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Sunshine and Showers

Well, what a strange summer so far. It feels like it’s been raining for months, Oh wait… that’s because it has! Though the last couple of days have flipped all that on it’s head with a sudden and rather rapid rise in temperatures to 32 degrees – and totally clear skies for the first time in a long time yesterday.

Despite, or maybe because of, the largely rainy weather (with more forecast for tonight) it has been a matter of urgency to get outside and enjoy every last spot of sunshine that is available – taking my crochet with me whenever I can of course, as there’s nothing nicer than hooking a few rounds or rows while surrounded by the great outdoors.


I felt a bit wary to be greeted by this sight at the bus stop in my mum’s village just a day before a planned  party in this very field. I appreciate that all the rain keeps England a green and pleasant land, but a bit of sunshine makes summer parties and celebrations work so much better!

As it happened the next day dawned with a mix of sunshine and rain so we headed off to the field regardless of the imminent possibility of a thorough drenching and enjoyed what we could of a leisurely Saturday afternoon in pretty pastoral surroundings.


A rounders match was followed by a Tug of War contest.


There was a barbeque, sandwiches, ice cream, music, fine wine and good company so despite having to run for cover during some flash downpours, to take shelter in an unfortunately very leaky marquee, we still managed to have a splendid time and my Spring Circles blanket gained a few extra stitches on the border.


With all this wet weather I think the flip flops may have been an overly optimistic choice, but I always live in hope, and the plea of unsuitable footwear got me out of any danger of having to participate in the rounder’s match!


Just as every cloud has a silver lining, every sun soaked rainstorm has a shiny rainbow. How lovely to have such a beautiful reward for our sporadic soakings.

Back at home and progress continued on my blanket border.


It’s rather nice to sit indoors hooking away quite merrily,  and the mostly bad weather does focus me to get on with more creative projects at home. This summer I’ve been as productive as I usually am in the winter months as we just haven’t felt like risking camping trips or festivals so far. Maybe things will change later on in the year but so far I’ve enjoyed the extra time to spend at home and there are so many ways to make your own sunshine moments.

Redecorating the lounge several weeks back was a great start to ensure an extra dose of brightness and light amidst the gloomy skies mocking us through the window.


I’ve recently turned from disliking white walls with a vengeance to loving them with a passion, so the whole house is slowly being freshened up with some tins of cheap emulsion and a bit of time and patience. Its taken quite a few layers to paint over my out-of-favour deep, rich wall (and ceiling) colours, but it’s just so worth it. Maybe I just love change. Hubby is already wondering out loud how long it will be before I decide I’m missing the colours and demand to have them all back again. Who knows?! But I’m quite happy to keep the rainbows going in my crochet furnishings and accessories for now instead.


Tigger agrees and snuggles down in a colourful yarn nest…


…wherever he can find one. Pogo prefers a yarn nest with a lap underneath it.


So I add the border around him in my usual cat-indulgent manner.


Now here’s a first… Mojo settles down on top of an unsuspecting and fast-asleep Pogo, separated only by a layer of crochet! So cosy but their combined weight soon got me shifting around trying to alleviate a dose of pins and needles.


As you can see there have been a few more rows added to the final border despite all this botheration from the cats. The best way to avoid cat harassment is to crochet in the car, so despite the blanket’s somewhat unwieldy bulk I managed to cram it in and crochet in peace for a few hours on a recent trip to Cardiff.


I’ve also been adding to the stack of small squares for my next blanket/waistcoat/set of cushions/poncho/coasters… Hmmm, how to decide?


I’ve got quite a few now, all in the same sorts of colours as my Spring Circles blanket. Yep, I’m still loving turquoise and pink. xxx


There really is something very satisfying about owning a whole heap of squares yet not being quite decided on what to do with them. All those exciting possibilities waiting to be explored. They’re perfectly sized for handbag stashing too so I’m making a few pretty much anywhere and everywhere I can. I have lots of fun just spreading them out on the floor simply to admire them and play with different colour combinations.


Life hasn’t just been one big round of crocheted squares though. I’ve been working on a few new patterns too.


I’m ironing out the wrinkles for a princess doll as Curlicue the Unicorn wanted a special friend to play with. I think these two will make a very cutesome twosome together. I had a bit of a nightmare working out her dress pattern but it’s mostly all done and dusted now. I think I’m going to call her Petunia.


There’s just the writing up and double/triple/quadruple testing that I like to do before the pattern will be ready.

