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Keeping Warm

I’ve been really enjoying the turn of the seasons from summer to autumn. It’s always such a fun time with all the promise of warming festivals made to cheer up our transition from bright sunshine and lovely long days to the cosy drawing in of autumn evenings. Crispy leaves, bonfires, fireworks, candles, pumpkin soup, boots, jumpers and woolly mittens. With a bit of preparation it’s quite easy to enjoy the novelty of a cold snap and all the atmosphere it brings.

My bat garland has graced the fireplace for several weeks now and a whole heap of candles are on daily standby, ready to banish the gloom of a 5pm blackout.


They certainly cheer the place up and help to keep the chill out.


Oswald the Owl adds a touch of forest charm, nestled cosily in the corner and the Pumpkin Patch People came out to play too.


Real pumpkins were carved in honour of this year’s family obsession with Pokemon Go.


A Golbat and a Duskull.

We’ve walked an awful lot more than usual over the last few months in the pursuit of these virtual creatures. My son has even mastered the art of catching pokemon for two. Now his girlfriend doesn’t miss out while she’s at work. How sweet!


As a result of all the pumpkin carving, along with the fact the local supermarket had grossly overstocked and were giving away pumpkins by the trolleyful to anyone who wanted them, several cauldrons full of hearty pumpkin soup have been made to help us glow on the inside too.


Soup through a straw is a new revelation for me and means its even easier to eat and type/crochet/browse the internet at the same time with minimal spillage onto yarn or keyboards. Hallelujah!


A Halloween ghost walk at Hanbury Hall got us in the mood for Tricks and Treats.


There were plenty of tricks involved here, and some treats too, but I won’t spoil any surprises for people who may go along next year.


I’ll just tell you that they certainly put on a good show for us and we weren’t short of apparitions accompanied by blood curdling screams and things going BUMP! in the night.


Blankets were crocheted to keep out the drafts…


…while watching fireworks from the comfort of my home.


But sometimes it’s good to get a worm’s eye view from right underneath so it was lovely to be invited to a Bonfire/Birthday Party at my sister-in-laws gorgeously quaint Cotswolds cottage where a huge fire crackled and popped all night long.


Sparklers were lit…


…food was scoffed, drink was drunk and the loudest fireworks I’ve ever heard were set soaring into the night sky.


With all that Autumn fun to enjoy it’s no surprise that it’s still high on my list of favorite seasons (along with winter, spring and summer – depends which season I’m in to be honest, but they’re all definitely up there in my top four!).

I’ve been wrapping up and getting out and about whenever I get the chance. It’s almost as if nature sets all those leave on fire to help make up for the nip the air.


Though some of summer’s colour still remains here and there.


Now I couldn’t get too close for the last photo as this poor squirrel was in a total panic as to where to run to with his prized rice cake.


I’ve no idea where he got it from but he’s certainly not up for sharing. That ought to help him pack on a few calories for the winter (something I’m actively trying not to do myself!).

As well as enjoying all the autumn festivities I’ve also been making a huge effort to finish off a few WIPS. If you remember, there was the Autumn Berries Poncho, the hare’s trophy head, and the Spring Dots Blanket. And also a skull shawl (which I refrained from blogging about as it was a birthday present so didn’t want to spoil the surprise). I’ve also been working on a number of amigurumi projects for my ‘day job’ that I’m intending to share soon. So for all of you who have missed the usual cramming in of crochet into my blog posts, never fear – the next few posts should more than make up for this ones lack!


Bat Baby Bunting

I’m pleased to be able share the news that I’ve finished off my bat pattern at long last. These little guys were originally designed for a UK magazine and published in October 2015 so I got to thinking it was high time I reworked it slightly –  with the aim of listing it in my online pattern shops just in time for Halloween. Phew! Mission accomplished, though admittedly without nearly as much time to spare as I would have liked. Better late than never I guess. I know it’s only a few weeks until the big fright night itself, but these bats are very small – about 4″ (10 cm) tall and are fairly quick to make. Or maybe you just love bats as much as I do and fancy a woolly one as a pet whatever the time of year. No special occasion required!


There have been the usual amount of distractions this week but with October the 31st looming heavily towards me I crocheted up a motley collection of dismembered bat bits, zealously guarded by a luminous spider and an insanely happy ghost.


I eventually plucked up the courage to extricate the body parts from their creepy clutches and bundled the various anatomical necessities into little wicker baskets ready to be made into something altogether less grisly.


