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Chasing the Sunshine


It’s been a real pleasure to see such a profusion of  bright colours on my riverwalk in recent weeks.

When the sun shines I get myself up and out of the house for a 4 mile round trip as often as I can be bothered. It’s rather tempting to just sit working in my pyjamas during the winter and early spring months but not really all that good for morale or the waistline in the long term!

Dodging the rain and chasing the rays is still a main preoccupation as the former is abundant and the latter is still relatively scarce, though getting better by the day. At least for now!

Nature switching between the relative extremes our weather throws at us always makes me appreciate the good days more, especially when they’re hemmed in on all sides by the bad ones. Life wouldn’t be nearly so vital or exciting without the contrasts.

There are flashes of colour everywhere I look. In an ancient stone wall by the cathedral…

…or the more industrial canalside setting.

All guaranteed to send me back to my studio with a bigger smile than when I left and much more energy and inspiration with which to pick up my hook again.

Back at home I’m still crocheting a woolly garden for one of my blanket projects and the number of flowers has grown steadily, just as they have outside in the real world.

I’ve only managed to scribble up the flower notes so far but I’m planning on taking a bunch of photos of how to crochet the whole hexi motif next.

My hexis are coming along nicely. I’ve arranged them in graded colours so I can see what I’m missing from the overall colour balance.

They make a super cat mattress.

But then so does a lap. My kitties are never short of a bit of comfort and I’m never short of the joy they bring. It’s a win win situation for us all!

The bright blanket I began a few weeks ago is undergoing a surprise metamorphosis into a cushion for my cat crochet chair. As I’m making the hexis into a blanket I though another cushion might be more useful instead.

One of my mandalas is also having a change of use and is going to be made into a round cushion instead of a covering for a footstool as I misjudged the shaping of the sides and it came out more flat than tubular! I’m still not sure how that happened, but it seems that double and treble crochets don’t shape up in a similar way to the single crochets I mostly use for my amigurumi.

So it’s back to the drawing board for a fancy looking footstool cover but onwards and outwards – making a few more rounds to finish the cushions.

I’m continuing to work on both mandalas, on and off. More off than on lately as the rounds take longer to complete as they get bigger (stating the obvious, I know!), so I’m just getting one round done every now and again, in between other projects.

It’s been gorgeous to see a flash or two of sunshine through the studio window…

…even if most of the light is soaked up by a feline solar ray sponge before it can reach me.

One thing’s for sure – my window needs a jolly good clean. There’s nothing like a blast of low slanting spring sunshine for showing up the grime of winter!

A favorite part of this time of year for me is when the clocks go forwards and the evenings suddenly become lighter for longer, meaning that evening walks become a frequent fixture when hubby gets back from work.

It really is a lovely way to round off the day and my legs and back are mostly grateful for a good stretch after hours of crocheting, or hunching over a keyboard.

Here’s a gorgeous little scene from one of this week’s crepuscular rambles. Such a pretty sight and plenty more to come as the evenings continue to lengthen out.

I still like the cosy after dark hours, but they feel even nicer after an evening stroll. I’ve got lots of ends to darn in on the mandalas…

…and the daisy hexagons too so there’s plenty of end-of-the day, brainfog-friendly sort of work to keep me busy for a while yet .

I’ve actually come to quite enjoy darning in ends as my crochet obsession deepens. A bit of sewing and snipping keeps my hands happily engaged while my mind can wander off, or get itself involved in whats on the TV, or allow my ears to fully engage with the programmes on Radio 4. No need to deliberate for ages about colour combinations or to twist my grey matter into knots counting rows and stitches. Pure crafty relaxation!

I hope you’ve got plenty of that sort of thing lined up for yourselves over the weekend. I’m certainly planning on getting my fair share, and possibly a bit more!

Author: mojimojidesign

Hello! I'm an amigurumi enthusiast, pattern writer, craft addict and cat fanatic, writing and musing about all those things and more from time to time.

9 thoughts on “Chasing the Sunshine

  1. I’m in the San Juan Islands this weekend!
    Crocheting doll hats and a tower for Rapunzel (the doll)!
    Happy Spring!!

  2. Hi and good day from a sunny wales
    I looked at the pic of your problem your mandalas
    the stitch height will make a difference but you may have forgotten to increase to keep the peace flat
    hope this helps for you next one

    • Thanks Jackie for your thoughts. The maths is completely different to using single crochets where everything is increasing by 6 stitches each round for a flat disc. I think for the flat bits I didn’t increase enough so got a bit of a dome going on then I tried not increasing at all to make a tube shape to cover the sides of the footstool and it ended up too baggy. Aaaagh! #amigurumi us so easy compared to regular crochet! 😔

      • even with a tub shape flat sides are needed but I have a cheat for you run round elastic around the baggy part a few times don’t pull it too tight just tight enough to fit the stool side also it will help keep the peace in place

      • Good idea. I have some elastic somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it 😊 Thanks for the tip!

  3. it’s been simply gorgeous weather in our part of the world too!
    I just wanted to tell you, I followed your owl necklace purce tutorial today and made my first owl purse – yay!
    Photo on my blog in case you’re interested. I’ve already started work on the next two lol. Thinking they’ll make nifty Easter présents for a few young girls I know.

    • I just popped over and had a look. The owl purses look fab and si dies your garden. Thanks fir the mention. I hope your crocheted gifts are well received! Here’s to plenty more sunshine and crochet garden days to come 🙂

  4. Long live the spring and all these beautiful colors. A beautiful patience to crochet all her pretty flowers.

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