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Wesley the Wise Owl


It’s time to introduce you all to the latest addition to the Moji-Moji family. The talented and studious Wesley the Wise Owl.


I think you’ll agree he’s a very clever looking sort of creature, but as we know, you should never judge a book by it’s cover so let’s check out his credentials and see if you’re correct!

Being an owl, Wesley knows the importance of good eyesight so has been studying for an ophthalmology degree for several years. He’s been top of the class all the way, often studying through the night (it helps that he’s naturally nocturnal). Now all that hard work has paid off and I’m pleased to announce he has just graduated with honors and is now a Bachelor of Science. Every bit the dedicated student, Wesley had an absolute hoot mixing with all the other high flyers on his course. Yes, it was a very proud moment indeed when he received his certificate from Owlston University. He does look rather pleased with himself, don’t you think? And so he should be!

We’re off to celebrate his success with a slap up meal. Wesley’s having his favorite black rat salad, but I think I’ll just stick with a baked potato!

Wesley’s pattern is now available in my Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy shops.

Author: mojimojidesign

Hello! I'm an amigurumi enthusiast, pattern writer, craft addict and cat fanatic, writing and musing about all those things and more from time to time.

9 thoughts on “Wesley the Wise Owl

  1. So, so intelligent looking. Great job!

  2. A wonderful pattern that I couldn’t resist – but that’s not really surprising, what with me being a night owl myself 🙂

    Any more news about your pattern book, with Cyril the Squirrel? 🙂

    • Wesley will be happy to keep you company through the dark hours, I’m sure!
      The ‘Amigurumi Animals at Work’ book is going to the printers in Belgium tomorrow!I think it will be a few more weeks then the book will be available for purchase on Have you checked out their Facebook page? (there will be regular updates as the days go by, so prob worth checking out for sneak previews of other designs included in the book). I’ll be releasing Cyril as a single pattern purchase in the next few weeks too.

  3. This is just adorable!!! I liked and I also shared!!

  4. Fantastic designs – what a talented person you are – love them all. Janice

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