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As you may or may not know by now, the lovely and inventive people at have been running various monthly Ami-Alongs since July.

Each month a different designer gets to take the spotlight with a brand new design of their own devising. Well, maybe you guessed what I’m about to say? Yep, this month it’s my turn! I was thrilled to be asked to come up with a new character especially for this event and to be a part of such a fun, community adventure. I soon got my thinking cap on and before I knew it Tommy and Tammy, the tortoise twins, were born.

When I see these pictures they make me think of first graders setting off to school for the first time with their new hats and matching rucksacks.

The pattern will be available for the next month (until November 13th 2017) by joining the ami-along. Participants will also have access to the forum where you can get involved posting pictures of your work, asking me random questions or simply chatting to each other about favorite yarns, tips and techniques. There are also some great prizes on offer in categories such as ‘best finished character’ and ‘most original/interesting question’ (chosen by me at the end of the ami-along), plus more mystery completions that will be revealed as the month goes on.

If you like the idea of participating you can find out more details over at the Ami-Along intro page. I do hope you’ll join us! I’ve seen one familiar face over there already (hello Katy!) and would love to find out how you all get on making your own little torties.

At around 6″ (10 cm) tall, my tortoises work up fairly quickly, so no huge time commitment is necessary, but of course you can spend the entire month making a whole bunch of them if you like.

I really enjoyed playing around with different colour combinations during the design and testing phases.

These are my favorites, but the possibilities are endless.

I hope you don’t think it rude of them to turn their backs on you but they’re very keen to show off their fancy shells.

If you don’t have the time this month you could always join in and make a tiny tortoise. This is part of the same pattern and are Tommy and Tammy’s favorite cuddly toys to take along on their adventures.

Contrary to a tortoise’s usual slow motion nature these little palm sized sweeties fly off the hook at great speeds. I absolutely had to make a set in an entire rainbow of colours. A great little stash buster for using up all those odds and ends of yarn I know you’ve all got lying around!

Snugged up in my comfy arm chair the first set of twins were busily hooked into existence…

…followed closely by their diminutive friends. I really can never make just one of anything. Or even only two or three.

These minigurumis were so satisfying to make, and once one sweet shell was finished I couldn’t wait to pick up another scrap of yarn and make another…and another…

…and another, etc. etc.

I found out that a group of tortoises is called a ‘creep’. I get the idea behind the choice of terminology but somehow it doesn’t really seem to do them justice. Tortoises are mostly solitary anyway but Tommy, Tammy and the toy tortoises would beg to differ there. They love company and are usually found hanging around together – and it’s not at all creepy!

In fact this pair are quite inseparable and with a warm hat, a cosy shell and their favorite toy tortoises in tow, Tommy and Tammy often head off on grand adventures, camping out for days at a time. Due to their slow pace they never manage to get very far, but they’re more than content to plod along. They know that a happy life isn’t about rushing to your destination, but more about enjoying the journey.

When the sun shines and the weather is warm enough they look pretty cute without their hats too.

Nothing wrong with a bald head, as hubby insists on telling me. To be honest, I have to agree it suits him as much as it suits the tortoises!

Well, that’s all for now folks. Hope to see you later for some tortoise related tittle tattle over on the forums!

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16 thoughts on “Tommy and Tammy Ami-Along

  1. I was just so happy when I saw that you were doing this month’s pattern, Janine!
    I’m so looking forward to starting my own little Tortoises soon (I’m waiting on some yarn at the moment!) 🙂

  2. You are one clever lady and all your work is amazing. I hope to join in for this one,I have been working on your froggy almost finish the first one ,thanking you Mazza from Australia.

  3. Not only do I Love🐢🐢, got it from my mom when I was a kid, but I Love your patterns and the Life you have given to Tommy and Tammy Turtle. When I saw the pattern for this months CAL & saw that you were the designer I knew it was going to be one I have to get.. I’m currently picking out my colors for Jeepers or Creepers. Not sure who I am going to make first. Be on the lookout for a few of them, I love making pom-pom’s too. When I am finished they will be posted on my IG page with you tagged in the picture. Have a Great Day.. it’s a good day to Crochet here in NJ, cold, Windy and Rainy.. 👍👍

    • Sounds very like our weather at the moment in the UK. We have a storm blowing in on monday so I think I shall spend the whole day tucked up with a crochet hook, surrounded by balls of yarn too! I shall look out for your post on Instagram 🙂

  4. J’adore les tortues . Je me réjouis de les crocheter. Bisous

  5. They are really cute. I’m amazed at how many you made, then again I don’t think I’ve ever seen you make one of something 🙂

    • I’m afraid that’s the nature of the crochet experience for me. One of anything is never enough. There’s just so much yarn and so many colour combinations to play around with!

  6. Hi, I’m making Penny the Pine Tree but I don’t understand the frill. I end up with one frill and don’t see how to make the other two. I would really appreciate your help! Thanks, Jenelle

  7. I just saw your dragon entry for the magical creatures competition. It is adorable. I hope you do a blog post once the competition is live, so we can vote.

    • Hi Theresa, I’m working on a short post about it right now and hope to have it published tomorrow! Glad to hear you like my dragon. Any votes for him would be gratefully received 😀 Thanks!

  8. How do I get the pattern

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