After a spot of wizardry with a needle and thread the bats started to take shape very nicely.


The original set of bats wore yellow, orange and blue T-shirts with dinky little bat logos and even made it onto the cover of Craftseller.


See how proud they look when they get a peek inside? It’s enough to make anyone fluff out their wings and crow a little. (To be honest, I was pretty chuffed too!).


As with most of my patterns, things change a little bit every time I rework them so with the new version I couldn’t resist using  green, orange and purple for their T-shirts. I totally love this colour combo at any time of the year but I especially love how, with the addition of a splash of black and grey here and there, it sums up Halloween so perfectly!

Now if you’ve ever looked at any of my other patterns you’ll know I’m completely batty (sorry!) for a bit of alliteration so I’ve duly named these three amigos Bertie, Betty and Barty Bat.

After I taught myself a smattering of sonar (blimey, I thought learning French was tough enough) we had a little bat chat and they agreed to be the focal point of my festive Fall decorating this year. I’ve strung them all up onto a lovely piece of sparkly black and white bakers twine, interspersed them with some crocheted stars and hung the whole garland on my fireplace.


They do make me smile just to look at their perky faces. As I don’t really like the macabre or grizzly details of Halloween decor this level of cuteness is just right for me. I’m a big wimp when it comes to horror films, or in fact even most films rated higher than a 12A, but that’s just the way I’ve always been and I don’t think I’m likely to toughen up any time soon. So bring on the cute overload because I can handle that by the bucketful!

The crocheted stars also make a really simple but effective garland of their own. They’re lightening quick to make and it’s so easy to whizz up a whole handful in an hour or so while watching telly or listening out for Trick or Treaters. I’ve threaded a few onto a piece of twine to complement the bat garland and I’m definitely going to be making another one in whites and silvery greys for my Christmas decorations.

A few tea lights burning keep the spooks and the winter doldrums away…


…and the bats are in their element as the darkness descends.

Now you may be thinking that Bertie, Betty and Barty are a little chubbier around the tummy than your average bat, and you’d be right. But don’t worry, as the classic nursery rhyme (only slightly adapted) explains:

“Bat Baby Bunting, daddy’s gone a-hunting, he’s gone to catch some tasty flies to stop them eating pumpkin pies”.


It wouldn’t do for them to get too heavy for their wings. With a bit of luck, and the hard work of their conscientiously foraging father, this is probably just a transient smidgen of puppy fat. With the practicalities of staying airborne aside, I actually think it rather suits them!

Wishing you all a happy and creative run up to the spook-fest at the end of the month…


…and watch out for things that go bump in the night – it might just be a chubby, pumpkin pie filled bat plummeting to the ground!

(Pattern available on Etsy or any of my other online shops)


That Autumnal Feeling

Oh goodness! I just looked at my last blog post and see it started with an exclamation about how it was September already. Hmmm, now I have to start this one one with a similar remark about how it’s October already! Time seems to be speeding up here in Moji-Moji world and blog posts have been left behind, trailing in the dust for now. I haven’t been idle though. Far from it. I have been working on a major commission for a magazine with lots of different crocheted elements to it –  all of which must remain top secret until publication but I don’t think it will be giving too much away if I shared with you a little piccy of the gorgeous colours I’ve been working with.


This is my first time working with Stylecraft Special DK exclusively and I just loved the colour range and the supersoft feel of the yarn. Ooh, I cant wait to show you what I’ve been up to!


A lovely dose of brightness has helped with the transition from a sunny summer to a gloomier autumn. Gotta get a cat nap in near those luscious balls of yarn. I’m quite surprised Pogo isn’t actually in there with them. I guess it’s not quite that cold yet!


Minnie gets in on the action too… attracted by the rainbow of yarn and a comfy (?) keyboard to lie on.


It admittedly looks comfier than my WIP basket which is her other favorite spot at the moment. This one is full of notebooks, pencil cases and lumpy, bumpy, partially finished amigurumi. A far superior resting place than her fur lined, padded, roomy and expensive cat bed, of course.


Not to be outdone Mojo likes to demand his share of desk time too.


He finds it impossible to grasp that I may have to occasionally prioritise typing up a pattern over fussing him and often tries to put me back on the ‘right’ track by reminding me of his presence in an up close and personal way.


What is it about paperwork that makes cats so obsessed with lying/sitting on it? Ah well, plenty of room on the desk for a nap.


It’s kinda cute that even when I relocate to the other half of the desk so he can enjoy his first choice of prime resting spot, he just hot foots it over and hassles me there instead!


