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Last Few Days of Pre-Sale

Just thought I’d do a quick post to spread the word! Amigurumi Animals at Work, the new book  compiled and designed by Joke Vermeiren from is available to order at great pre-sale prices for a few more days yet. (Pre-sale deal will end on the 31st May 2014).

It’s such a lovely, fun book, packed with original designs by amigurumi artists from all around the world. I thought you might like to take a peek at the full collection. You can see that my Cyril the Squirrel has been keeping very fine company indeed!


You’ll be spoiled for choice as to which one to make first! I think I’m going to start with Mama Hen as I have a friend who loves to bake and who also happens to have a birthday coming up soon. Just perfect!


Shelley the Snail and her Family

I’ve been busy with my crochet hook and yarn again this week and find that it’s now time to introduce you all to my new friends, the Snail Family! I have a soft spot for snails, which is why my garden always fails spectacularly. With a ratio of around 50 snails to every marigold or pansy (that’s what it seems like anyway), I think it’s a battle that I’ve resigned myself to losing. They’re just too sweet to wage a campaign against, so in the age old tradition of  ‘if you can’t beat them, join crochet them’  I made this pattern as a celebration of these terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs. (Don’t they sound grand when you put it like that!).

Please put your hands together and give a warm welcome to Shelley the Snail and her babies, Sheldon and Shelby!

Snail-TrioA rainy day is a jolly good day as far as Shelley the Snail is concerned. When everywhere is nice and damp she tentatively emerges from her shell, rounds up Sheldon and Shelby, and off they all go for a lovely slow motion wallow in the shallow puddles. They’re often found racing each other to the end of the garden. Shelley could win easily but she lets the babies have a head start while she munches on a tasty radish or two from the vegetable plot.

I don’t mind losing out on a few radish. I can always get a fresh bunch from the supermarket any time I want if the snails are really intent in staging a garden takeover. It’s been such a wet year too, I think they have the numbers to do just that right now!

If your a bit of a snailophile like me, then you can get the pattern from my Etsy/Ravelry/Craftsy shops. And if you’re busy gardening this weekend, have a little compassion and remember, snails are people too! (?) And if you really feel that it’s either your prized herbaceous border or them, you can always throw them over the fence into next doors garden. I’m sure your neighbors won’t mind 🙂


Bradley the Badger

I’ve been working on this pattern for a while now. It’s been one of my more experimental designs as I’ve tried a different kind of pose to a lot of my other animals. He’s had several different incarnations, but I’m finally happy with how he looks. So here is my latest little critter, Bradley the Badger Cub.


He’s already made good friends with Hedley the Hedghog. These two will be up to all sorts of adventures together I’ve no doubt! Hedley has been out foraging wild strawberries for his supper and because he knows they’re Bradley’s favorite treat he saved some for him too. How sweet!



Then Bradley spent the afternoon exploring the garden with Mojo. I think they just heard something rustling in the bushes. The naturally nocturnal Bradley is a bit outside of his comfort zone in broad daylight.  Ah well, not to worry, safety in numbers. If these two little black and white fellas stick together and look out for each other then I’m sure they’ll be fine!


Pattern now available in my Etsy, Ravelry or Craftsy stores if you want to make your own Bradley.

He’s so looking forward to meeting you!




Hippopotamus Pyjama Party.

At last I’ve managed to finish a new pattern. It’s been a while this time due to book commitments, family life, a granny blanket obsession and getting out and about a bit more at weekends thanks to all the lovely spring weather we’ve been having. So I’m very pleased to finally introduce you to Harriet and Harvey, the baby Hippos who love bedtime, snuggly blankets, soft pillows and fancy pyjamas!


Sleepover parties are one of their most favorite things, snuggled up in their blankets, chatting with friends into the small hours. There’s usually a secret midnight feast too, with cheese and crackers and chocolate biscuits, but only after they’ve crept around the house to make sure all the grown-ups have gone to sleep!  Harvey and Harriet also like a quiet night in. When it’s just the two of them they happily toddle off to bed for an early night with hot chocolate (marshmallows on top of course) and a good book. After all, little hippos don’t get to be this good looking without getting lots of beauty sleep!


 The pattern has all the instructions you’ll need for Harvey and Harriet Hippo as well as their pretty matching bedding.

 Good night little hippopotami. Sweet dreams!

