your progress. Your cats are adorable. Beautiful blanket on its way to completion. 🙂

    • The cats make such good companions, and they are all loving the blanket now it’s coming together. All four of them have had a go at sitting on it while it was on my lap as I then tried to join the squares around them! Hoping it will be finished this week (cats permitting!)

  2. Great post. Looking forward to seeing the blanket completed! 😉

  3. Whew! You had me worried for a minute there! 🙂

    I love the blanket, and know it’s going to be absolutely amazing once it’s all put together, though I don’t envy you that process! Lol

    I also loved the pics of your furry friends keeping you company while you worked away – I love Kushka doing the same when I’m in crochet mode – her purrs always seem to egg me on somehow!

    I had to laugh when I saw the pic of yourwonderful trio of mice – Kushka brought in a live one 4 days ago, and it’s still scurrying around the house – with a rather embarrassed and disdainful-looking Kushka turning her back as if disowning the fact that she had introduced it to the household in the first place! Lol

    I first saw it when it jumped up to the bottom of my bed to have a quick wash and brush up, and sat there mouth agape as it stared at me while doing so – I reckon it must be related to your daring girls, somehow! 🙂

    I see you’ve bought the same book I got myself a few weeks back though, alas, I still haven’t had time to do more than drool over the wonderful pictures and patterns as yet – I think I’ll have to make the Mouse Head first – in honour of your trio, and this clever one we still haven’t managed to re-introduce back into the wild! 🙂

    • Eek, a real mouse loose in the house would freak me out a bit. They are gorgeous little things but real ones make me quite jumpy. Poor Kushka sounds like she tackled too much or maybe she just thinks you need another pet! The mouse heads in the book are so cute, and probably a very good place to start. Like you though, I’m only at the drooling over the pictures stage with the book, but I have great plans!

      • We haven’t seen Mouse for a day or two now, so we’re hoping and praying that he took himself out of the house while the back door was left open!
        If not, no doubt the smell will lead us to him 🙁
        Kushka, I’m afraid, is very jealous of my attention, so I don’t think she was thinking of another pet for me – she’s terribly grumpy even when my daughter occasionally gets back to the UK to visit! Lol
        Yes, drooling at that book is all I can do at the moment, at least until I finish these CALS – I keep telling myself that I must NOT join any more, at least until I start on the list of smaller projects I have in mind – and quite a few of them are your patterns! Lol

      • You certainly keep yourself busy 🙂 My Mojo is a bit jealous too, kind of sweet really! I hope the mouse escaped in the end, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Kushka continued to show mercy and didn’t mind it getting up on your bed too much!

  4. Your blanket is going to be lovely. I can’t wait to see your animal heads. I started on the zebra but got side tracked.

    • Well, at least you’ve made a start on it so you’re one step closer than me! I’m really looking forward to having a go though, just need a little more free time scratched out from somewhere. I think the housework will have to give! :-).

  5. Your posts bring a smile to my face and a lovely start to my day.
    Can’t wait to see your afghan all together. I love the colors and combinations.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. I love all your makes and I feel totally inadequate that I have a wish list of makes as long as my arm and never get around to any of them! My kittens love playing grab the crochet hook or knitting needle too – not always funny! x

  7. That is beautiful. It looks like you had some little helpers along the way, protecting the project

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