I give up, but secretly bask in the kitty love of devoted fur babies that follow me around all day.

Tigger’s been sneaking into my project baskets too. Here he is blocking access to the ongoing Spring Dots blanket (a smaller companion to my Spring Circles blanket, finished a few weeks ago).


Pogo and Mojo shared my lazy birthday morning lie in recently.


It’s just good to do nothing sometimes and a slow start to open some pressies and enjoy a cup of tea  before my birthday really gets going is a very nice indulgence.


Mysterious commissions and happy birthdays aside, I’ve also been busy finalising my new Owl design for Zoomigurumi 6. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with these books, this is a the latest in the series of amigurumi compendiums published over at

So this is Oswald, or rather these are all Oswalds in their various subtly different incarnations that are the result of painstaking and maybe even quite unnecessary tweakings of small details until I’m 100% happy with the finished design.


It was rather nice to have a parliament of owls gracing my desk, followed shortly by the owl pageant – staged to decide which one to send over to Belgium for the photo shoot. They do all look quite similar, I know, but there are differences in the eye structure, stripes, beaks and the types of yarns used. I’m so fussy!

At least I can be sure the pattern’s had a few really good trial runs to iron out any problems before it goes through the main pattern testing phase at the hands of the Zoomigurumi team.


I’ve enjoyed working on his pattern either tucked up in the lounge in the increasingly chilly evenings or outside in the occasional burst of early autumn sunshine.


Got to make the most of the fine weather while we still have it. It’s been a lovely summer and I’m going to miss marathon crochet sessions lounging about on the daybed in the yard. But there’s always next summer to look forward to – and all the fun of Halloween, Christmas and Easter in between.

I think my leftover Oswald’s are going to be taking part in this year’s Halloween display. I’ve found the perfect roosting space for them anyway.


Looks like they may have been teaching owl manifestation spells at Hogwarts this year. If only creating amigurumi could be as quick and simple as waving a wand and uttering a suitable latin phrase then I might well catch up with all the new ideas buzzing around my head once and for all. Actually, that might not be so much fun you know, after all I do really enjoy the whole process (apart from tight deadlines, frogging and knuckle cramps). ‘Be careful what you wish for’ as the wise old saying goes! A life without the need to wield a crochet hook would actually be a terrible curse now I come to think about it properly!

Talking of tight deadlines, I’m admittedly running out of time for new Halloween designs this year but, hey, just like there’s going to be another summer after this one there’s always another autumn too. Here’s a sneak peek at what may or may not be appearing in my Etsy store this year!


I’m carrying on anyway, in the hope I will catch up with myself over the next week or so. You never know – there may be plenty of last minute crocheters looking for a spooky pattern. I can’t be the only one who leaves everything to the last minute!


So with my magazine commission in the bag, Oswald the Owl safely shipped to the publishers, my birthday and a dose of some change of season gruesome flu-some type snuffles out of the way, I’m going to dedicate the next few days to trying to finish my latest two patterns. On that note I will bid you good bye and head off to find my various baskets of projects (and hopefully they will be found without a cat in situ!).


Flower Power

September already! And while we are still having a fair share of sunny days and even some rather unseasonal temperature highs, the general trend is heading towards a much more autumnal feel, especially noticeable in the early mornings and late evenings.

It’s been a great summer, full of all sorts of weather and I’ve been out and about taking lots of long walks this year. I’ve made trips down to the river and to local parks nearly every day unless I’ve been kept inside by outbursts of torrential rain and I’m definitely feeling the benefits of exercising regularly.


Stretching the legs and the lungs, and soaking in the local scenery is a great counterbalance to the reclusive and sedentary nature of a self employed, work from home, crochet obsessed yarnoholic. I’ve been especially enamoured of the flowers, wild and cultivated, around the riverside and in the many parks we have around here.


My garden is a disaster zone, as usual, so I get my flower fix when I’m out and about.


The green fingered council employees obviously know what it takes to put on a good display.


Though I must admit to having a special soft spot for the natural sprawl of the meadow plants – just getting on with it and doing their thing.


I only wish they would be more inclined to do their thing in my garden as well. Most of my flowers have been reduced to stumps by the slugs and snails – again! The withered brown twig, hardly visible in the middle of the pot is the very last remnant of a tray of 18 dahlia plants, brought home from the garden centre with great hope, in anticipation of a colourful display. The lobelia plants aren’t looking anything like my neighbours frothy tumble of bright colours either, though they are at least still green!


