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Easter Baskets – All Finished!


After a string of technical glitches, computer meltdowns and problems with file and photo uploads last night I’ve eventually managed to list my Easter Basket patterns. Woah – there were some serious internet gremlins at work around midnight but all seems to have reverted to normal this morning. How odd. Perhaps my computer just needed a good night’s sleep!

After the work in progress pictures that I posted yesterday it’s time to share how the baskets finally turned out, complete with all the finishing touches and enhanced by a liberal scattering of Easter treats.

I’ve made two sets of patterns. First up is a chick and frog duo. I’ve been in need of some bright colours on my hook to escape the winter doldrums and hooking up stitch after stitch with these vibrant yellows and greens was the best medicine I could have had. I loved looping the loops for the chicks ‘feathers’ and think they give him a dashing sort of handsomeness!

Making the bulgy crazy eyes for the frog was fun too. But then I love any excuse to crochet eyeballs. Sometimes I make them just for the hell of it and as a result I now have a big jar full. Is that a bit weird?

Do you want to see my jar of random eyes? Of course you do! The frogs are quite fascinated with them.

Roly poly eyeballs make for a great game of marbles, and they’re also good for disguising yourself as a scary monster.

From cute to terrifying with the aid of a few contact lenses and  a well placed prosthetic eyeball. That’s their outfits sorted for Halloween then!

Using a more neutral colour palette I also made a lamb and a rabbit.

A knobbly bobble stitch gives the lamb a fluffy looking fleecy hairdo and the rabbit has a jaunty loop stitch top knot. (If you haven’t tried either of these stitches before rest assured they’re super easy peasy and a full set of instructions and photos for each ‘fancy’ stitch needed is included in each pattern.

I hooked up two of each design in different weight yarns to see how the sizing would be affected.

You’ve already met big frog and little frog, but here they are without their disguises.

And here’s a peek at big chick and little chick…

…big lamb and little lamb…

…and finally, big rabbit and little rabbit.

The big ones are made with Aran yarn and the smaller ones with double knit (DK).

When they’re not larking around, the frogs (and the rather more well behaved chick) will happily store a nice amount of chocolate goodies from your Easter egg hunt.

As will the Rabbit and Lamb.

Both sizes are roomy enough for plenty of treats so you can use whichever yarn you’ve got to hand.

But you don’t have to stop at chocolates. They make unique gift bags for all sorts of things, or use them as storage pots and even flower pots. They’re sure to add a bit of fun and frolics to your surroundings however you use them.

From all of us over here, to all of you out there – Happy Springtime!

Rabbit and Lamb Pattern

Chick and Frog pattern

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8 thoughts on “Easter Baskets – All Finished!

  1. absolutely gorgeous, all of them and I love your odd eyes jar lol.
    Wanted to say a big thank you, because your blog and créations gave me the push I needed to finally teach myself to crochet at the tender age of 53. Have just about managed to follow a simple pattern, and have been busy collecting fizzy wine bottle corks to make some of your freebie xmas tree décorations.

    • Never too old to learn new tricks! I actually only started crocheting a few years ago myself, after a lifetime of knitting and weaving and felting. Now it’s my fave fibre craft (if you couldn’t tell that already!) I hope you will get as much pleasure from crochet as I have 🙂

  2. I love your blog – it’s one of my favourites, you always design the most most most beautiful and cute things! =)

    Have a nice day,

  3. Hello Janine
    They are beautiful It is very nice as idea Kisses

  4. I totally love your baskets! They are so cheery and fun! Your colorful and fun posts are the best!! And oh how I laughed at your jar of eyeballs. Great work!!
    I crocheted your little chicks for my granddaughters for Easter last year, and they still play with them.
    Thanks a bunch for your great patterns!!

    • It’s lovely to hear that your granddaughters still enjoy playing with their little chicks. I’m not blessed with grandchildren yet but
      Oh my! If I ever am they are going to be so spoiled for amigurumi toys!

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