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Nesting Rainbow Owls

Here’s a set of wide-eyed Rainbow Owls and a mossy nest for them to snuggle up in. Of course you don’t have to stick with the rainbow theme. These little guys would look good in any color combinations. The owls and the leaves that decorate the nest are made with light worsted weight/DK yarn (worsted weight would work just as well) while the nest itself is crocheted up in lightening fast time with super bulky yarn. I like the contrast between the two different weights of yarn. The heavy yarn looks kind of like bark so the nest really did end up looking ย like it was straight out of the forest. I think you’ll agree this family of owls look very comfy in there!


I’ve nicknamed the green owl Kevin as he definitely enjoys being home alone!

nest owl


Have fun with this pattern but please don’t re-publish itย in any way.ย I am happy for you to make and sell the finished articles from both my free and paid for patterns. A credit for Moji-Moji Design as the pattern creator would make me very happy and a link to my blog or my Ravelry shop (listed in the sidebar >) would be much appreciated! In order to keep the handmade love going please note that wholesale manufacturing of items from any of my patterns is not permitted. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

305 thoughts on “Nesting Rainbow Owls

  1. What a lovely pattern of these cute little guys! I have been able to download the English version after a second try. Thanks a lot for sharing your pattern.

  2. thank you – i made one of the owlets, adding loop stichtches to his hair and wings, he looks damn cute. I will try and post it to fb

  3. Little Kevin owl has stolen my heart!

  4. This is too adorable!! We have an owl theme for my Sunday School 1st grade class and are going to use this for the kids to “earn” class rewards. When the nest is full, we celebrate! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. These are the cutest things I’ve seen in awhile. The matching rainbow eyes are fabulous. Thank you for sharing such an adorable pattern. I plan on using it for a coworker’s baby shower……she’s decorating the nursery in owls!!!

  6. Hi I’ve just finished my first owl and I love him! Thanks for the fab design and letting us use your pattern. Can I just ask how do you deal with changing colours? I merged a new colour in and then cut off the old colour so had to see in the ends – is there an easier way so not so many ends to sew in? I am fairly new to crochet so any advise very welcome! Thanks

    • Hi Lisa, I just carry the yarn ends up the inside of the work without cutting them and begin crocheting with them again as needed. This works out fine for stripes of between 1 and three, maybe four rounds deep. Where the colour changes are further apart, cut the yarn but don’t bother darning it in. It’s good enough to just tie the adjacent yarn ends together with two to three nice tight knots. I do this for all my colour changes as the knots never show because they are always on the inside of the work.

      Also, a good tip for smoother colour changes that you may or may not be familiar with is to make the colour changes in the last two loops of the previous stitch and then make the first stitch of the new colour a slip stitch instead of a single crochet. As the slip stitch is a shorter stitch than the single crochet the step between the two colours is not as obvious. Make sure the slip stitch is not too tight though or it will be really difficult to crochet into in the next round. This method does not smooth the colour change completely but it does help its appearance considerably. I hope that all makes sense!

  7. Many thanks for your response I will try these techniques on my next owl!

  8. I would like to crochet these cute little owls. Could you let me no where I can buys the eyes. Having trouble finding them.

  9. MErci beaucoup pour ce tuto. J’aime beaucoup les chouettes et hiboux.
    Bonne journรฉe, MB2

  10. have made 2 of these little chaps and have enjoyed making them as well as the pleasure giving them as gifts will certainly be making more. so delightful.

  11. I just have to say all of your critters are the most beautiful! I haven’t crocheted in awhile (arthritis), but I’m going to try at least one of these little owls! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us peasants!

  12. Hi Karen, the pattern is accessible on the main page by clicking on the download button with the Union Flag next to it. This works in over 99% of cases but very rarely something goes awry. I have emailed you a copy anyway, just in case it’s playing up for you. I hope you enjoy making them and that your granddaughter will be thrilled with her owl themed room. It sounds lovely!