I don’t mean to infer that the snail in this photo is the actual culprit, here…

…I think it was more likely to have been this one and his horde of hungry pals, along with a bunch of big fat slugs that can often be seen crawling all over the walls as soon as we get any hint of rain or generally damp and foggy weather…


So cute though. Yeah, I know, I’m a pushover and let them walk all over me!


As it happens, I’m no better with growing grass either, but I’ve got around my lack of skill in getting a turf lawn to take hold (three times a failure over the years) by investing in a strip of astroturf. And if you don’t look too closely you can’t even tell it’s all a fake! No mowing to worry about, just a quick sweep with the broom to keep things neat,  which leaves more time in my life for the things I really love to do.

Oh the joy of a little green patch to lounge about on! The perfect spot for sharing a Pimms and some snacks with an amigurumi buddy on a Saturday evening.


Now there is one plant that I have had a good measure of success with. It seems the creepy crawlies that live around here aren’t too keen on geraniums for breakfast, lunch or supper, and with a bit of gentle pruning  these robust and vigorous sprouters have bounced back from an onslaught of neglect and are about to put on a great show of fresh new flower heads. It seems they can even survive when I forget to water them – which I shamefacedly admit happens much more often than not.


I’m going to try and give them a bit more attention from here onwards to reward their loyalty, even though they have so far survived rather well without it. Things can only get better with an added bit of TLC, and if they’re the only thing that I can keep alive I might as well try to make them the best.

I may not have the greenest of fingers but I do have other talents that can be put to good use and if I can’t grow a garden full of beautiful blooms I’m happy to crochet some instead. I’d much rather be working with a hook than a trowel, truth be told, and have had great fun teasing woolly blooms from balls of yarn in all the colours inspired by the flower beds and meadows of my regular riverwalk…


…with the addition of a bit of turquoise (artistic license!).


I’m earmarking these pastel pretties for a scarf, but I turned a few into little flower pots too. Now this is the sort of horticulture I really love!


No matter how lovingly Shelby the snail looks at them, I know they’ll come to no nibblesome harm whatsoever!

Still on the flower theme, I also made some daisies this week. A friend wanted one to sew onto a jumper so I got experimenting and came up with these designs


The petals came out a little bit curly so I had to resort to blocking. I say ‘resort’ because, along with darning in ends, it’s one of my least favorite parts of the crochet process and, luckily for us amigurumists, is largely avoidable for most of the time. But sometimes it’s just has to be done to bring out the true glory.


A bit of pinning, a squirt or two of water and they’re ready to be put outside to dry in a little patch of sunshine.


They’re the only sorts of blooms I’m likely to see in my garden until those geraniums start to blossom, but in the meantime I can always visit this patch, just a few minutes walk away, when I feel the urge to commune with the real life daisies.


Or closer to home, I do have several healthily abundant patches of weeds. I’m good at growing things that I didn’t plant as you can see from my front step. Pogo loves hiding out in them, waiting to ambush passers by for a fuss and a chat, so I haven’t the heart to get out there and pull them up. That’s my excuse anyway, and I’m sticking to it!


After all, weeds are flowers too, and I have to be grateful to nature for compensating for my lack of cultivated garden prowess.


I may have been at the back of the queue when gardening skills were being handed out but so far as growing flowers is concerned, fortune gave me a hook and some yarn, plenty of weeds and unstoppable geraniums.


That’s plenty to be grateful for!


Spring Circle Granny Square

Here’s a little guide to making the Spring Circles Granny Squares that I’ve been working on recently. I’ve included some photos and a full written pattern so you can have a go yourselves.


I decided on these colours for mine but any combination will do. As the name ‘Spring Circles’ implies, I was inspired by all the colours that are commonly found around Easter time. The yarns are all light worsted weight (double knit/8 ply) acrylics. I used a size 7 (4.5mm hook).


The circles are very simple to make and use a combination of Slip stitch (Slst), single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc) and chain stitch (ch). These are the US terminologies. (I prefer to use US crochet terms in my patterns. If you are more familiar with UK terms a handy stitch conversion chart can be found at the bottom of my Free Patterns page along with an explanation of the abbreviations used.)

The Pattern:

Tip: To minimize the amount of yarn ends to darn in, lightly twist the new and old yarn ends together and crochet over them for 5 or six stitches on all rounds except round 4.  On round 4, tie the yarn ends together and leave dangling. (Tips for extra secure darning in are at the bottom of the pattern for the circular motif).

