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Zoomigurumi 6



Another year has rushed by and another edition of the Zoomigurumi series of amigurumi-packed books has bloomed into a reality. We’re on to number six now and this one is just as full as ever of cute crocheted characters.


I made an owl pattern back in the summer at the same time that I was designing my chameleon. That was a great riot of colour for sure and the theme seemed to be lots of stripes and big staring eyes!


Oswald the Owl was put forward as a potential for the new book and, happily for me, he passed the audition!


After being accepted, all the pattern writing and testing had to be done which involved a number of duplicate Oswalds being made.


Sometimes they were crocheted at my desk or in the lounge…


…and sometimes they were crocheted outdoors, enjoying the warmth of the sun – sadly missed at this time of year.


Doesn’t that look idyllic? Roll on next summer, it will soon be Pimms O’clock again!


I can’t wait to be setting up the day bed in the yard again for some serious crochet al fresco.

As work progressed with the book I volunteered to proofread another contributor’s pattern and was given Little Muggle’s Rudy the Red Panda.


All the individual pieces looked sweet enough but the cute factor just soared sky high when I sewed them together and embroidered the nose.


This is my finished attempt, strutting his stuff on my desk.

Of course if you are going to be bookfellows then it’s very important that you learn to get along. Oswald is not too sure the first time that Rudy tries to climb into his nest.


But Oswald soon finds out that Rudy means no harm and he relaxes a little bit.


Before you know it Rudy has wriggled his way into Oswald’s nest – and into his heart.


It’s a snug fit but they’ll certainly keep each other warm that way!

Oswald also gets along fine with the Nesting Rainbow Owls. Just as well really, as that nest did belong to them first.


(My free Rainbow Nesting Owls pattern can be downloaded from here if you worry that your Oswald might get a bit lonely, or if you feel he needs a nice snuggly nest to keep him safe!).


It’s not long before all the owls are one big happy family – with a friendly red panda for company.


Here’s another look at all the lovely characters in the book, just in case you weren’t tempted enough already!

A special presale price of £15.95, including worldwide shipping, is available until 25th February 2017 and you’ll be sent a downloadable PDF version as soon as your order is complete so you can start crocheting straight away – if you can actually choose which one to start with that is!

The website at has more information on Zoomigurumi 6 if you want to know more.

It’s been another fun adventure with Meteoor Books. There’s a new book dedicated entirely to cute and cuddlesome monsters coming out next which will feature my Jeepers and Creepers pattern so be sure to check back from time to time for more about that 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Zoomigurumi 6

  1. I’m drooling and still haven’t taught myself to crochet ^^

    • It’s quite easy once you take the plunge 🙂 Especially as the majority of amigurumi uses only a single crochet stitch. Lots of patterns in the Zoomigurumi books are great for beginners and all the stitches are illustrated in the front section of the book too!

      • I have plunged and have just about mastered the chain stitch lol. Won’t be making any cute amigurimi for a while yet but at least I have taken a step in the right direction.

  2. Beautiful work and colours you have created last year, I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.

  3. 🙂 So cute to see Oswald and Rudy have become friends 😀

  4. As soon as I saw your owl pattern I clicked on the link to buy this – I’m so glad you made book 6, too, as I always love it when one of your patterns make it into the Zoomigurumi books 🙂
    I’ve got my pdf download, but can’t wait for the book to be posted through my door 🙂

    • Glad to hear you are still enjoying the Zoomigurumi books. My owl is nice and easy to make, though as usual the latest book caters for many tastes and skill levels. So that will be 15 more projects to add to your to-do list then?! 😉 I hope your hands are managing to keep up with your ambitions and aren’t too sore at the moment. I’m sure the winter weather doesn’t help much. I’m so looking forward to spring now!

      • Yes, I’m also looking forward to spring – and am soooo hoping it’ll be dryer than this winter so far!
        Unfortunately, I still haven’t managed to crochet for a while, and am hoping that my hands will let me soon – I’m defo getting withdrawal symptoms!
        The new Zoomigurumi book would be just the thing to get me back my Crochet Mojo, too 🙂

  5. I’m visiting from Claire93 and have had such a wonderful visit here!

  6. cute

  7. i really like them

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