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Hundreds of Hexies


Woohoo! It took a little while but I have at last finished the first batch of hexies! At this stage I thought they were the only batch of hexies I’d need – however there was a change of plan somewhere along the line but I’ll tell you more about that later…

Next came the happy task of joining them all together.

I love the colours and had a great deal of fun playing around with their placement. There is so much satisfaction in seeing all those individual elements coming together to create one flat smooth, neatly grafted whole.

Work has been ticking along with this blanket on and off. I’ve been hooking up a hexie or two or joining long and short rows whenever possible.

Rubick is growing fast, almost as fast as the blanket, and is as lively and curious as ever. He still loves sitting on my WIPs any chance he gets, but then I never knew a cat that didn’t!

All those loose ends and oodles of soft blanketty goodness are too much for a fun loving, comfort seeking kitty to resist.

When I do get a cat free moment I’ve steadily crocheted, darned and snipped my way along, squeezing in what I can between my amigurumi designing, taking a row or two to join up wherever I go. There’s been little stacks of hexies in the bedroom, in the studio, on the sofa and even in the car.

Mojo is slowly getting used to having Rubick around. Not so much hissing at each other anymore…

…though there’s a bit of a disgruntled look going on here in the background! Maybe Mojo isn’t quite prepared to make a best buddy of the interloper yet.

I had planned on making a pretty border to round the blanket off nicely but in the end I decided to repurpose it into a covering for the back of my chair. This has to be the easiest bit of upholstery I’ve ever done as all that was required was some firm tucking in of the blanket edges into the creases of the chair and Hey Presto! Just like magic, my chair has had a whole new makeover and looks like a million dollars. Well, maybe half a million, as it is actually only half finished right now.

It’s worked a treat and is a very snug fit. So there was me thinking my hexie project was nearly over when in fact I’m now going to need to make a second piece to cover the seat pad. Good job the daisies are such a pleasure to make. I didn’t waste much time on getting started on the second leg of hexie heaven.

A very long car journey from Worcester to Luton, accompanying my oldest son to his new digs and new job as a graphic designer (woohoo – very proud of him of course!) gave me a great opportunity to get making another batch of beauties.

Sunshine and showers were the order of the day. And what a long day it was.

Sunbeams all morning and a lap full of colour would put a smile on anyones face.

But even a turn in the weather on the way back home may have dampened the scenery but not the spirit.

I was chuffed to bits to get all of my second set of hexies completed and the ends darned in as well. With just enough time left to spend finishing my Caron Cake scarf.

All it needs now are some tassels attached to either end and I have another finished project under my belt (or rather, round my neck).

That was certainly a most mammoth, butt numbing, car journey and I felt really glad to get back home and stretch my legs again. The rain had set in well and truly by now but grey skies are not such a calamity when I have this gorgeously cosy thing going on in the studio.

The cats know it’s the best spot in the house and I have to agree. This really is my happy place and the word blessed doesn’t even begin to sum up how lucky I feel.

I shall continue to combat the rainy day blues by crocheting rainbows. I’m slowly working on yarn bombing every spare square foot of my favorite corner of the earth. Watch out Rubick… you might be next! Wouldn’t he look cute in a little patchwork jumper and a hat?!

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14 thoughts on “Hundreds of Hexies

  1. All of that wonderful colour, and cute kitties, is enough to make me smile – which is a miracle in itself, after election time! πŸ™‚

  2. Love the chair cover — and the kitties. Nothing comfortable and snuggly is ever finished until it is blessed by a cat. πŸ™‚ My Callie takes that job very seriously.

    • All my crochet is anointed with cat fur. Wouldn’t be without them though. Give Callie a tickle under the chin from me. Glad to hear she’s doing a good job approving all your crochet!

  3. Rubick is darling! He looks like he is wearing a tuxedo!!

  4. What a beautiful riot of colour your Henie project turned into! Absolutely stunning and guaranteed to put a smile on your face every day πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ»
    Cats & kittens are the best tonic on a grey day and combined with the meditative power of crochet you have a great combination for a chilled lifestyle. Love reading your blog

  5. love the chairs look. currently I have 2 projects going no 3 the third is what I call my travel project as I only need 1 ball of yarn. this is curtain to cover the patio door when I open it to let her majesty Lady Black, my black cat. LB only needs a small opening but the top lets in flying buzzers, I hope this curtain will cover the top part stopping the flying buzzers. 1 of the other projects is a crochet version of Persian dreams blanket designed by Jenise Hope the kit is sold Knit my third project is a free form jacket worked in DMC Petra in 8 thickness and Babylo 30. I am using both as Petra is sold in solid colours and Babylo as that is sold in variegated colours using both I have a better mix in threads would love to send you pic’s I will posting them on my website when they are finished

  6. Thank you for continuing to post such cheery updates. They always bring a smile to my face.
    Congratulations to your son. Hope he loves his new job!!

  7. Hi do you have a pattern for your hexies please

  8. Looking gorgeous! Love the colours and pattern!

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