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Moji-Moji Design Privacy Policy


Moji-Moji Design is committed to maintaining the trust of all its valued customers and visitors and as such please be assured that any personal information collected either through or via Moji-Moji Design’s pattern shops on e-commerce platforms is never shared with other companies for any reason what-so-ever.

Why Does Moji-Moji Design Collect Personal Information?

The amount and type of personal information collected by Moji-Moji Design is limited to the minimum required to:

  • Give you the best experience browsing this website including the ability to use its features.
  • Allow Moji-Moji Design to fulfil your purchases from shops on various e-commerce platforms.
  • Answer any customer service enquiries or offer help on your general crochet questions.

How Information is Collected?

There are four ways in which information is gathered by Moji-Moji Design:

  • That which is willingly provided to Moji-Moji Design to facilitate receipt of a product or service.
  • Transactional information which is accessed or received automatically as the result of a crochet pattern purchase.
  • Transactional information that is downloaded manually from PayPal to fulfil my legal taxation obligations.
  • Website cookies.

Below are examples of each in more detail:

Information You Provide Yourself

If you want to subscribe to the service that conveniently delivers blog posts by directly to your inbox when they are published, you will need to submit your email address. This is a free, automated service provided by the host site’s website content management at, who store your email address on their servers. You can remove yourself from this service at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any post email. Alternatively, I can remove manually if you let me know.

Many of you will have your own websites on and as part of that community you will be able to like and leave comments on blog post, etc. If you chose to do this, I can see your WordPress username and email address, but as a blogger yourself you are probably fully aware of that anyway.

WordPress is owned and developed by Automattic Inc. and you can read its privacy policy here

Direct emails initiated by a customer requesting formal customer support are retained until the query has been satisfactorily resolved. They are then deleted.

Direct emails initiated by a customer requesting specific patterns as a bundle are retained until the order has been fulfilled. They are then deleted.

Transactional Information Accessed or Received Automatically

Moji-Moji Design does not sell from this website, instead preferring to use the recognised e-commerce platforms and specialised crochet/knitting websites provided by Etsy, Ravelry, AmigurumiPatterns, Love Knitting & Love Crochet.

When you buy a pattern, Moji-Moji Design has access through its account on the respective platform/website to information about the transaction that includes the time and details of the purchase in addition to personal information including your username on the platform/website, your real name if you have provided it as part of your profile, your email address and sometimes a full or partial physical address.

If you pay by PayPal a notification of the transaction is received via email that includes duplicate details of some, but not all information. These emails are retained for reference, and to aid in tracking down orders in the event of any pattern download enquiries for 28 days before being permanently deleted.

Moji-Moji Design never shares any personal information accessible as a result of a transaction on any e-commerce platform or other website with anyone else.

If you want to read the privacy policies of the respective e-commerce platforms and PayPal the links are here:




Love Knitting & Love Crochet


Transactional Information Downloaded Manually

All businesses must submit annual account for income taxation purposes. In preparation of our annual accounts, information for all transactions is downloaded from PayPal before being anonymized by removal of all personal information. Only the financial information and transaction ID is retained by Moji-Moji Design, which is then kept as an audit trail in the event of an HMRC tax inspection.

Website Cookies

Cookies are a whole subject in their own right and have their own separate cookie policy, which you can read more about here:

Does Moji-Moji Design Share Personal Information with Third Parties?

Just to reiterate again, no, never, ever

Where is the Information Stored?

Direct emails sent to Moji-Moji Design are stored on my computer for the minimum amount of time necessary to provide the service requested. Information relating directly to your purchase/s is stored on the servers of,, and as well as on PayPal. Your email address and user name is stored on if you have elected to supply them as part of the WordPress community.

Access to your information

Most personal information accessible to Moji-Moji Design is stored on the various e-commerce platforms and websites listed above. You also have access to it because it is, in fact, your information. What little is kept on Moji-Moji Design’s system is in the form of emails received from you. If you need to see anything stored here or have it deleted just contact Moji-Moji Design at with your request.

Changes to Moji-Moji Design’s Privacy Policy

This privacy notice was last updated on 24th May 2018. It is regularly reviewed, and any changes will be published on this page. If you have any questions or concerns about the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, please contact Moji-Moji Design at