But then I started on this too…


I have to say, it’s a real treat to be following someone else’s pattern for a change. This hare’s head trophy is going on the wall in my newly painted lounge once it’s finished.

But before I could get it finished another pattern idea jumped into my head and I found myself beginning to hook up this..


But there’ll be more about that in a later post!

As I’m so near to finishing my blanket I’m going to give that priority over the next few evenings. I had already started the very last decorative row of tassels and was starting to daydream about having another finished project under my belt…


…except that I got about two thirds of the way around and decided I didn’t like them! They were a bit spidery and ragged looking and I got to thinking they wouldn’t really lay neatly when the blanket was spread out on the bed.


After a bit of rapid frogging I have redesigned the edging into a sweet pompom detail that sits quite flush to the last row and so should remain neat and orderly no matter how much the blanket is strewn around.

Only a few repeats made so far but I know I love it already.


And Mojo enjoys doing his bluebeard impression with it. I never realised he had ambitions to be a pirate.


Lastly, I’ve been enjoying lots of round the river rambles, I’ve damaged my foot somehow so no more high impact running for a little while, but with big, fat memory foam insoles I can still get out and walk a good 4 miles several times a week.


It’s fun dodging the showers and chasing the sunshine. Those tiny patches of blue always hold out some hope for a summer idyll!


This mix of weather has certainly got it’s plus points when the countryside looks such a sumptuous green instead of the withered browns and beiges of a prolonged dry spell. Whatever the British weather is it’s never boring or predictable.


In my next post I may be able to bring you news of my many projects all finished up together. Or I may be bringing you tales of new ones started as the WIP pile grows and grows to unmanageable proportions! I’m going to endeavour to make it the former but I’m afraid I really can’t make any promises there. Just as all this heat and rain has made the natural world bloom and multiply outside I think it may have done the same for my creative sparkle!

I hope you’re having a brilliantly busy time too this summer, or a lazy, hazy one if that’s what you prefer:-) Enjoy!



The Joy of Joining

Oh yes! This is the part I love the most. All the scrummy squares are finished with all the stray ends dealt with and a plan for which square goes where is finalised. All that remains is to experience the thrill of seeing all my hard work and countless hours of hooky time begin to form into a useful and pretty work of art!


Once I’d decided on the sequencing I made sure that none of the squares got muddled up by making some knitting needle labels out of washi tape (yet another fabulous use for the prettily patterned sticky stuff).


There are ten rows of fifteen squares so I prepared ten of my skinnier knitting needles for skewering each set of fifteen onto.


Being very careful not to mess up the order I threaded them onto the correct needles and then stood back to admire my handiwork and take a moment to enjoy the anticipation of the task ahead.


The sight of all those neat chain edges just waiting to be crocheted together made me ridiculously happy!


Sometimes, when I’m plodding through the making of what seems like an endless amount of repetitive squares it can seem a bit daunting, but with my eyes firmly on the prize I managed to soldier on at a very steady rate. Most days I made at least a couple of the circular motifs, then tended to save them up and finish off the cream borders when I was out and about, as that meant only one ball of wool to pack up.

Now, though, the main of the work had to be done at home as the blanket went rather quickly from the more manageable joining of the first two rows…


…to a rather unwieldy three rows plus, making the whole project a bit too big for lugging onto the bus or cramming into the car.


Well, we all need a good excuse to put our feet up, kick back and relax on a comfy sofa sometimes and this is the best reason I can think of. It was lovely to settle in over an incredibly rainy weekend and methodically work through all the rows of my Spring Circles.


Some members of my furry family were happy to test run the blanket as I tried to crochet around them.


The cats weren’t too keen on being out in the incessant rain either but definitely approved of my handiwork for keeping the cosy factor going strong despite the washout of a summer we’re having so far.

Slowed down by cat blockages as I was, I eventually joined all of the first rows down the long side of the blanket and started valiantly on the final set of joins across the short side.


In the past I’ve traditionally used slip stitches for joining but thought I’d try single crochets this time.


The single crochets add an extra bit of bulk to the back of the work, and they do use up more yarn, but on the plus side they make sure you don’t get any puckering on the right side of your work. I find that my slip stitches can tend to be bit tighter than my single crochets, unless I watch my tension very carefully.


All in all, I’m very pleased with the look of the finished joins. I might even consider making a feature of the ridges created by the single crochets for another project by joining the squares at the front instead of the back of the work. This time though I kept the right sides of the squares facing and worked in the outermost set of loops only so the ridges are all hidden away on the back.


