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Alan the Alien spotted, irrefutable UFO proof

Have you been lucky enough (?!) to have a close encounter of the third kind? I found this funny guy running around acting a bit shifty near a corn field in Wiltshire this summer. Having got to know him quite well now, I can tell you that the thing about Alan is that he’s rather shy. More commonly found hiding in his snug little spaceship than scaring the living daylights out of people. Anyone who got to know Alan properly would surely find out what an adorable little thing he really is. Win Alan’s trust and you may find him popping out of his spaceship all the time. He loves to watch Star Wars films when he has a spare minute, but his main hobby is making crop circles, (Shh, you won’t tell anyone, will you? He swore me to secrecy!)

Allen and his flying Saucer 6 Array

And if you’re thinking these photos may be a hoax, I’ve got some more evidence for you here, captured on video this time. Very rare footage of Alan the Alien landing near Glastonbury Tor, taken by renowned ufologist Louis Holmes, aged 13.

The truth is out there…