  13. You are amazing!! I love the owls and the chameleons and the alien and so many more! Thank you for sharing these fun, beautiful patterns. Makes me happy and I need that right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I have just ent a copy of the french to you. Enjoy!

  15. You should be able to access it by clicking on the button that says ‘Download’ situated between the images of the Union Flag. Let me know if you are still having trouble as I could email it to you instead.

  16. Wow! These are some of the cutest owls I’ve seen and I do like the rainbow colours of course.

  17. Do you have the instructions for these cute little owls in English? thank you

  18. Can I link to your site on my blog saying that I love this pattern and I am going to try it out? Thanks!

  19. vIRGINIA


  20. Hi there
    I am trying to make one of your little owls for my Mum as she loves them.
    But I am having a bit of trouble understanding the first part of the head and body section. (I am fairly new to crocheting)
    Please could you explain the following:-
    Make 1 piece, starting at top of head. Working in continuous spiral rounds. (Is this like a magic circle or straight rows?)
    With Light Color yarn make 13 ch. (Foundation chain) Rnd 1 Sc in second ch from hook, sc in each of remaining 11 ch to end, turn work and making all
    remaining stitches down opposite side of foundation chain: Sc in each of next 12 ch to end.
    I did this as a straight row but didn’t end up with 24sts, only 12 still??
    What am I doing wrong please, I’m confused??
    Many thanks

    • Hi Libby, when you make a foundation chain each chain has 2 loops that form a V shape. First crochet in the topmost loops until the end of the row (12 sts) then rotate the work 180 degrees and work the next 12 sts in the leftover loops on the opposite side of the chain (24 sts in total). You should now have ended up back where you started and will have made a long thin oval. I hope that makes sense. If not pm me on Facebook and I will send you some photos of how to crochet around a foundation chain.

      • Ahh I see, I will give that a go, I haven’t come across a foundation chain as yet in my crocheting, but that makes sense now! Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚
        Many thanks for you help
        I will let you know how I get on and post a pic when done ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผโ˜บ๏ธ

  21. Love these owls! I going to make for the grand kids to clip on their school bags for next year.

  22. These are simply adorable!

  23. Could you possibly tell me the brand of yarn that you used for these? Thanks

    • I use a variety of brands, all of them acrylic DK weight. These owls are great stash busters so I gather up any small scraps of yarn that are lying around. My favorite brands are Patons, Robin, Stylecraft, Hayfield and Paintbox, so plenty to choose from!

  24. habe gefunden sorry

  25. I love the little owls, they are so cute and cozy all together!!!6

  26. donde se reciben los ones

  27. hi where can i buy ready ones ?

    • I’m not sure where you could buy them ready made but all my patterns come with permission to sell the finished items so yu may find someone who would make some for you. Etsy is probably a good place to look.

  28. Hello!
    First of all, the owls are super cute! <3 thank you for sharing the pattern with us for free.
    I was wondering if you could tell me where you get the small colored safety eyes from? I struggle to find any smaller than 12mm.
    Would love to hear from you! <3

  29. LOVE these owls!! They’re darling! You do such beautiful work on all you amigurumi!!!

  30. You would think an English major could spell!! …….on all your amigurumi!!!

  31. I have sent you a copy via email ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. LOVE these! Can you tell me where I can order the eyes in the different colors?
    Thank you.

    • Getting safety eyes in certain colours can be tricky so I buy the clear iris 12 mm eyes and then colour in the backs with Sharpie pens (or any other permanent marker will do). That way I can match the eyes to the yarn anytime I like.

  33. would love this pattern for the owls, but how and where is the FREE pattern??????? I don’t want to join with face book or insta gram or other such things

  34. I don’t have a video but I have emailed you with some further instructions and photos so hopefully that will help ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. GDAW..,,,”.,(‘

  36. Hi Janine
    I’m organising a CAL on a French forum to make some of your rainbow owls, and just have a comment regarding the French translation. I think there’s a mistake in the beginning of the head/body part, in Rg 1 . . . should read m (maille) and not ml (maille en l’air) for that first part, where it’s a question of stitching around the chain.