The right side edges of each square have a really neat finish and the blanket still has lots of stretchiness. Top result!

And even though Mojo loved the end of the bed before…


…he was super chuffed when the new blanket was installed!


I still have the border to do yet before I can officially tick this off the WIP list but I’m really looking forward to that part too.

Now I know it’s a bit premature, not having finished this particular project yet, but I’ve also began working on another blanket to compliment this one. Same colours – but I’m keeping it simple by just making small circles of twelve double crochets.


I’ve been making a few of these on little trips here and there, whenever I ran out of pre-prepared spring circles to edge. They’re perfect for short bus rides as they take up very little space and are super quick to make. This emergency crochet pack is now installed in my handbag at all times for the foreseeable future, so I’ll never be stuck without some crochet close at hand.


I’m not quite sure how I’m going to put these tiny squares together yet. Maybe in stripes with rows of crochet stitches in between, a bit like my Mexican Blanket, or maybe I’ll just join them into larger colour co-ordinated squares and then crochet those together in blocks.


Either way, I’ll just keep adding them to the pile as they’re finished and get a proper plan together later.


First things first though because my Spring Circles blanket won’t crochet itself a border. For which, of course, I’m very thankful, as I wouldn’t want to be deprived of any of the fun!


The End is Nigh!

No, not the end of the world or anything apocalyptic like that. I’m referring to my blanket of course, and with shouts of ‘Hip, Hip Hooray!’ because I have officially finished crocheting the very last square of my Spring Circles project. Every loose end has been darned in and trimmed off…


…and a general layout decided upon…


Ten squares by fifteen should make the perfect size for draping over the end of my bed, especially once the border is added.


Now the fun of joining them all together is about to begin! But before I get stuck into that part of the journey I thought I’d share a few of the more recent photos from the Spring Circles blanket archives.

I’ve made the most of the nice weather, what little we’ve had lately, by crocheting outside whenever possible.


And by nice weather I mean anything but rain, of which we have had literally bucketfuls over the past couple of weeks. A rare patch of sunshine lights up the corner of the yard as Mojo and I vie to be the first to enjoy it.


As a result of the almost relentless downpours, most of my spare time has been spent indoors which, as we were also in the middle of decorating the lounge, meant cosy evenings and a few early mornings sitting comfortably on the bed, away from all the step ladders, wallpaper paste and tins of paint, making up the last few motifs.


The cats were very kind to share the bed with me during the evenings.


In fact I think they enjoyed the company. I didn’t seem to disturb them much anyway, as I quietly crocheted through hours of their nap time.




Even Tigger and Mojo decided to get along a little and share the space away from all the chaos going on downstairs…


…albeit quite begrudgingly. No need to have to look at each other anyway.


There’s nothing quite like having the end of the bed all to yourself for a game of ‘snatch the crochet hook’ though.


If the cats are so crazy about the bed right now I can imagine even more trouble vying for space once my soft and squishy blanket has pride of place.


I’m still mad keen on the colours and have loved making random combinations from my yarn basket.


To my eyes, each variation of colours is as beautiful as the last!


Being camped out together, taking refuge in the bedroom, didn’t last forever and once we finally got use of the freshly refurbished lounge I made the most of it to finish off the last few squares by hogging the new sofa.


The cats are a bit nervous of the alien furniture with it’s straight from the factory smell and completely different look and feel. They spent the first few days creeping around looking worried which meant I had a bit more space than usual to crochet in but I’m sure that won’t last long!


I had an energetic trio of mice for company instead, Scurrying about in between the crochet squares, causing havoc. You know what they say… While the cats away the mice will play:-)

I edged the last few circles just hours ago and am really excited to see the end in sight.


Especially as my new purchase from Amazon arrived last week, bringing with it the desire to finish off this WIP and begin another one. I have a yearning to make a whole bunch of these realistic looking animal heads from Vanessa Mooncie’s book for the back wall of the lounge. Nothing like a new project in mind to spur you onwards.


But before I get carried away with vegetarian friendly hunting trophies it’s a case of hook at the ready to get this blanket joined together. Mojo is pretty keen on it already and braved the unfamiliar layout and plethora of paint and paste odours mingling with brand new foam and fabric smells to sneak into the lounge to try it out.


We’re all going to be in seventh heaven come nap time once this blanket makes it onto the bed!


