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Original Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

About Me

Hello, I’m Janine Holmes, the owner and designer behind Moji-Moji Design, a little corner of the web where I love to share photos and stories of my new designs, my inspirations, my cats and my colourful yarn obsessed life.

I specialize in amigurumi crochet. I love the organic way of designing in this media with just a hook, a ball of yarn and my imagination. I’ve loved textiles of all kinds ever since I can remember. I was card weaving when I was five and knitting away by the time I was eight. I have a BA (Hons) and a Masters degree in Constructed Textiles where I concentrated mainly on knit and weave with some embroidery, print-making and felting thrown in for good measure. Since discovering crochet a few years ago I have become totally addicted to the point that all other hobbies (and a fair bit of housework) have been almost completely discarded, though knitting and felting still make an appearance from time to time.

So come and join me and my four cats (who can never resist getting in on the act if the opportunity arises) on my crafty adventures. It’s great to have you along!