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Lots of Monsters and a Tiny Kitty


My most exciting news this week is that we have a new addition to the family – and not the amigurumi family this time but a real life, living, breathing, actual bundle of fur in the form of a most adorable kitten!

He’s called Rubick and is around 11 weeks old. Oh my goodness what a handful he is! I have never had a kitten before, and never expected that I would. I’ve always been too easily bamboozled by the sob story of the ‘no-one-wants-me-I’ve been stuck-in-here-for-months’ adult cats at the RSPCA, but fate has brought this little fella my way after my son’s girlfriend’s cat gave birth to a litter of five in February and I’m not complaining!

He’s one of the tiny fluffies, I’m not sure which one exactly, in this big kitty pile!


Mummy cat is neutered now, so there’ll be no more pattering of tiny paws and this particular set of tiny paws technically belong to my son and may move with him when he gets his own place one day, but for now I intend to enjoy every minute of having a mischievous energy bomb of a new fur baby in the house.

I’m going to try really hard not to spam you with too many pics, though he has been hanging around me a lot while I’ve been (trying to do some) crocheting. Any moving yarn is like an industrial grade magnet for him. It’s a good job it’s been the Easter holidays and no deadlines are currently looming or I’d be in real trouble!

As it stands, I’ve been enjoying his company and getting short bursts of crochet in whenever and wherever I can, usually during Rubick’s nap times (aww, see, it’s just like having a real baby!).

Of course he loves to snuggle up on anything made of yarn – what cat doesn’t? So I’ve made him a few cosy spots where he can snooze near to me during the long hours my son is at work. Rubick’s used to the familiarity of his mum and four other siblings and my other cats haven’t taken to him yet, so I worry about him feeling lonely.

Kitten permitting,  I’ve been working on a whole rainbow of monsters during the pattern testing for this design.

Jeepers and Creepers are my contribution to the compilation book that resulted from last year’s Design-a-Monster competition. This mischief making duo are currently winging it via airmail to Belgium.

This is them just before they stowed away in the box and headed off to the post office.

Those silly old monsters forgot to pack their dust bunny friends so I had to post them off separately when I found them down the back of the desk during the Spring Bank Holiday tidy up.

In all fairness it probably wasn’t Jeepers and Creepers who were to blame as the new kitten on the block loves both cardboard boxes and pompoms and caused a great deal of havoc during the parcelling up process where rolls of tape, packing materials and several of the dust bunnies went flying around – with Rubick skittering after them.

We’re all sorted now though, and the dust bunnies are finally on their way to the continent in a jiffy bag all of their own, probably accompanied by a cat hair or two.

Once I started down the harmonious path of rainbow gloriousness I just couldn’t stop adding in more and more gradients until I had a basket of appendages in every colour of the rainbow and a few more besides…

… and a matching hoard of bodies too.

After carefully laying them out on the floor in the right order Pogo decided I’d made him a perfect place to sit.

What is it with cats and circles?! Not that the formation remained circular for very long, but Pogo was happily settled in and didn’t seem to care too much by then.

Once I managed to regroup them I decided to pair them with their opposite partners on the colour wheel.

I think that should be rather eye catching.

Talking of eyes…

… as each monster has more than his or her fair share of ocular organs I ended up having to make a very, very lot of them! At this point I’m wondering why I really needed a Jeepers or Creepers in every colour, but I’m in too deep to stop now.

I’ll just have to grit my teeth and get on with it.

I think Jeepers and Creepers were as much startled to see so many monster bottoms sticking up in the air as I was at the thought of sewing them together in such great numbers!

Actually, it was rather fun once I got into the swing of it.

I think it’s going to be worth while. What a jolly bunch they’re going to be!

And even though I tried so hard not to flood you with endless photos of my cute-as-a-button kitten, I’m going to have to leave you with a montage – because I just can’t hold back any longer!

Shhh… he’s napping again now, time to sew a few more monster body parts together!

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Hello! I'm an amigurumi enthusiast, pattern writer, craft addict and cat fanatic, writing and musing about all those things and more from time to time.

26 thoughts on “Lots of Monsters and a Tiny Kitty

  1. I love seeing your work in progress . . . all those baskets of body parts and eyes just waiting to be assembled into a total rainbow of Jeepers and Creepers! As for Rubick . . . you’re in for some fun times with a kitten lol.

  2. To be honest with you, I didn’t know what to feast my eyes on first – the so-squeeeee kitten Rubick (what a wonderful name for him!), or the multi-coloured monsters you created – they’re absolutely gorgeous! 🙂
    By the way, Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubby, and may you have many, many more 🙂

    • Thanks Katy, sweet of you to remember 🙂 Hubby and I are having a quiet day at home today – watching the kitten mostly! It’s just lovely to spend the day together with nothing planned for a change. Lazy days are the best, especially when they’re few and far between.

  3. Please do spam us with pictures of your adorable tuxedo kitten! Rubick is such a great name! And they do love yarn….I’ve got four that think every ball of yarn belongs to them!

  4. What an adorable addition to the family! In my opinion, there can never be too many pictures of your cats. Love all the different colors of monsters,it’s hard to choose a favorite!

