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Let’s Catch Up! Polly, Alice and Izzy


OK! Let’s do it… I’ve finally had a chance to have a good mooch through my archived photos. I’ve been puzzling about where to start with this blog post for a few weeks now. I figured I’d read back through my last newsy post from July 2020 to give myself a refresher and then take it from there.

Last time I was here I had just finished the pattern for Pjeter and Petra Puffin and had begun working on a princess and an axolotl. So lets start with a few Princess pics.

It was summer and I spent some cosy pyjama days crocheting on the downstairs sofa. It’s not always that warm in summer – especially the early mornings – so if you think that fleecy leggings are a bit weird in July they’re not so odd around here!

I had bought a greenhouse when the first lockdown was announced and was really glad to be able to double up it’s use as an extra workspace. My three grown-up boys as well as my husband were still mostly working from home so I escaped out to the garden whenever I could as the crowd took over the house in what was, in more normal times, usually my exclusive daytime domain.

It didn’t take long for the cats to encroach on that space either though!

Hmmm – so four people working in the house and three cats in my new greenhouse. Maybe I need a shed too!

As ever though I found a way to work around the kitties – stealing in and planting my backside on the chair by stealth when they weren’t looking.

Despite the musical chairs type problem of finding a suitable workspace, the princesses multiplied, stitch by stitch.

And here they are in all their medieval, romantic court finery…


With a few tweaks I was able to create a cheeky nod to Anna and Elsa form Frozen. Ah, the adaptabilty of crochet!

Then along came Alice the Axolotl. She was a special request from a friend and, to be quite honest with you, I didn’t even know what an axolotl looked like then! As soon as I saw a picture of one I knew this was going to be fun but that the challenge would be in making the gills. I ended up using a 2 ply cotton crochet thread for the frilly bits and she turned out so cute.

While doing my research I found out that they come in many different colours so I raided the wool wall and opened up the stash boxes to match up all the different flavours closely as possible .

I say flavours intead of colours because they reminded me of ice cream hues when they were made.

And so I named them accordingly. From left to right we have Lemon, Vanilla, Pistachio, Strawberry and Blackcurrant. Yum! But the one that went on the pattern cover was called Alice because I love my designs to have alliterative names whenever possible!

Next (though with a little bit of overlap as I rarely finish one design before I’m racing ahead and working on another) came Drake the Dragon’s new buddy – Izzy the Ice Dragon.

The weather was great and I continued to work outside as much as I could.

Lyra is all grown up now and hugely improved healthwise since her operation to fix her feeding issues when she was a kitten. She’s turned into a small but bright and sparky little thing that is always in the running for a bit of yarn action.

She loves to keep a close eye on what I’m doing.

And she seemed to have a special liking for being around Izzy

Having been expertly overseen by Lyra the final incarnations were ready (or maybe inyarnations would be a better word? – if it actually existed of course!).

I made a little version too. My favorite way to shake up the pattern testing repetition, especially as I didn’t make any major colour variations for this character as I wanted to fit her tones in with the icy theme.

Now this hasn’t been in precicely the exact chronological order because of my short attention span when it comes to starting much more than one crochet design at a time but I hope it’s given a little insight into what happened in the first half of my blogging absence.

I blame all the lockdowns and the chaos of a houseful of homeworkers for my sabbatical but things are a bit more normal around here now and I have exclusive use of my studio again without having to share the computer and other tech with anyone else. I’ve got one more catch up blog post then we’ll see if I find it easier to pop by and say hello a bit more often!


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13 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up! Polly, Alice and Izzy

  1. Dear Janine, I simply love your patterns. Does the Izzy instruction contain the pattern for the small Version? If yes, I’ll buy it, if no, what to do ?

    • Hi Christine,

      Mini Izzy was made using the exact same pattern as the big version but with a 1.5 mm hook and 2 ply crochet yarn instead of a 3 mm hook and DK (light worsted weight) yarn.

      I used Sheepjes Maxi – Sweet Treat in shades 397, 400 and 106. Her safety eyes are 9 mm diameter. All this info is at the beginning of the pattern too for ease of reference.

      I hope that helps. I’m obsessed with making mini versions of all my patterns at the moment – it’s so much fun and they come out super cute!

  2. You are just having way too much fun! What a wonderful fantasy world you have created. Fantastic creatures – so much detail and emotion in their faces. You are so very talented. Thank you for bringing beauty & laughter to this world that has become too evil.

    • Thanks for your lovely comments, I’m glad to be able to bring a smile to a few faces with my little made up world. I think we all need a bit of fantasy to keep us going sometimes, especially right now.

  3. You have been busy! What a wonderful collection of delightful designs you have there. So clever.

  4. Where can I buy your patterns. I live in Alberta, Canada
    Thanks Janine

  5. I’m quite envious of your crochet spaces! And how organised you are – bags with compartments, shelves… Wool Wall!! Oh my! Loving the new Dragon addition to your family as well, and the axolotls really are cute!💖 Looking forward to the next instalment!😀

  6. Hi, I just purchased the pattern for Hedley the Hedgehog and didn’t receive a receipt so I can download the pattern, can you help??

    • Hi Lynn, can you let me have a few more details on which website and which date you bought the pattern? I will be able to track down your order then and sort this out for you. Thanks!

  7. I bought Unicorn Dragons several years ago from Amazon. Did the ‘Drake The Dragon’ for my grandson’s birthday and it turned out great.

    Today I saw Your Drake The Dragon pattern was posted on Facebook for Free. Just wanted to let you know since I don’t know if this was approved for free distribution.

  8. Hi Janine, for Hilda the Highland Cow, when creating the loops, do we use both colors at the same time, making 2 loops? Thanks

  9. Hi Janine, I just wanted to say how lovely your patterns are. I voted for you in the Amigurumi endangered species competition as I absolutely adore your Gorilla pattern. I have just purchased the book online and can’t wait to start it. You are so very talented, keep up the excellent work!

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