Amigurumi Circus


The circus themed book is ready at last! Time to roll up and get your tickets to the greatest show in town because the Amigurumi Circus characters are putting up the Big Top and are more than eager to introduce themselves to you.

Let me show you a little picture of them all together to whet your appetite. Don’t they all look so cute!?


You can see Trudy, Trixie and Tricia, my trio of trapeze triplets, at the top centre and Diggory and Dave, my duo of dancing dogs, at bottom right. There are various other characters you would fully expect to find in the circus including the ringmaster, a clown, a unicycling parrot, a clumsy juggler and a cheeky little mouse that loves to eat as much popcorn as he can get his paws on.


I love this book so much! It’s bright and colorful and there are lots of clever little techniques used to make all of the accessories and outfits, it’s possible that even the most experienced amigurumist will learn a new trick or two when going through these pages. I know I did! There are lots of photos included of the less common techniques which makes it ridiculously easy to have a go at even the more complicated looking designs.

I did a lot of proofreading for this one, checking grammar and spellings etc. Getting stuck in was good fun as always – especially with my enthusiastic mouse helpers, who were very excited to see themselves in print!


They each grabbed a marker in their favorite colour and busied themselves scribbling notes and highlighting parts that needed changing…for a while anyway…as everyone knows that mice are easily bored and always need to be on the move.

It was rather difficult to keep them focused. These mice are prone to bouts of self admiration and when they saw their portraits printed so big they got quite carried away with it all, but I think they deserve a little moment now and again to congratulate themselves on making the audition to join the best amigurumi circus in the world. I’m rather proud of them if I may say so myself!


As sweet as they are, in the end it was easier to concentrate without their little shrieks of excitement and continual scurrying around in between the sheets of paper so I sent them off to practice their trapeze routine. Such a great way for them to use up all that nervous energy and it was nice to see them swinging about above my desk trying out new moves while I carried on reading through the whole manuscript, uninterrupted.


Diggory and Dave were equally impressed with their own book appearance. Although they might look like well trained and beautifully behaved young pups they still have their naughty moments and Diggory has been playing up this morning, refusing to get dressed in his outfit…

Diggory and Dave

…until he caught sight of himself in the book, all togged up and looking so splendid in his performing clothes. That soon got him digging through the props trolley looking for his ruff, hat and cuffs while Dave settled down to have a good read of their mini story. Each of the thirteen characters in the book has their own tale to tell. Just a few lines is all it takes to make their individual personalities spring into life.


And now to remind you what super dedicated performers this lot can be when there are no big colourful books to distract them, here are all of my circus troupe at their professional best!


I love this book because of it’s sheer variety of styles – one of the great things that comes from working with many different designers. There is definitely something for everybody in there from tentative beginners (all stitches and basic techniques are explained with diagrams in the introductory pages) to advanced crochet addicts, and there’s something to suit all tastes too, though I must admit to having a soft spot for each and every character in this book.


If you’re keen to get your hands on a copy just click on the picture above and it will take you straight to the ordering page. It’s available at special pre-sale rates until June 25th 2016, so roll up, roll up and get your copies now! it’s a bargain at £14.95 for a paperback version, including postage worldwide, together with a PDF version so you can get crocheting straight away. Just over £1 a pattern. Wow!


I hope you like the book as much as I do! Happy circussy crocheting, sewing and playing to you all!




Ever Increasing Circles

These light and bright spring evenings have been an absolute boon for my productivity. I’ve been going crazy making loads of Spring Circle Squares. Although after laying them out on my bed – their eventual destination – I can see that I have quite a few more to go yet.


To be precise – I have another 49 squares to go. Oh goodness… I find it’s often better not to contemplate too deeply the bigger picture when tackling a large project. 49 squares sounds really daunting but I’m just hooking my way through a few every night so it’s not going to be as scary as it seems. Anyway, there’s really no hurry. I suppose not having to work to any sort of deadline is one of the great pleasures about home made self gifted gifts!

I have been working very diligently on the blanket and it might well have been nearing completion by now but for the fact that I kept stealing some of the circle motifs to make some matching cushion covers.


A bed is not completely dressed unless you have lots of extra cushions to annoy the hell out of the more practical minded (my hubby). I’m more in the camp that puts aesthetics over function. Yes the cushions always get kicked to the kerb (or the end of the mattress) come bedtime but they do look jolly pretty during the day!

