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Hearts and Bees

Hearts and bees make nice little embellishments for all sorts of things, make these little plant pot decorations, a garland or a wreath, or they could be stuffed with pot pourri for a pretty sweet smelling addition to a clothes drawer. How about a heart and bee mobile? Key fobs, bag charms… I could go on, but I’m sure you’ve got plenty of ideas of your own!


Please click the buttons below to download the pattern.


Whatever you make with the pattern I hope you have fun with it!

9 thoughts on “Hearts and Bees

  1. Love these!! So cute!! These will be perfect to finish off my husbands valentines gift!! Thanks

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  3. Would be cute on top of pencils for teachers or students.

  4. Love these. So very cute. Can’t wait to make some. Thank you for the patterns.

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  6. I made hearts and sold 2.

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