Rnd 1: With dark pink yarn make 4 ch, 11 dc into first ch, Slst in top of 4 ch, fasten off. (12 sts)


Tip: For secure joins, attach all colour changes by making a slip knot in the new colour, insert hook through your work where instructed and place slip knot on hook at back of work. Pull slip knit through to right side of work and continue as instructed in the pattern.

Rnd 2: Join green yarn in between first two dc, ch 2, [sc between next two dc, ch 1] 11 times, Slst to first ch, fasten off. (24 sts)


Rnd 3: Join light pink yarn in last 1-ch space from previous round and make 3 ch, dc in same 1-chain space as join, 2 dc in each 1-chain space around, Slst in top of 3 ch, fasten off. (24 sts)


Rnd 4: Join mint green  yarn in between any group of two dc and make 3 ch, [skip 2 dc, sc in next space, 2 ch] to end, Slst in top of 3 ch, fasten off. (36 sts)


Rnd 5: Join mid pink yarn in last 2-chain space and make 3ch, 2 dc in same 2-chain space as join, 3 dc in each of next 2-chain space to end, Slst in top of 3 ch, fasten off. (36 sts)


Rnd 6: Join cream yarn in last st and make 3 ch, dc in same st as join, dc in next st, hdc in each of next 5 st, dc in next st, 2 dc in next st, 2 ch, *2 dc in next st, dc in next st, hdc in each of next 5 st, dc in next st, 2 dc in next st, 2 ch, repeat from * 2 more times, join with a Slst in top of 3 ch. (52 sts)


Rnd 7: 2 ch, hdc in 2-chain space at base of 2 ch, hdc in each of next 11 st, *(2 hdc, 2 ch, 2 hdc) in next 2-chain space, hdc in each of next 11 st, repeat from * to end 2 more times, 2 hdc in last 2-ch space, Slst in top of 2 ch, fasten off.


If you followed my tip above you will have crocheted over the first part of each set of yarn ends already. To make them extra secure (probably a good idea if you are planning on making something like a blanket which will get lots of handling) thread one of the yarn ends from one of the pairs onto a tapestry needle and sew securely back over both yarn ends until you reach the beginning of that colour change then trim both ends closely.


Happy crocheting!



Spring Circles – All Done!

Yes, it’s true. My blanket and set of three cushions are now offically 100% finished! Started way back in the spring this has been a labour of love that has spanned several months comprising of many, many evenings and several long, stitch filled weekends (the best kind!). 

Here are my very last ends to be darned in…


…worthy of its own photo any day.

As any of you will know if you have embarked on a big scale project like this the very last yarn ends to darn is a moment of huge triumph. I’m always quite surprised it passes off so uneventfully in the end, expecting a herald of trumpeting angels to provide the soundtrack to such a momentous occasion.

I’ve taken a few pictures of my finished pieces. Maybe there are no angels who can spare the time to share the joy of such an occasion and so I’ll enshrine my handiwork to immortality in this blog post and share it with you guys instead! I’ve been using the blanket as a bedspread for some time, even though it wasn’t quite finished. But I have to say it feels even nicer to know there are no undealt with stray ends lurking on the back anymore. Just like when you tidy out your cupboards and you can feel the peace and harmony emanating from them even when the doors are closed.


Mojo loves it as much as ever, but so does Pogo – who has managed to throw up a rather hideous hairball in catfood sauce on it already. As a result I can also safely say that this blanket scrubs up like a dream. Straight into the washing machine and by the time it emerged you wouldn’t even know that Pogo and the blanket been involved in a minor indiscretion.

Here’s the culprit. He looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth and I sure have the proof that hairballs don’t either.


Aww,  sweet dreams, Pogo but please don’t barf on it again!


I love waking up every morning to the bright, cheery colours and I’m completely enamoured with the bobble edging. So much so that the cushions didn’t escape the same treatment either. It’s such a pretty way to finish things off. I was going to incorporate some of my christmas made pompoms into the edges but this was a much more straightforward, and robust way of finishing them in the end. Especially in light of the need for launderability.  This crocheted pompom edging would look lovely on a Boho style bag. >Makes mental note to have a go at designing a bag at some point in the future<

As soon as I managed to find a time where none of my four cats was comfortably settled on the bed I got the blanket and its cushion pals down to the lounge to show them off in all their glory.