Project ‘Spice up the Bedroom’ is still in its infancy with quite a few more miles of yarn to transform yet, but you can see where I’m heading with it all now.


I was thrilled to find these gorgeously globular fairy lights last time I visited Tiger. I snapped up a couple of strings as the colours couldn’t have been more perfect to match the spring circles motifs.


I’m obviously very on trend at the moment, though that’s more of a happy accident than by any scheming or conscious decision making on my part! I think I’m going to incorporate pompoms into my new bedroom look too. After all, I have all plenty left over from my epic pompom making frenzy over Christmas last year. Many of them are a pretty good colour match and this whole circles and spheres thing is really floating my boat at the moment. I love it when a plan comes together…


The pompoms could make a pretty edging for the cushions or a delicate garland string – I’m yet to decide, but they’re going into the grand plan somehow.


I was a really good girl and finished off all the cushion covers properly. They have crocheted backs made of rows of half double crochets (UK half trebles)…


And I even hand sewed in some zips to give them a neat finish. A very pleasant little task in the dappled shade of the backyard.


A bit of pinning…


…and a bit of sewing…


…and they’re finished.


Maybe on closer inspection my zip insertions are not the very neatest but for someone who would gladly swap a crochet hook for a sewing needle any day of the week I think they’re not too bad – but I won’t be entering the great British Sewing Bee anytime soon!

The zips are a real boon for cushion covers in this house. It makes them fully removable for washing at the drop of a hat – a desirable trait due to the perennial problem of cat hair build up – especially important when things are as soft and inviting as these pillows. I’m going to try buttons with simple overlapping crocheted back panels on the next ones to see how that works out. When it comes to homemade crochet furnishings Minnie doesn’t think it’s good to share – unless it’s the lion’s share you’re talking about.


“Mine, all mine!” says Minnie.

The cushions look really lovely outside too, on our metal daybed, along with a couple of my other crochet blankets from the last few years.


I have really been enjoying lounging about in the garden whenever the sun has graced us with its cheering presence. Mojo’s pretty keen on the summer set up too and loves to keep a (very) close eye on my basket of circles.


“Mine, all mine” says Mojo.


The stash of circles continues to increase in size even more quickly since I finished pinching them to make cushions. It’s back to growing the blanket again this week and getting that bed set finished once and for all, although other distractions can’t be completely ruled out of course!


We Three, Three Toed Tree Sloths


The best way to successfully recite the teasingly tongue twister-ish title of this blog post is really rather slowly. Obviously the sloths have no problem whatsoever with that. These three, Three Toed, Brown Throated tree sloths have lots of time for practicing tongue twisters – when they’re not sleeping for their usual 18 hours a day that is.


Slocombe the Sloth is a bit of a hippy at heart. He’s a chilled out, tree hugging, totally relaxed kind of dude and a great example to all of us who are always rushing around in today’s busy world. Slocombe knows that simply hanging out with his friends is one of life’s great pleasures and he’s in no hurry to join the rat race and set his stress levels soaring through the roof.


Ok, so he may not have a high powered job or a fancy new yacht but he has inner peace and a nice tree, and that counts for a lot. He also has a loyal band of furry friends who love to come around for a playdate.


They climb the trees together in the garden whenever they can.


It’s a fabulous life just chillin’ with your best buddies. No wonder these sloths are always smiling!

I used King Cole Moments yarn for all of the sloths in the pictures above as it comes in a fabulous range of natural colours but any DK (double knit/light worsted weight) furry eyelash yarn will do just as well.


From left to right, below, I made one in shade 1612 (Squirrel), one in shade 497 (Beaver) and one by alternating each of those two colours, one round at a time.

sloth pals

Two 50g balls of this yarn are plenty for one sloth. I accented mine with shade 499 (Koala) on the last few rounds of the body, the base of the toes  and along the hairline. This shade name is a bit confusing as I’ve never actually seen a chocolate brown koala, but there you go!


Orwell the Orangutan loves his new playmates. They all have a great time lounging around in my arbour.


If you prefer, you can use a mohair yarn instead of an eyelash type furry yarn for this pattern. (I’m going to try this with Orwell too at some point).


Any weight and make of mohair yarn should work out fine. Just be sure to match the weight of the smooth yarns used for the face and toes to the weight of the mohair yarn you’ve chosen throughout each sloth so that the relative proportions come out the same.

