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Who’s That Scuttling About in the Pantry?!

Missy Mouse is in the house! And she love, love, loves a nibble of cheese.

At least you’re honest Missy Pink Mouse, and maybe there are a few crumbs left in the bottom of the pot for Missy Blue Mouse, it’s got to be worth checking out.


Hmm, it was only a few crumbs too. Oh well, good to see they haven’t fallen out about it .


After all, with such a sweet face it would be difficult to remain mad at her for long! I’m quite sure that Missy Blue mouse would have eaten it all too if she had have got there first.


Maybe you still have too much tempting cheese left over from Christmas. If it’s threatening to scupper your New Years diet… You could always make your own Missy Mouse to help solve the problem!