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St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

I hope you all have a great St. Patrick’s Day and that you’ve got something fun planned later that involves at least one pint of Guinness! Franklyn the Frog has started his celebrations already…


Heaven knows what state he’s likely to be in by the time I finish work and get to join him in the garden!

 Here’s Franklyn with his cousin Fernando doing a bit of sun basking earlier today.


Though I have to say that being tropical forest frogs (Fernando is a Red Eyed Tree Frog and Franklyn is an Australian Green Tree Frog) they have certainly been enjoying the record levels of rain during their vacation to the UK. They never got used to the icy temperatures though and couldn’t wait to get out and warm up their cold blood with a bit of sun after all those gray skies. Hopefully the sunshine and mild temperatures we’ve been having in recent days are going to last a bit longer yet (please!). I keep eyeing the sunny patches of my garden enviously and hoping I’ll get to enjoy some sunshiny St. Patrick’s day shenanigans with my little green friends later on. But if the weather takes a turn for the worst I might take them to the pub instead, if Franklyn is still sober enough to hop that is!!

Enjoy your celebrations!

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An Amigurumi Army!

I just wanted to share with you this fabulous compilation of amigurumis! This expansive animal collection is the culmination of several years collaborative work between Joke Vermeiren and the designers whose work features in the Zoomigurumi series of books. I reckon if you’re an amigurumi enthusiast or just amigurumi curious you’ll surely be inspired to pick up your hook and get making a zoo of your own with these cute critters to tempt you. Its full of beautiful quality photographs too, as you can see from Joke’s lovely montage below.


What’s really exciting is that all three Zoomigurumi books are available at a special price of £31.50 (52 USD) until the 22nd March 2014 (including shipping). Thats 45 original and fun designs and, if my maths is correct (reaches for idiot proof, jumbo sized calculator…) that’s a mere 70 pence (or $1.15) per pattern . Who could possibly resist? As an added bonus you get a PDF version of each book available to download as soon as payment clears. If you’re an impatient so and so, (like me!) you’ll be happy not to have to wait for the postman before you can start bringing you own amigurumi army to life.

If you’re interested you can order online here:

I’m always excited to see my designs in an actual book, on an actual bookshelf, (or on the virtual bookshelves of Amazon), so I’d like to brag about it -just a little bit- by showing you some close-ups of my pattern contributions! And here they are…

Lulu and Lollo Lamb (Zoomigurumi 2)


Tom the Tiger (Zoomigurumi 2)


And Hedley the Hedgehog (Zoomigurumi 3)


Ok, I’ve stopped showing off now. Thanks for indulging me! Back to more pattern designing I think. I’ve got a badger as a work in progress at the moment but I wonder what animal to do next? Has anybody got any requests? I’m always open to suggestions 🙂


Save the Hedgehogs!

Fresh out of hibernation, lovable Hedley the Hedgehog is wide awake and ready to start exploring the neighborhood. It’s a bit early in the year for most hedgehogs to be out and about, but Hedley knows how to dress for the cold weather and always wears his signature scarf when he’s taking a stroll through the hedgerows and fields. There’s no chance of getting spiked by Hedley, he’s a very hug-friendly kind of guy and one of the cuddliest hedgehogs you’re ever going to meet.


Recently, voters in a poll ran by BBC Wildlife Magazine named the hedgehog as Britain’s National Species. Badgers, otters and oak trees were among other popular choices but with 42% of the votes going to our prickly native, hedgehogs won, hands paws down! Hedley was delighted when I told him and decided to do a victory parade. Here he is raising the flag for Great Britain.


Hedley would like you all to know that although hedgehogs are not considered to be endangered as such, their numbers are declining because of natural habitat loss. So he’s put together his top 5 tips on how to show him and his kin some love by making your garden more hedgehog friendly.

1. Be scruffy (Hooray! I don’t need too much encouragement there!) – Have a few untidy areas in your garden where leaves and woodpiles are undisturbed so hedgehogs can find shelter and forage for food. You could also help a hedgehog take up residence by leaning a piece of wood against a wall or try building (or buying) a hibernation box. A compost heap will also provide warmth, security and food. Here’s Hedley about to try out a couple of new homes to see which he likes best.

Building a hedgehog house

2. Don’t use pesticides  – These aggressive chemicals eliminate natural hedgehog prey and even hedgehogs themselves as they can be killed by eating poisoned slugs.