I used a Yeoman yarn called Chogamohair (shade – Pebble) for this particular sloth…


Though it is described as a DK yarn I judged it to be rather heavier than that when it arrived through the post and I saw it in real life. It’s just so difficult to tell these things from a picture on Ebay.


As a result of its greater than expected bulk I matched the Chogamohair with Aran (worsted weight) yarns for the non furry bits and so he came out rather larger than his DK King Cole counterparts, but no less cute for that. (If you do the same I suggest upsizing to a 15mm safety eye too).


Big or small, every sloth likes a good hug!


You can buy Slocombe’s pattern from any of my online shops should you suddenly develop the desire to crochet up one of these slow motion twig eating folivores for yourself. If you do I’d love to see a picture so be sure to hop on over and post one on my Moji-Moji Facebook page. We need more sloths in the world to put a smile on our faces and make us go ‘awww’!

I greatly admired the slogan on the website…”The slow shall inherit the earth”. It would be nice if that were true so we could all give ourselves permission to change down a gear or two and stop to smell the roses on a much more regular basis!


Chilli Billy

Following on from the adventures of Chilli Billy and his friends (you can see what they got up to in this blog post), I’ve written up a free pattern for him so all you chilli lovers out there can have one of your own, or maybe you’ll even grow a whole crop!


(Please note: I prefer to use US crochet terms in my patterns. If you are more familiar with UK terms a handy stitch conversion chart can be found at the bottom of my Free Patterns page along with an explanation of the abbreviations used.)

Size: Chilli Billy is approximately 5″ (12 cm) tall.

You will need:

  • 3 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • 3 mm knitting needle (or thereabouts)
  • Yarn needle
  • Oddments of Light Worsted Weight (DK/8ply) yarn in Red and Green
  • 2 x 6 mm black plastic safety eyes
  • 30 cm long Black pipe cleaner

The Pattern:

Make 1 piece, starting at tail. Working in continuous spiral rounds.
With Red yarn make 2 ch.
Rnd 1: 3 sc in second ch from hook. (3 sts)
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each of next 3 st. (6 sts)
Rnd 3: sc in each st around.
Rnd 4: [sc in next st, 2 sc in next st] 3 times. (9 sts)
Rnds 5-6: sc in each st around. (2 rounds)
Rnd 7: [sc in each of next 2 st, 2 sc in next st] 3 times. (12 sts)
Rnds 8-10: sc in each st around. (3 rounds)
Rnd 11: [sc in each of next 3 st, 2 sc in next st] 3 times. (15 sts)
Rnds 12-21: sc in each st around. (10 rounds)
Stuff chilli, continue stuffing as you go
Rnd 22: [sc in each of next 3 st, dec] 3 times. (12 sts)
Rnds 23-25: sc in each st around. (3 rounds)
Insert safety eyes between Rnds 20 and 21, spacing them 3 stitches apart.
Change to Green yarn.
Rnd 26: sc in each st around.
Rnd 27: working in back loops only: sc in each st around.
Rnd 28: dec 6 times. (6 sts)
Stalk: Slst to next st, 6 ch, sc in second ch from hook, sc in next ch, Slst in each of next 3 ch, Slst to next st on top of chilli.
Fasten off, leaving a long yarn tail for finishing. Thread yarn tail onto yarn needle, pick up front loop only of remaining 6 stitches. Pull tight to close the hole. Weave in the yarn end.

With Green yarn embroider a small ‘V’ just below the eyes for the mouth.

To make the leaves: Holding chilli right way up, insert hook into any leftover front loop from Rnd 27 – picture (a). Pull up a loop of Green yarn, 3 ch, Slst in same loop as join, Slst in next st, *(Slst, 3 ch, Slst) in next st, repeat from * to end 4 more times. (6 picots made)


Fasten off, leaving a long yarn tail for finishing. Thread yarn tail onto yarn needle and sew the tip of each picot to the chilli – picture (b).

Cut the pipe cleaner in half and bend over the tips to create blunt ends.

Insert the 3 mm knitting needle from side to side between Rnds 10 and 11 – picture (c). Wiggle the needle around a bit to make the hole big enough. Insert one of the pipe cleaner halves into the hole created by the knitting needle – picture (d).


Bend the legs into shape.
Repeat the above process in between Rnds 16 and 17 for the arms.


Chilli Billy is ready to show off all his HOT moves…


…succulents and capsicums really know how to party!

(Carlos the Cactus’ pattern is also available here as a paid for download in my Etsy shop)


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