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Free Patterns

I hope you enjoy what you find here. I will be adding more free patterns as time goes by, so be sure to check back regularly or sign up to follow this blog. If you’ve made something from any of my patterns and you find yourself in a sharing kind of mood, I would love for you to post a photo of your amigurumi on my Facebook page. I’ll put them all together with the others in this album: Your Moji-Moji Creations  I’m always excited to see what you made! (I can link the photos to your blog/page or shop too, if you wish, just let me know the details). Happy crocheting to you all!

Click below on the picture of the pattern you want. This will take you to a page where you can either download the pattern or read it in the relevant blog post.

teeny-tiny-snowmen-250       little-chirpy-chicks-250

Rainbow-Owls-250       hearts-and-bees-250

fruity-cupcakes       spooky-ghost

freddie-mercury-250    micro-chicks

owl-purse   penny-pine-tree

clarn-chair-pads     Chilli-Billi-250


Have fun with these patterns but please don’t re-publish them in any way or post them on your own pages. You are very welcome to post any images you like with a link back to my blog. I am happy for you to make and sell the finished articles from both my free and paid for patterns. A credit for Moji-Moji Design (Janine Holmes) as the pattern creator would make me very happy and a link to my blog or any of my online shops (listed on the ‘Pattern Store’ page) would be the icing on the cake!

In order to keep the handmade love going please note that wholesale manufacturing of items from my patterns is not permitted. Thank you. :-)

 I use US crochet terms throughout my patterns. However, it is easy to convert them to UK terms – simply refer to the chart below and substitute the stitches accordingly.

American (US) British (UK)
ch chain ch chain
Slst slip stitch ss slip stitch
sc single crochet dc double crochet
hdc half double crochet htr half treble crochet
dc double crochet tr treble crochet
tr treble crochet dtr double treble crochet
skip miss

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  1. Lindo trabalho! Parabéns, uma peça mais linda que a outra! Apaixonei 😍

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