3. Be vigilant – Watch out for nesting hedgehogs when using lawnmowers and strimmers and please only build your bonfires on the day you plan to light them. Bonfire stacks will encourage hedgehogs to take up residence, with obvious disastrous consequences when they’re lit.

4. Invite hedgehogs into your garden – Not with little gilt edged cards ‘requesting the pleasure of’ of course, but by cutting a hedgehog sized hole in your fence if you are not lucky enough to have a hedge surrounding your garden. You could get together with your neighbours to make hedgehog runways if you live in an area with lots of gardens adjoining each other. Hedgehogs love a suburban landscape as there is often plenty of shelter and food to be found there. They also love to go wandering and can cover several kilometers each night.

5. Leave food out for them – Hedgehogs like tinned cat or dog food (chicken flavors, not fish), cat biscuits, raisins, sultanas, fruit, mild cheddar cheese, and unsalted chopped peanuts to name a few. There’s more info on their ideal diet here.

Now I’ve taken Hedley’s advice and done all I can to provide a hedgehog friendly environment in my garden , but if that fails to attract any hedgehogs I have a back up plan to help the problem of their declining numbers. Can anyone guess what it is? Well, it’s to crochet an army of them instead of course! Here goes…!


If you want to help boost the numbers of crocheted hedgehogs in the world, as well as real ones, then Hedley’s pattern is now available hereDSCN2342

For more information on hedgehogs in general this is a great site:

British Hedgehog Preservation Society


Mermaid spotted on Floodplain!

It feels like it’s been raining forever, and the River Severn just keeps getting higher and higher. The swans are happy though, and there has been a rare inland sighting of Meredith the Mermaid. Though technically a saltwater inhabitant this little mermaid is having no trouble adapting to a freshwater environment. We think she must have arrived here from our nearest seaside resort of Weston-Super-Mare, having negotiated the weirs and managed to swim upstream, splashing along the floodplains with her faithful friend Stella the Starfish!


Here’s Meredith and her pals in sunnier times, relaxing on the beach.


They won’t be on land for long though, too much sunshine can be very drying for their delicate skin. Too much water, however, is never a problem for a mermaid. Shame that can’t be said for the rest of us! Now the main bridge is closed, due to rising water levels, traffic chaos is all that’s left for those of us born without fins or webbed feet! This is my cycle route around the river. It’s been out of action for weeks now. If this goes on much longer I might just sell my bike and buy a pedalo instead!

At least my house is out of the danger zone, being halfway up a big hill. I have to admit that over the years I’ve often cursed the steepness of the gradient while carrying shopping or pushing toddlers in buggies up it, but I’m pretty grateful right now!


Who’s That Scuttling About in the Pantry?!

Missy Mouse is in the house! And she love, love, loves a nibble of cheese.

At least you’re honest Missy Pink Mouse, and maybe there are a few crumbs left in the bottom of the pot for Missy Blue Mouse, it’s got to be worth checking out.


Hmm, it was only a few crumbs too. Oh well, good to see they haven’t fallen out about it .


After all, with such a sweet face it would be difficult to remain mad at her for long! I’m quite sure that Missy Blue mouse would have eaten it all too if she had have got there first.


Maybe you still have too much tempting cheese left over from Christmas. If it’s threatening to scupper your New Years diet… You could always make your own Missy Mouse to help solve the problem!


Nut and Bolt, Robots from Outer Space.

Hi all! Things are getting a bit hectic here in the run up to Christmas but I have managed to tidy up the ends of my robot pattern at last. I’ve done quite a few festive patterns in the last month or so and just fancied to do something different. So here they are, Nut and Bolt, my two lovable, squeezable intergalactic robots. Robot softies don’t come much softer than these two!


Nut is the big one and Bolt is his little side-kick. Nut drives the spaceship and Bolt goes roving over new terrain, reporting all his findings back to HQ.

Of course in advanced civilizations there are equal opportunities for everyone, so you won’t be surprised to see female members of the expedition too.  Nut and Bolt are posing here with the equally intrepid Nutella and Boltina.


They come in peace to spread the love and wisdom of advanced civilizations from beyond the stars and are on a mission to replicate all over the known universe via the medium of yarn and hook.

Now I think you can tell from these photos that these are 100% genuine moon landing pictures, which means their next stop must be Earth, so watch out for them arriving soon at an online pattern store near you!