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Nesting Rainbow Owls

Here’s a set of wide-eyed Rainbow Owls and a mossy nest for them to snuggle up in. Of course you don’t have to stick with the rainbow theme. These little guys would look good in any color combinations. The owls and the leaves that decorate the nest are made with light worsted weight/DK yarn (worsted weight would work just as well) while the nest itself is crocheted up in lightening fast time with super bulky yarn. I like the contrast between the two different weights of yarn. The heavy yarn looks kind of like bark so the nest really did end up looking  like it was straight out of the forest. I think you’ll agree this family of owls look very comfy in there!


I’ve nicknamed the green owl Kevin as he definitely enjoys being home alone!

nest owl


Have fun with this pattern but please don’t re-publish it in any way. I am happy for you to make and sell the finished articles from both my free and paid for patterns. A credit for Moji-Moji Design as the pattern creator would make me very happy and a link to my blog or my Ravelry shop (listed in the sidebar >) would be much appreciated! In order to keep the handmade love going please note that wholesale manufacturing of items from any of my patterns is not permitted. Thank you 🙂

284 thoughts on “Nesting Rainbow Owls

  1. where is the pattern

    • If you click on the button that says ‘download’ you should be able to access it. A few people have some technical troubles with this – for reasons I haven’t quite worked out yet – so if that is the case for you let me know and I’ll email you a copy instead.

      • Hallo, ik tracht in te loggen en de leuke uiltjes te downloaden, krijg melding dat ik geen toegang heb, want niet uitgenodigd. 🙁

      • I’m having problems downloading the nest of owls too could upend me a printout. I would really appreciate the help… Thanku Joy

      • I’ve sent a copy over to your email just now. Wishing you happy crocheting!

      • Hello
        I am unable to download the pattern. I’d very much like the little owl one if that’s possible.
        Thank you.

  2. I’ve tried to get your pattern but it wont let me download …it says website not known …could you help me please as I’d love to make him for a new born xx thankyou

    • I just emailed you a copy 🙂 No idea why the website is unknown in this case! Anyway, I hope you have fun hooking them up 🙂

  3. Hello, can you clarify Round 1 in the Head and body section please? I can’t understand what is trying to be achieved here. Thanks

    • Hi Grace, on round 1 you have to crochet around both sides of the foundation chain so that your first round makes more of an oval than a circle. On the first side you crochet into the back loops only of the foundation chain, then turn the work 180 degrees and crochet down the leftover front loops on the opposite side. I have a little photo tutorial for this. If you would like me to email you a copy just let me know.

      • Hello, I am a beginner and would love the tutorial as well as the pattern! Thank you! Dominique McGrady

      • Hi Dominique, I only have the written pattern available right now. I found YouTube was a great place to learn when I first started out. All the basics are there in video form so maybe that would help you.

      • I am having trouble with this step (round 1) when you turn. I get a twist, and it isn’t oval or spiral!

      • Hi Joy, it sounds as if you may be flipping the chain over rather than turning it by rotating 180 degrees. I could send you a photo tutorial I made about crocheting around a chain if that would help. Let me know if so and I’ll email it off to you.

  4. I would have loved to have made the nesting owls but when I clicked on the UK download it said the site wasn’t secure.. 🙁

    • It is completely secure and hosted by Box, which is a very reputable file sharing platform. My download is a simple PDF file and so I don’t know why you got that message, sorry about that. I can email you a copy if you would prefer. Let me know if you do and I’ll get one sent off to you.

  5. Can you email me a copy of the pattern? It will not download for me.

  6. Hi, your owls are really cute. I do not see where to download the pattern in English. Would you email me a copy of the pattern? Thank you 🙂

  7. Hi, I have tried to download the pattern six times but I get two pages of blank. Can you email it to me? I adore it and want to make it as a gift. Thank you.

  8. These are so adorable. 😍 Thank you for the great tip about the colored eyes. As a side note… I had no problem downloading your pattern. 😁

  9. I can’t get the pattern. I’ve tried in Raverly and Pinterest

  10. Can i please have the pattern for the nesting owls?

  11. I love your little owl pattern but have a problem with Dl. I am in Canada. I am making my granddaughter a little animal scene of amigurumi forest animals and the owl would be priceless. Could you send me a copy of the pattern in English please?

  12. Could you email me a copy of the nesting owl pattern in English please. As I am unable to print it

  13. Do you have this on video at all?

    • No, sorry, I don’t. At the moment I am concentratiing on creating new written patterns but maybe that’s a project I could embark on in the future when I get a little more spare time.

  14. Could you email a copy?

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  16. I can’t print the sweet little owls pattern. Can you send me a copy please…

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  18. Hi there love this pattern but as a newbie really struggling with instructions for row 1 for the head and body. I read you have picture tutorial for this, would you mind sending to me ?

    • Hello, I haven’t made this particular pattern but….. you start by making a chain (13 sts) and then you make an sc in the second stitch from the hook, continue with an sc in each of the remaining 11 sts so you have 12 stitches. Then you turn the work and make an sc in each of them again but down the other side making a total of 24 stitches. You will have a long skinny shape. It’s a way or starting off but a flat edge rather than a circle shape. Hope that helps.

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