    I’ve re-written that part for my French ladies, so it reads thus.
    Faire chaine de 13 mailles.
    Rg 1: Ms dans deuxiรจme m (de la chaine) ร  partir du crochet. Ms dans chacune des m suiv. Tourner le travail et continuer sur le cรดtรฉ opposรฉ donc sur l’autre cรดtรฉ de la chainette de dรฉpart en ms. C’est ร  dire ms dans chacune des 12 m suiv jusqu’ร  la fin (24 pts).

    • Thanks Claire, I don’t do the translations myself as I don’t speak any French, or at least not very well! But will contact my friend who does them for me and run this past her for future reference. I’m sure you are correct. I will amend the pattern soon. I hope you and your crochet friends are enjoying making the owls and sorry for the mistake!

      • I might be wrong as I’ve only been crocheting a year and I follow patterns in English (either UK or US). It’s just that I was trying to explain things in French (which I speak fluently) to ladies who do know how to crochet, but they couldn’t visualise things the way the pattern is translated with the ml which (I think) is only a chain when needed to give extra height, when in turning rows. And not a chain as in one of the chained stitches IN a chain lol.

      • Yes that makes sense, thank you for the feedback. I shall get it changed and upload it to the blog again ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. My computer won’t let me download the pattern in any language. I have tried through Ravelry as well, and no luck. Is there another link that I could try for the English version? I do so want to crochet these little owls!

  38. my email

  39. Help – I can’t download and print the little owls in a nest and I think they are as cute as can be.

  40. I cannot wait to try and make these, however the instructions are hard for me to understand. Is there any way you could do a video???

    • One of these days I really want to make some YouTube videos and this owl pattern would be a great place to start. I can’t promise anything right away as I am really busy with all sorts of deadlines but it is definitely on my to-do list!

  41. Hello Janine,
    I found your Owl Pattern last November and simply love it. I am doing a lot of volunteer work for the “NABU Naturschutzbund” which is an environmental NGO Organisation in Germany, and had the idea to give away some owls for a donation to our organisation. Please find some pictures of our participation on the Easter Market 2018 in Xanten, where you will also find a picture of the owls.
    Since the owls have been a big success, I have also started knitting bats, and am planning to give them away for a donation on the october market in Xanten. We are not selling them commercially (honestly, this would be simply to much work ;.)), so I trust that this is ok for you.
    I have made some small adjustments to your pattern which I found helpful. I am happy to share them, if you like.
    Thank you so much !!!!

    • That’s wonderful Christine, thanks for sending me the link. I don’t read German very well but it is lovely to see the pictures and see the little owls looking so smart and colourful in their basket! I hope they have been a great success for your good cause.

      Feel free to share any adjustments if you think they would be of interest or benefit to others. Crochet is a never ending journey of discovery and improvement. It’s great to work on these things together ๐Ÿ™‚ And just so you know, all my patterns come with permission to sell the handmade finished articles so if you did want to make some to sell to raise money for your charity you would be most welcome to do so!

      Keep up the good work and have fun making the bats!

  42. I can’t seem to save the pattern to my computer. I really love you little owls and would love to make them. Can you help?

  43. I would love to make these little owls for my friend who loves owls

  44. I would like to get this pattern

    • Hi Mary, You should be able to access the pattern directly from the Nesting Rainbow Owls page by clicking on the download button. In case this is not working for you I have also emailed you a copy.

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  47. Hi, I am unable to locate pattern for the nesting owls. Would Love to make these for my daughter.

  48. I cant get pattern I’m in US, can you help me?

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  50. I just wanted to say thank you for the pattern. I will be making these to donate to a group that sends “love gifts” to preemies . The group is awesome, Charli’s Love… we make items and send the love to all the states and more… you’re more than welcome to come and check us out… thanks again..these will be great to have pictured with the babies.

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