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I don’t know what it’s been like in your part of the world recently but here in England it has been grey and damp and dark and damp and drizzly and damp and dour and dismal and – did I mention damp at all? Well, I think you get the picture and I’m so ready for a bit of sunshine! All this gloomy weather and grey skies has had me reaching for my yarn baskets and picking out the brightest colours I could find, then wrapping up against the cold in my vibrant Mexican blanket for some colour therapy crochet.


In my thirst for a burst of eye dazzlement I made a pair of Hairy Horaces in the most uplifting summery sky blue and sunny yellow shades of furry yarn that I could get my hands on.


They turned out as cheery looking as I’d hoped. I love these cuddly fellas with their 70’s, jumpsuited disco vibe. If they don’t brighten the place up then nothing will!


I managed to finish the pattern and upload it into my Etsy shop  and felt all the better for it.  It’s always good to cross another thing off the to-do list.

(If you need a dose of Horace’s flamboyant fabulousness you can find his pattern here).


The latest two don’t quite capture the giddy fluorescent heights of the original horace with his dayglo yellow fur, but it’s actually quite nice to be able to look at them without needing a pair of sunglasses!


I’ve used King Cole Moments yarn for all of my Hairy Horaces. If you’re at all nervous about using eyelash type yarns I would recommend starting out by playing around with a ball of this stuff. I’ve used lots of different brands and weights of novelty yarns over the last few years and this one is silky smooth and much easier than most to crochet with as it doesn’t snag up too easily. There’s enough filament to make an impressive amount of fluff but not too much that it obscures the central yarn cord as you crochet – which can make it difficult to see the individual stitches.


I’ve treated myself to s few more zingy shades as it’s pretty inexpensive too. One ball makes one monster so I could have a rainbow of them soon!

Still on the theme of summer brights, I bought this gorgeous paisley cushion on an impulse the other day  – all part of my colour craving symptoms I think.


Maybe it was difficult to resist because it matched my monsters so well and those gorgeous colours were already swimming around in my head.  Anyway I was so enamoured with the pinks and purples and the accents of supernova bright yellows and oranges in my new cushion that I ended up pulling all the matching balls of yarn off my shelves and began cooking up an idea to create some woolly furnishings to go with it.


I’ve had it in my mind to cover a boring beige footstool that I acquired a while ago. Crochet was the obvious medium for me to do this in. I did think about sewing one as I have a stash of pretty fabrics but somehow whenever it comes down to a straight fight between sewing and crochet the crochet always wins out these days.


This sort of round and round in circles thing is very moreish, so I ignored the chores and carried on for a little while longer.


This was closely followed later that evening (when all chores were eventually done – do you see my halo?) by the beginnings of a lap blanket to match the beginnings of the footstool cover.


I’m just improvising stitches as I go. It’s quite exciting to see what unfolds and the beautiful thing about crocheting (as opposed to knitting) is that if I don’t like a particular combination it’s so, so easy to frog backwards with only the one live stitch to worry about at any one time.


An evenings work resulted in a nice chunk of blanket.


Minnie likes it very well so far…



… and so do the Horaces.


This swatch of blanket is the perfect size for the monsters right now but my mission is to make it the perfect size for me so that my crochet corner is a heart lifting sanctuary of warm and squishy crochet delightfulness.


I’ve made a good start anyway, and am finding myself looking forward to each long dark cosy evening so I can let the yarn shine out and get a few more rows and rounds done.


It’s all  going to be rather jazzy by the time I’ve finished.


And really, who needs actual sunshine when you’ve got all this yarny joy around to cheer the place up?!

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16 thoughts on “Craving Colour

  1. Hi, just love all your creations…. great combination of colours too, just what we need here in uk. Keep up the good work !! Janice xx

  2. Fantastic! Just the thing to cheer me up on this dreary, grey – and damp – Sunday afternoon in Wiltshire!! I can’t wait to see how the footstool and blanket turn out 😁

  3. They are fantastic

  4. Very beautiful colors that put the sun in the eyes. Bravo Janine Kisses Mimi

  5. Gorgeous pick-me-up colors and patterns! I’m in sunny Florida, USA, and still go for the bright mixes. thanks for sharing your work & thoughts (and cats)

  6. This particular morning started out on a not-so-great note. I have a doctors appointment that I REALLY dont want to have to go to later in the day and the dread had also cast a shadow over this whole past weekend. Yours was the first email that I opened this morning and I am glad I did!! I just wanted to say thanks for your humorous writing, your bright beautiful bursts of color and all that you share!!! These days I will take comfort in any form and your cute little critters and kitties helped me smile and the colors made my morning a bit more cheerful!!! I am so glad that people like you take the time out of what I am sure are very busy lives to share some of the joy found in such an incredible craft!!

    With thanks,


  7. As always, your blog is a joy to look at. Thank you for helping brighten up my day! I live in England too and I am going through my annual phase of buying way too many plants for my flat to try to counter the grey days! “^^

    • I keep thinking not long ’til spring now. I don’t have green fingers like you so I have to rely on my yarn stash to brighten the place up as every pot plant I’ve ever had has ended up much the worse for wear!

      • I don’t have green fingers at all, sadly! That’s why every year I buy more plants during winter, they all die later on -.-“

  8. the Horaces certainly look as if they’re going to steal your new rainbow crochet blanket when it’s finished!

  9. Just love your site you make so many beautiful items, it’s no wonder your purrers love to test them out for you. I use to live in England and I remember how cold it gets, now I live in North Queensland Australia, shorts and t shirt weather. We hit 39c the other day so I will send you a little ray of sunshine just to help you continue with your Mexican blanket. Love the colours!!! Just so you don’t feel too bad with the damp, we have a cyclone not too far away so we will be getting rain and damp too. xx

    • Lots of windy weather here too today, so I’m staying in with my hooks and yarn and kitty cats for company. I do envy you the mostly warm and glorious weather in your part of the world, though I hope the cyclone wasn’t too terrible!

  10. No matter the weather, your posts brighten my day! Thanks so much for the sunshine and inspiration!

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