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Karl and Karla Koala

Well it’s been a busy few days trying to tie up the loose ends of three new patterns. I keep saying that once I clear the backlog of half finished projects I am going to make myself concentrate on just one design at a time. But I can’t seem to stick to that so, I guess I’ll just have to manage ducking and diving, flexing the multi-tasking part of my brain until it aches!

It’s always immensely satisfying to finish a pattern completely, list it in my various shops and strike it off my ever growing ‘to do’ list. So I’m feeling happy today that, despite a few color disasters (how can you go wrong with grey, you ask? Well, OK, since you asked – first time too dark, the eyes and nose didn’t show up well enough, second time too mottled, the flecked yarn I chose seemed fine in real life but when photographed the poor koala ended up looking like it  had a nasty rash. Third time lucky you say? Oh no, I ran out of matching yarn on that attempt!   But all that’s behind me now, and I’m finally happy to introduce them to you. So at last, and without further ado, (drum roll, please)…….Karl and Karla Koala!


These two baby Koalas are quite alike as peas in a pod. It’s one pattern from which you can make a girl or a boy just by changing the color and position of the bow.
As Koalas are famous for being such picky eaters I thought it would be wise to make sure the pattern includes instructions to make their all time favorite eucalyptus leaves.


Mmmm, yummy eucalyptus leaves, wouldn’t be the same without a lovely pot of tea to wash them down with!


Just remember not to get your Koala wet, they turn from cute to terrifying in seconds!