  5. He’s so gorgeous. It’s lovely to see such a lovely new addition to your family. I have two cats that I got as kittens last year and they both adore my knitting and crochet things. I have two pairs of wooden knitting needles that I can no longer use as one of the cats chewed them to shreds! Love the monsters too x

  6. Dear Janine😊,

    I’m admiring your writing for about two years or more now. I love your style, you not only good with your hands knitting/crochetting but you are an excellent writer. I stopped crochetting for some time now, but I still love reading your newsletters. You have a talent of a writer. I also always think to myself, how she accomplished soooo much in so little time. At first I was not sure you have a family, but after one newsletter I found out you have not just cats but the big family too. Wow! You are truly amazing. Your husband and your boys are very lucky to have such Mum and wife. I wish your with all your family members, including of course all cats, kittens and even stuffed ones 😉 the very best. I loved this post and Rubick 😊. And I wouldnt mind too, if you have sent more photos of him :). And of course I love all your creations and beautifuuuul and well thought photos of them.

    Say hello to your family from me☺️

    Alla. Australia, Sydney.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thanks for your lovely comments Alla. I do enjoy writing my blog and putting all my crochet and cat related musings together, and a little about the family too. It’s really nice to know you’re out there reading my posts and enjoying them, all the way on the other side of the globe! 🙂 The family gives a big wave hello back to Australia!

  7. I love your Jeepers and Creepers!! But Rubick outshines them!! He is adorable!! Thanks for sharing his pictures!!

  8. Those are such cute monters, and I love the kitty too. I have one that has been with me since he was 3 weeks old, he is very much attached.
    I also just got a new amigurumi book and found out that the pattern I wanted the book for was yours…😁 the parents and baby animals…

    • Gosh, your kitty must have been tiny at three weeks, no wonder he is so attached, you are like a true mum to him I should think! Hope you have fun making Papa and Pierre penguin 🙂

  9. love the monsters also the way keep each part in it’s own place are you using a wicker wine holder for the lager parts
    kitty time is always good times but mad as the “Hatter in Wonderland” running everywhere with time spare, they act as if they have over dosed on Catnip

    • It might be a wine holder, I’m not sure. I picked it up at a charity shop a while ago thinking the compartments would come in handy for certain projects. I’m obsessed with wicker baskets of all shapes and sizes. I have nearly as many as I have balls of wool!

  10. He’s a major cutie! I love love kittens. My cat’s mother has just had more kittens (at my dad’s house), they’re so tiny! Marceline is two years old and has no interest in whether or not she has siblings.
    I always enjoy seeing your crochet process. The basket of eyes is fab! 🙂

    • How wonderful to be able to watch another litter of kittens grow up. I visited Rubick’s litter from three weeks old and I am amazed at how fast they change. Are you tempted to have another or would Marceline be too averse to the idea?

      My other three cats are slowly getting used to the new kitten but he knows no constraints when it comes to chasing them around. He’s pretty fearless. Poor Mojo is particularly terrified of him… but then Mojo gets scared if he catches sight of his own tail or if someone shuts the fridge door too loudly!

      A bit of patience and some extra treats for the adult cats and I’m sure we’ll be living in blissful harmony soon enough.

      • My kids desperately want one of her brothers or sisters to join us but there are a lot of cats where we live and Marcy gets spooked by some of them. She’s even more timid since the tom from next door has been coming in to our house and spraying. He sprays on the toilet door of all places!! At least there’s no carpet…
        Rubick will calm down at some point I suppose. We had a boy cat a few years ago who loved running up curtains, balls of wool and chasing his tail. He was bonkers!! The vet said by age 3 he would act more chilled. (He didn’t make it to that age- a car got him).

      • That’s too sad about your boy cat. He sounds like he was a great character. Your Marcy is much like my Mojo in that they’re both easily spooked. We just got a micro chip cat flap for ours so only our cats can use it. Quite expensive but worth it as there are lots of other cats around here and I’ve caught a few coming in at night to polish up all the cat food in the kitchen!

      • He certainly was a character!!
        Sounds interesting about the cat flap. I’ll look into those. I wasn’t sure how reliable they’d be (I thought maybe it’d be like the magnetic ones that never actually worked!).

  11. What a great set of monsters though that bowl of eyes would be perfect for Halloween. The new kitten is so cute and based on the photos, he doesn’t look lonely at all.

  12. Oh look at his tiny little face! You are more than welcome to flood us with kitty pictures! As for the crocheting – wow! I am impressed you managed to get so much work done with a new kitty – my first few weeks with my kitten this time last year were completely sabotaged by her unwillingness to give me even a minute of crochet time!

    • He’s growing fast and loves playing with my yarn, especially when I’m working with it so there have been challenges to my productivity! Sounds like you know exactly what it’s like!

  13. Rubick is absolutely beautiful and what lovely photos of the cat litter too! Thanks for sharing fellow cat lover. We have just adopted two black kitties, Nera and Ebony and their brother Ziggy. They are in hiding at the moment and will need time to settle I think. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and this week’s poems are about cats in case you have time to look? Have a good day, Sam 🙂

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