Big mistake, in a way, as I love the look of the cushions on my new(ish) sofa. So much nicer than the plain ones that came with it. I have a few amigurumi commissions and a book submission to concentrate on this autumn, but maybe I can find my way clear to starting a set of cushions specifically for this room in the not too distant future. They sure do brighten the place up a bit.


I’m relieved to see that even though some of the circles ended up slightly ‘cuppy’ in shape have all flattened out very nicely as they were crocheted together and subjected to a bit of stretching. I hate blocking anything so the fact these little discs were ultimately self healing has made me very happy. I think my aversion to blocking is closely related to my aversion to ironing. What can I say? It’s just in my DNA I guess.


The fabric on the background below is earmarked for a set of pillowcases.


Loving raspberry pink right now and really want to bring some contrast of scale and texture into the bed ensemble and I think this fabric will do the trick very well.


I’m not quite finished with the re-style yet but it’s getting closer to becoming the bed of my dreams.


Not quite sure how long it will be until I get the sewing machine out again to actually make the pillowcases. I find it so much easier to pick up a  hook instead, so am very easily distracted into yet another crochet project. It’s almost like an involuntary spasm, reaching for the hook and yarn. And so, with that thought, I’d like to share with you my latest yarny project. I’ve shared a few snippets before, I know, but am quite excited to see my new batch of squares taking shape.


Welcome to my Spring Dots mini blanket. It coordinates with the Spring Circles blanket but is going to be much smaller and meant more for throwing over a lap or a pair of chilly shoulders as the weather here heads towards its autumnal downward trending temperature spiral. It will be an ideal addition for when I’m reading or crocheting in bed through the winter months and feeling too mean to put the central heating on.


I’ve added in a couple of shades of purple this time, just to shake things up a bit, and as you can see I’m making progress rather nicely.


I’m organising the squares into stripes as I go along by skewering them onto knitting needles – a set of greeny-blues followed by a set of pinky-purples – so it’s going to be easy peasy to join the squares together later.

Mojo looks on with disinterested interest, if there is such a thing (?)


We’ll be drowning in crochet on that bed of mine very soon but me and Mojo and Oswald the Owl (featuring in a new Zoomigurumi book towards the end of the year!) are not complaining.


Bring it on, we say. The more the merrier. I think crocheting in, or on, the bed is now my new favorite thing.


I may never get out of my pyjamas again!


Camelia the Chameleon

Think of a colour, any colour, and you can be sure that Camelia has already thought about it, and probably worn it too. She’s so stylish, she looks good in any colour combo and I had lots of fun making her in a variety of different shades.


Keeping the yarn tangle free while working the stripes requires a bit of patient untwisting at the end of every row so it’s always nice to have a cat around to make things ten times more complicated!


So far, I’ve made one with Orange accents…


…turquoise accents…


…and purple accents, or is that more of a magenta?..


As you can see they love to climb so I thought I would take them for a little trip around the river where they could indulge in a bit of bark shinning and practice their camouflage skills too. Here’s how we got on!

First they had a little skulk around in the shadows.


Then we discovered some flower beds.


Pretty purple flowers for a purple toed chameleon.


A dash of fiery orange for this one.

Now the turquoise version proved to be a bit more of a problematic when it came to finding her dream home, but we eventually stumbled upon a rather good compromise in a bed of cornflowers which were the closest sort of blue we were likely to find around here.


The camoflage is a bit more convincing with the sun behind her.


In our ruminations about the possibility of a true turquoise flower we found out that there is actually such a thing on this planet. Its sprouts from the Jade Vine and is a native of the Philippines. Though they do grow in the rainforest biome of the Eden Project too. Either way – Cornwall or the Philippines – it’s a bit too far to travel on what was a weeknight so we ditched the idea of a real live photoshoot and settled for a bit of Photoshop instead.


Not a bad match huh? Now I know that the whole idea of a chameleon is that it fits itself into the surroundings but with this stubborn woolly species I’m afraid you just have to go that extra mile to make sure the surroundings fit the chameleon.

After finding their perfect, or near perfect, flower matches they had a good scuttle up a tree, basking in the very last of the setting sun.


Don’t you just love hot summer evenings?! I do hope we’re going to have quite few more of these yet.


After that it was time to head home. All the attention had gone right to the chameleon’s heads and they insisted I take a few more photos before bedtime.


The purple one was too tired to walk after the river lap so she jumped into a basket and chilled out for a while.


I hung her up in the tree where she could relax in style…


… and wait for the shadows to hide her away…


Now that’s a happy face if ever I saw one!

*Camelia the Chameleon Pattern*